Of Dreams & Shadows Bundle (Core & Expansion)

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This bundle includes the core game and expansion for of Dreams & Shadows.

Of Dreams & Shadows

“The signs have come. Shadows flicker and stir in the Hollows. A chill has settled in those ancient ruins and expedition pack animals refuse to enter the underworld realm. There are new sightings of large beasts roaming the countryside and strange unnatural calls fill the night air. Hunters have gone missing without a trace and it is no longer safe to explore very far into the woods.

My sisters wake from the same nightmares. A skeletal hand, pale and white as snow, grasping out from darkness. Thousands of red-eyed crows flying over a field of dead. A bloody maw gaping open with rows of gleaming teeth the size of daggers. I see these images in my own dreams and I fear for what is coming.”

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Of Dreams & Shadows: The Monster Within (Expansion)

Your journey continues as several consequences will lead you down different story paths. Winter has come, blanketing the land in ice and snow. An old foe returns and a god-like enemy threatens to devour all in its path. The Monster Within is a cooperative board game expansion for up to six players.

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