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Imagine falling asleep in your bed… only to wake up kidnapped, trapped in a box. You hear the groaning creak of a cart carrying you farther from home, and then a struggle. The clang of weapons and screams echo in your ears. Suddenly your crate is overturned and you feel momentary weightlessness then a thud, and nothing. When you come to, you are finally free. Standing in the middle of an empty battlefield you find yourself in a strange world that is not your own. That’s where the mystery begins.

Lost Ones is a cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players is the latest design from Gordon Alford, who brought Of Dreams and Shadows to life. Using tile placement, a story guide and a card management system, your character will try to unravel the mystery of their kidnapping before the next dawn comes. Using the skills they have been given in the Ability, Boon, and Bane decks and their own innate talents the characters will try to find a way home.

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You move carefully through the stone hallway, lit only by a patch of moonlight and the smoldering stump of a torch in your hand. Sweat drips from your forehead – if you make a sound, it could be your last. Somewhere in this estate hides a creature who is neither living nor dead, who drinks the cherry blood of his guests, and whose gaze warps the mind of all who meet it. You clutch the wooden spike tightly to your chest, your pounding heart daring you to drop it. Finally, you find the door that leads to the master bedroom. You hold your breath, savoring it as you reach for the cold iron knob…

Folklore: The Affliction is an adventure board game for 1-5 players. Your characters progress through a series of stories in their quest to rid the land of evil. Every story is broken into chapters, allowing players to control the length of each game session. Most chapters take 45-60 minutes to complete.Become one of six unique characters, increasing in knowledge and skill as you embark on a frightful journey to save the world of Folklore from the horrors that plague it. Will you survive the adventure that awaits? Will your courage falter and your friends fail you? Or will you become legends? Open and find out…

Folklore: Fall of the Spire and the Creature Crate are available NOW!

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We can BEARly believe it’s here! Tales of BarBEARia, our new game in the BarBEARian Battlegrounds line, is an incredible standalone game. Building on the brawny shoulders of its predecessor, this stand alone game adds even more depth to the cute, but stabby game play. Tales of BarBEARia offers more strategy with the new Adventure Phase. Bears brave enough to venture from the village to go explore allow another path to victory while those who prefer to stay cozy near their cave can use new Market cards to add more choices during Build. Do you think URSINE is telling you to Brawl? Look at the choices in the Mercenary, Fate and Empower decks to help you!

BarBEARian: Battlegrounds is a simultaneous secret-action, dice-puzzle, worker placement game for up to four players. Become one of four clans of adorable bear-warriors out to build the best neighbearhood in the forest! Don’t expect this to be a picnic: your bears aren’t the only ones fishing for glory, so be prepared to ward off attacks from your furry rivals. By gathering resources, pillaging your neighbears’ villages, and developing your home turf, the tale of your clan will become legend. Are your bears worthy enough to be every cub’s bedtime story for generations to come? It’s time to gather your clan, bear down, and hold on to your honey.

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Use the freshest, tastiest ingredients to make the biggest, most mouthwatering, gourmet burgers around. Satisfy your customers to earn money, upgrade your restaurant, and become the best burger restaurant in town. Burger Up is a card matching puzzle game about the art of burger making for 2 to 4 players. Burger Up is quick to learn yet offers players a satisfying puzzle challenge of matching ingredients to complete orders ahead of your rivals. While speed is important, the bigger you make your burger, the more rewards you earn. Burger Up offers players a fun and delicious experience in a densely packed game.

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Beneath the roots, way, way down through the layers of what was, past the golden stove, and even deeper than darkness…the sky opens back up. At the core of everything, in the belly of the soul, you’ll find Hara. Look to it when you are tired, scared, or hungry. Call out, and it will find you.

Champions of Hara is an adventure board game in which 1-4 players race to protect a dying world. Players will contain destructive energy by defeating monsters, closing rifts, and exploring the six different zones within Hara. In order to rise to the challenge, players will need to unlock new abilities and collect powerful items. Each session takes approximately 30 minutes per player.

In versus mode, players will compete against one another in arena style combat. The winner is offered a powerful blessing by Hara’s stewards: a single wish to shape the future. However, wishes are no simple matter. In co-op mode, players will work together to overcome the fallout from the champion’s wish, facing off against corrupted foes and solving scenario based challenges.

The Chaos on Hara Expansion adds four new playable characters, along with the components necessary for five and six player games. Go deeper into the world of Hara with new Monsters and Event cards for each World, and face of against four vicious new Corrupted foes. Includes two crossover characters from the Grimslingers universe, Icarus and the Witch King. This expansion contains sixteen new Scenarios for you to fight your way through, featuring four new solo Scenarios and four ultra-hard “Challenges From the Void.” Will you fight for your new home, or tear down the walls to escape?

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