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The Challenges of Communication (Or Why Seeing Other’s POV Can Prevent A Snowy Death)

As simple as this sounds, it’s really humbling to me how often I realize what I am missing from another person’s perspective, even when they are doing something that will further my business. I have tried to mitigate that in myself by experiencing each part of the board game process. That desire to see all […]

Visiting China for Manufacturing, Part 2

I never knew that being a dentist’s daughter, and working in a scene shop as a theatre undergrad would prepare me for going to a factory in China. While I have spent the last 9 years talking about the miniature making process to my colleagues, as well as manufacturers, it’s an entirely different experience being […]

Lost Ones Story and The Challenge of Waiting

With Lost Ones, the art direction, and layouts are already mostly completed. The stories were also outlined quite some time ago, but since this narrative has many branches, the endings have yet to be completed. Gordon is working on the last one at this time, but as a fellow writer, I understand how hard it […]