Zpocalypse is a cooperative play, zombie survival game in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Two to four players play a squad of survivors, whose stats you manage on a squad board.To be the best team spend one to four days in the nuclear zombified wasteland. Start in a basement/ fallout shelter which can lead out to several base locations, or even through the sewers. Scavenge for food and supplies, which expands the transformable board. Then feed your survivors and add their skills to your squad board. After that use your squad to fortify your base. An event card adds additional challenges and gives zombie movement. Combat adds the adrenaline rush of moving around the board trying to combat zombies before they consume you. Every fortification built, zombie killed, and survivor saved leads to victory points which determines the ultimate winner, and also allows you to level up in weapons ability. Try to make it day to day in a world torn apart from the walking dead.

  • Post-nuclear zombie apocalypse
  • Co-op and versus style of play (each game has a definitive winner)
  • Modular tiles, so each play through is slightly different
  • Elements of a tower defense game, wrapped with tactical combat
  • Instead of 1 survivor, you control a squad, this allows for the thematic death of a survivor, while the player may continue playing

Zpocalypse Board Game – Unboxing YouTube

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Card Lists
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Zpocalypse Card Lists

Card Lists by decks

Set Name
Z Zpocalypse
ZE Zmergency
ZM Zmaster
Zalpha Aftermath Alpha Squad
Zbeta Aftermath Beta Squad
ZX Promo decks
Zs1 Survivor pack #1
Zs2 Survivor pack #2
Zs3 Survivor pack #3
Zs4 Survivor pack #4
Zs5 Survivor pack #5
Zs6 Pet pack
Zpocalypse card list Armory
SetDeckCard ##TypeCard TitleVPuntrainedlv. 5 (Trained)lv. 10 (Mastery)rangeClick Die
ZArmory001MeleeBaseball Bat31d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Upgradeable]1d6 kill on 4,5, or Z.1no
ZArmory002FirearmBeretta 92F21d6 kill on 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Dual-Wield]2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. [Doubletap]4yes
ZArmory003FirearmBeretta 92F21d6 kill on 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Dual-Wield]2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. [Doubletap]4yes
ZArmory004MeleeBrooklyn Basher21d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Knockdown]2d6 kill on 4,5, or Z. [Dual-Wield]1no
ZArmory005MeleeChain Saw21d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Gas Powered]2d6 kill on 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. [Z-Cleave]2yes
ZArmory006FirearmColt .4521d6 kill on 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Dual-Wield]2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. [Sniper]6yes
ZArmory007FirearmColt .4521d6 kill on 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Dual-Wield]2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. [Sniper]6yes
ZArmory008MeleeCrowbar21d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Knockdown]2d6 kill on 4,5, or Z. [Dual-Wield]1no
ZArmory009MeleeDagger31d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Counter-Attack]1d6 kill on 4,5, or Z.1no
ZArmory010MeleeFireman's Axe21d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Knockdown]2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z.2no
ZArmory011ThrownGrenade46d6 kill on square, any adjacent kill on 4, 5, Zn/an/a2d6no
ZArmory012MeleeGumball Machine21d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Gumballs]2d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Knockdown]2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z.2no
ZArmory013MeleeHatchet21d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Tool]2d6 kill on 4,5, or Z. [Dual-Wield]1no
ZArmory014MeleeHatchet21d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Tool]2d6 kill on 4,5, or Z. [Dual-Wield]1no
ZArmory015MeleeHome Brewer's Keg31d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Liquid Courage]1d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 4,5, or Z.1no
ZArmory016MeleeJackhammer21d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Gas Powered]2d6 kill on 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. 2yes
ZArmory017MeleeKitchen Knife31d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Culinary]1d6 kill on 4,5, or Z.1no
ZArmory018MeleeMonkey Wrench31d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Tool]1d6 kill on 4,5, or Z.1no
ZArmory019FirearmMP521d6 kill on 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Doubletap]2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. [Autofire]4yes
ZArmory020FirearmMP521d6 kill on 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Doubletap]2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. [Autofire]4yes
ZArmory021MeleeNightStick31d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Defensive]1d6 kill on 4,5, or Z.1no
ZArmory022MeleeRiot Shield31d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Defensive]1d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 4,5, or Z. [Knockdown]1no
ZArmory023MeleeSamurai Sword11d6 kill on 5 or Z.3d6 kill on 5 or Z.3d6 kill 4, 5 or Z. [Z-Cleave]2no
ZArmory024FirearmShotgun11d6 kill on 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Counter-Attack]3d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z.3yes
ZArmory025AccessoryRiot Gear Armor2+3 defensen/an/a0no
ZArmory026AccessoryBrain Bucket1+1 defensen/an/a0no
ZArmory027AccessoryBio Suits2-1 movement, immune to rad/bion/an/a0no
ZArmory028AccessoryGas Masks2Immune to bion/an/a0no
ZArmory029AccessoryGas Masks2Immune to bion/an/a0no
ZArmory030AccessoryLucky Shades2+1 smarts, reroll any die 1/dayn/an/a0no
ZArmory031AccessoryLeather Boots2+1 movement, discard for 1 rad foodn/an/a0no
ZArmory032AccessoryGuitar4Discard for 1 [Autokill], [Music]n/an/a1yes
ZEArmory001MeleeHammer21d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Tool]1d6 kill on 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. [Dual-Wield] 1no
ZEArmory002MeleeScalpel21d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Surgical]1d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. 1no
ZEArmory003MeleeSkateboard21d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Faster]1d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. 1no
ZEArmory004FirearmCrossbow11d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Versatile]1d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. [Sniper]4yes
ZEArmory005FirearmM4 Carbine12d6 kill on 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Autofire]2d6 kill on 3, 4, 5 or Z.6yes
ZEArmory006FirearmHunting Rifle11d6 kill on 5 or Z.1d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Sniper]2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. 8yes
ZEArmory007ThrownPipe Bomb46d6 kill on square, any adjacent kill on 4, 5, Zn/an/a2d6no
ZEArmory008AccessorySports Equipment1+1 Defensen/an/an/ano
ZEArmory009AccessoryBulletproof Vest1+2 Defensen/an/an/ano
ZalphaArmory05ToolMilitary Robot01d6 Kill only on a Z, [Gas Powered], [Knockdown] & [Upgradeable]n/an/a3yes
ZalphaArmory06MeleeCompound Bow11d6 kill only on a 5 or Z. [Versatile]1d6 kill on a 5 or Z. [Upgradeable]2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. [Sniper]4yes
ZalphaArmory07MeleeBall & Chain1Unusable1d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Knockdown]3d6 kill 4, 5 or Z. [Fury]3no
ZalphaArmory08Firearm40mm MGL1All targets on tile suffer knockdown status.n/an/a6yes
ZbetaArmory05FirearmFlamethrower02d6 kill on a 5 or Z. [Gas Powered] & [Hot to the Touch]2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z.3d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z.3yes
ZbetaArmory06FirearmM134 Mini-Gun1Unusable3d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Meatgrinder]4d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z.6x2
ZbetaArmory07FirearmBarrett Light Fifty12d6 kill on 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 4 or Z. [Hand of God]3d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. [Dead Shot]12yes
ZbetaArmory08FirearmTranq Rifle1Heal 1d6 to target squad. [Ranged Medic]Heal 1d6 to target squad.Heal 2d6 to target squad.4yes
ZXArmory12FirearmAS-KR Z11d6 kill on 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. [PN-31 Grenade Launcher]5yes
ZXArmory13FirearmMagic Gun11d6 kill only on a 5 or Z. [Magic]1d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. [Dual-Wield]3no
ZXArmory14MeleeShock Gloves11d6 kill only on a 5 or Z.1d6 kill only on a 5 or Z. [Shocking Grasp]2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. 3no
ZXArmory15MeleeChainsaw Sword11d6 kill only on a Z. [Gas Powered]2d6 kill on 5 or Z.3d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. 1yes
ZXArmory16MeleeCricket Bat11d6 kill only on a 5 or Z. [Knockdown]2d6 kill on 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z. 2no
ZXArmory06MeleeLasersaber02d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Prototype]3d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z.4d6 kill on 3, 4, 5 or Z.1yes
ZXArmory07FirearmZBFG02d6 kill on 5 or Z. [Prototype]3d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z.4d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z.4yes
ZXArmory08ExplosiveMini Nuke0Spend 1 Scrap to remove kill everythign on tile, and remove from game.n/an/a2d6no
ZXArmory09AccessoryLincoln’s Top Hat0Grants +1 Smarts when worn. 1/day re-roll any set of dice once.n/an/an/ano
ZXArmory10MeleeLawnmower41d6 kill on a 5 or Z. [Gas Powered]1d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z.2d6 kill on 4, 5 or Z [Mow Down]2yes
Zpocalypse card list Daily Goals
SetDeckCard ##TypeCard TitleGoalGoal RewardChallenge  
ZDaily Goals136NormalAdrenalineonly attack zombies adjacent to you.+4 VPuse only melee weapons durign combat phase
ZDaily Goals137NormalAlas!Stay adjacent to zombie for 2 rounds w/o attacking it.+5 VPGo into combat w/ only 1 survivor.
ZDaily Goals138NormalBitten?Stay away from other squads during combat.+4 VPRoll Smarts for bite check.
ZDaily Goals139NormalBlack BeltUse only fists during combat+4 VPKill 6 zombies with fists.
ZDaily Goals140NormalBulletsAquire 2 Ammo Cards+4 VPTrade Survivors for Ammo Cards
ZDaily Goals141TraitorCreepySet Fire to bunker+5 VPUse Grenade on another squad.
ZDaily Goals142NormalCrosshairsAll Attacks from 2 squares or more away+4 VPUse only firearms
ZDaily Goals143NormalDouble Dog DareKill 3 double zombies+4 VPGet attacked by 8 zombies at once
ZDaily Goals144Either/OrFairy TaleBuild only traps+2 VPBuild Bacon Fortifications
ZDaily Goals145NormalGear HeadBuild 3+ Fortifications+2 VPFind/Keep 2 Scrap until combat
ZDaily Goals146NormalLittle ThingsPunch another Squad+2 VPWaste 2 rounds attacking a tile with a vehicle on it.
ZDaily Goals147NormalLooWaste 1 turn using a toilet or squating in a corner.+3 VPSquad has only men or women.
ZDaily Goals148NormalLunaWaste a round mooning a zombie within 2 movement.+2 VPTag a single zombieallow it to be the last 1 standing.
ZDaily Goals149TraitorMercenariesAttack zombies within range of another squad. Spend next action to run away.+4 VPAsk another squad to trade their weapononce traded run away at full movement.
ZDaily Goals150Either/OrOutsiderLose newest survivor to a zombie bite.+4 VPDon't use/feed newest survivor.
ZDaily Goals151NormalPatrolPatrol outer edge of 4 tiled base during combatw/o losing any hp.+4 VPMove onto each tile in play during combat.
ZDaily Goals152Either/OrPhobicWalk through 5 rad squares.+5 VPAvoid All Rad squares. Take no rad damage.
ZDaily Goals153NormalStarvingUse 1 extra non rad food during feed phase.+3 VPScavenge for non rad food during combatthen eat itgaining 2 hp.
ZDaily Goals154Either/OrTeamwork?Don't lose any survivors during combat.+3 VPTrade your survivor with highest HP for another squad's survivor.
ZDaily Goals155NormalTough GuyUse firstaid on another squad during combat.+3 VPKeep your squad's HP above 50% at all times.
ZDaily Goals156TraitorTurncoatDestroy another squad's fortification.+1 VP/fortification destroyed.Push another squad into a trap.
ZEDaily Goals028HospitalZed SchoolFind MRI Hospital Tile+4 VPSpend 1 food+1 scrap + successful smarts check to lure 1 zombie into MRI machine.
ZEDaily Goals029FEMATank LeaderFind Tank Tile+4 VPSpend 2 Ammo +2 Scrap to repair cannon.
ZEDaily Goals030FEMAField of NightmaresFind 1 of 4 Baseball Field tiles+4 VPFind/use Baseball bat on 1 of 4 baseball field tiles.
ZEDaily Goals031HospitalPharmacistFind Pharmacy tile+4 VPScavenge for First aid on pharmacy tileif found..
ZEDaily Goals032blankBlank Daily Goal Cardblankblankblank
ZMNightly Goals55RageLadies' NightUse only female zombie miniatures.Reduce all survivor attacks by 1 die.Kill 1 survivor with only female zombie miniatures.
ZMNightly Goals56UpgradeZ FilesUs eonly mutated zombiesGain free movement card upgrade.Kill 1 survivor within first 3 rounds of combat.
ZMNightly Goals57UpgradeCollossusPlace 4 fatty zombiesGain free movement upgrade card.Kill 1 survivor w/ 1 fatty
ZMNightly Goals58UpgradeThis Stinks!Use only Stinky and Fatty ZombiesGain free movement upgrade card.Use Only Stinky Zombies to attack.
ZMNightly Goals59UpgradeBrute SquadUse at least 4 armored zombiesGain free Awareness upgrade card.Play 4 combat cards.
ZMNightly Goals60RageClichéUse 4 Cliché cardsGain 1 free Armored ZombieDon't use ANY cliché cards tonight.
ZMNightly Goals61sillyBrainsMoan out Brains! After every attack.Gain 1 free Doom card and increase hand limit by 1.Kill 3 survivors.
Zpocalypse card list Encounter
SetDeckCard ##TypeCard TitleSmarts CheckSuccessFailure
ZEEncounter010Sneak!Be As A ShadowyesPlace Sneak tokenPlace 1d6 Zombies in center of tile.
ZEEncounter011Sneak!Silent FuryyesPlace Sneak tokenPlace 4 zombies in center of tile.
ZEEncounter012Sneak!Hidden AwayyesPlace Sneak tokenTake 1d6 hp, place 1 zombie in front of squad.
ZEEncounter013Sneak!Hu-Uh Gluah!yesPlace Sneak tokenSquad vomits, place 4 zombies on yield, rad or bio squares.
ZEEncounter014Sneak!Hot DogsyesPlace Sneak tokenSquad vomits, place 2 zombies on yield, rad or bio squares.
ZEEncounter015Trap!Ankle BiteryesTake 1d6 hp, spend 1 action to stomp zombie, or place 1 zombie next to squad.Remove 1 survivor, place a zombie next to your squad.
ZEEncounter016Trap!Air ZombieyesPlace 1d6 zombies across tile from squad.Take 2d6 hp, place 1d6+1 zombies next to squad.
ZEEncounter017Help Me!The CreeperNoPlace 1 survivor, 1 zombie and 1 search token on any (Yield, Rad or Bio square)
ZEEncounter018Help Me!Dr. Zombo and Mr. CrispifiedNoPlace 1 survivor and 2 zombies on any (Yield, Rad or Bio square)
ZEEncounter019Help Me!Three WayNoPlace 1 survivor, 3 zombie and 2 search token on any (Yield, Rad or Bio square)
ZEEncounter020Help Me!Zombie NursesNoPlace 1 survivor, 3 zombie and 1 search token on any (Yield, Rad or Bio square)
ZEEncounter021Help Me!Join The ArmyNoPlace 1 survivor, 4 zombie and 2 search token on any (Yield, Rad or Bio square)
ZEEncounter022Help Me!The Waking DeadNoPlace 1 survivor, 6 zombie and 2 search token on any (Yield, Rad or Bio square)
ZEEncounter023Help Me!SurroundedNoPlace 1 survivor, 5 zombie and 3 search token on any (Yield, Rad or Bio square)
ZEEncounter024Help Me!Where's ZaldoNoPlace 1 survivor, 6 zombie and 3 search token on any (Yield, Rad or Bio square)
ZEEncounter025Sneak!Sneak Over BodiesyesPlace Sneak tokenPlace 1d6 Zombies as close to you as possible.
Zpocalypse card list Food & Items
SetDeckCard ##TypeCard TitleVP
ZItems054DiscardDuct Tape2
ZItems055DiscardDuct Tape2
ZItems056DiscardJust What I Needed!3
ZItems069DiscardFirst Aid2
ZItems070DiscardFirst Aid2
ZItems071DiscardFirst Aid2
ZItems072DiscardFirst Aid2
ZEItems026DiscardDoctor's Bag4
ZFood041DiscardRadioactive Food2
ZFood042DiscardRadioactive Food2
ZFood043DiscardRadioactive Food2
ZFood044DiscardRadioactive Food2
ZFood045DiscardRadioactive Food2
ZFood046DiscardJust What I Needed!3
ZFood047DiscardRadioactive Food 2x2
ZFood048DiscardRadioactive Food 2x2
ZFood049DiscardRadioactive Food 2x2
ZFood050DiscardRadioactive Food 2x2
ZFood051KeepAssault Bacon3
Zpocalypse card list Scavenging
SetDeckCard ##TypeCard TitleXtra CheckFailSuccess
ZScavenging073SkillsThe Public Libraryyes1 food, 1 armory, 4 zombies1 food, 2 armory, 4 zombies
ZScavenging074RegularDinerno1 food, 1 item, 6 zombies3 food, 2 items, 2 armory, 4 zombies
ZScavenging075Night OwlStrip Clubno1 food, 1 armory, 6 zombies2 food, 1 item, 1 armory, 3 zombies
ZScavenging076RegularDowntownno1 food, 1 armory, 5 zombies2 food, 2 items, 1 armory, 4 zombies
ZScavenging077RegularCemeteryno1 food, 2 armory, 5 zombies1 food, 2 items, 2 armory, 4 zombies
ZScavenging078EventHospitalyes1 item, 5 zombies2 food, 2 items, 1 armory, 4 zombies
ZScavenging079RegularPolice Stationno2 items, 1 armory, 6 zombies1 food, 3 items, 1 armory, 4 zombies
ZScavenging080RegularThe Post Officeno2 items, 6 zombies2 food, 3 items 1 armory, 5 zombies
ZScavenging081RegularSupermarketno2 food, 5 zombies3 food, 2 items, 1 armory, 4 zombies
ZScavenging082RegularPossum Cityno1 food, 4 zombies2 food, 2 items 1 armory, 5 zombies
ZScavenging083RegularThe Candy Store!no2 food, 5 zombies2 food, 1 item, 1 armory, 3 zombies
ZScavenging084RegularHaunted Houseno1 item, 4 zombies1 food, 2 items, 1 armory, 3 zombies
ZScavenging085EventDay Attack!yes7 zombies2 food, 2 items, 1 armory, 4 zombies
ZScavenging086EventThe Cop Shopyes2 food, 1 armory, 5 zombies2 food, 1 item, 1 armory, 3 zombies
ZScavenging087Night OwlJohnson's Sporting Goodsno2 items, 1 armory, 6 zombies1 food, 3 items, 2 armory, 4 zombies
ZScavenging088EventWild Westyes2 food, 1 item, 1 armory, 7 zombies2 food, 1 item, 1 armory, 5 zombies
Zpocalypse card list Scenario
SetDeckCard ##TypeCard Titlex5x10SetupObjectiveZm SetupZM Objective
ZScenario157Free for allMain Scenario122 Survivor, 2 food, 2 armory(must be weapons), 1 itemMost VP by end of Day 2.
ZScenario158QuickplayDay Zero323 survivors, 2 armory(weapons only), 2 itemsall squad's must make it to the bunker.
ZScenario159Co-opFamilies First221 survivor, 1 food, 1 armory(must be weapon), 1 itemAll starting survivors survive to end of day 2.
ZScenario160VeteransGlowing Ones112 Survivor, 2 food, 2 armory(must be weapons), 1 item, lose 1hp per round being next to a zombie. Survive 4 days
ZScenario161Co-opNew Haven323 survivors, 2 armory(weapons only) Layout All tiles. No Daily Goals or tunnels. Can upgrade smarts by spending 2 skill points per point. Get from Base A to Base B, each squad must have 4 armory, 2 food, 2 items to complete.
ZScenario162blankBlank Scenario Cardblankblankblankblank
ZEScenario033QuickplayGet To Da Choppa!232 Survivor, 2 armory(must be weapons), 1 item, combat phase only.Get to the helicoptor tile, use hospital tiles only.
ZEScenario034QuickplayRadio For Help222 Survivor, 2 armory(must be weapons), 2 item, combat phase only.Find Radio Tent on Fema Camp Tiles, once found flip all tiles and start on Hospital entrance. Shuffle Tiles and play until helicoptor tile is found to escape.
ZEScenario035Larger baseFortify The Hopsital212 Survivor, 2 food, 2 armory(must be weapons) and 1 item. Setup entire hospital as your base. Start on MRI tile. Protect all survivors until day 2.
ZEScenario036Larger baseFortify theF.E.M.A. Camp212 Survivor, 2 food, 2 armory(must be weapons) and 1 item. Setup entire FEMA camp as your base. Start on FEMA Army truck tile. Protect all survivors until day 2.
ZEScenario037QuickplayBombs Away!222 Survivor, 2 armory(must be weapons), 1 item, combat phase only. Start on Helicopter tile, find Entrance tile, then find Zpocalypse Bunker Entrance.All Squad's make it to the Bunker. Ignore Daily Goals and tunnels.
ZEScenario0382 vs.2The Getaway222 Survivor, 2 armory(must be weapons), 1 item, combat phase only. Setup 2 Zpoc Bases separate by road tiles, with FEMA Camp army truck in center. First Team of 2 squad's to reach the center with a total of 5 scrap wins.
ZEScenario039blankBlank Scenario Cardblankblankblankblank
ZMScenario63Co-opMain ZM Scenario122 Survivor, 2 food, 2 armory(must be weapons), 1 item, choose any base tile set.Most VP by end of Day 2.5 Rage, 1 Doom card/Player(including ZM)Kill Everything!
ZMScenario64QuickplayLeft For Dead223 Survivor, 2 armory(must be weapons), 2 item, Start at lv 5 in both melee & firearms, disregard survivor starting skills.Make it to the Bunker10 Rage max hand limit of 5 Doom Cards. Use Only mutated Zombies. Gain 2d6 Rage for Each tile Drawn.Kill Everything!
ZMScenario65Free For AllReturn of the Dead322 Survivor, 2 armory(must be weapons), 2 item, choose any base tile set.End of Day 2, Player with most VP or Rage Wins. Ignore Rad Symbols. Lv. 3 awareness, Use only mutated Zombies, odd zombies return as Rage.Kill Everything!
ZMScenario66Co-opNight of the Dead32Only Phase 2 and Phase 4, 3 Survivors, 2 Armory(weapons only), 2 items /Player. Play w/ 12 tile setup, fortifiying first.Ignore all rad, bio and daily goals. Survive the night, destroy zombie spawn tokens. May not use upgrade or mutations cards. Place Spawn token in each corner of tile map. Tokens spawn 1d6 zombies /turn at movement 3.Kill Everything!
Zpocalypse card list Something’s Happening
SetDeckCard ##TypeCard TitleSpecialNight 1Night 2Night 3Night 4
ZSomething's089NeutralThe MoansLose Food3 move, 4 zombies/tile4 move, 6 zombies/tile5 move, 7 zombies/tile6 move, 9 zombies/tile
ZSomething's090GoodIs It Over?No combat0 move, 3 zombies/tileDraw Again0 move, 8 zombies/tileDraw Again
ZSomething's091BadNuclear Hell-1 hp/turn, lose base4 move, 3 zombies/tile4 move, 4 zombies/tile5 move, 6 zombies/tile6 move, 6 zombies/tile
ZSomething's092BadThe Bittenlose survivor & firstaid3 move, 4 zombies/tile3 move, 5 zombies/tile4 move, 6 zombies/tile5 move, 6 zombies/tile
ZSomething's093BadGreen GlowLose food2 move, 4 zombies/tile3 move, 6 zombies/tile3 move, 8 zombies/tile3 move, 8 zombies/tile
ZSomething's094NeutralStuck In The MudSlow move2 move, 3 zombies/tile2 move, 5 zombies/tile4 move, 6 zombies/tile4 move, 7 zombies/tile
ZSomething's095BadDarkness!Lose Base, Zombies start in bunker3 move, 3 zombies/tile4 move, 5 zombies/tile4 move, 6 zombies/tile6 move, 8 zombies/tile
ZSomething's096NeutralStale WaterLose Scrap or Zombies Start in bunker3 move, 6 zombies/tile3 move, 7 zombies/tile4 move, 8 zombies/tile4 move, 9 zombies/tile
ZSomething's097BadCandy!All Zombies placed on 1 tile3 move, 3 zombies/tile4 move, 5 zombies/tile4 move, 5 zombies/tile5 move, 7 zombies/tile
ZSomething's098BadFire!-2 hp, bad vision, lose bunker3 move, 3 zombies/tileDraw Again4 move, 6 zombies/tileDraw Again
ZSomething's099BadClose The Door!Zombies can use tunnels2 move, 3 zombies/tile3 move, 5 zombies/tile3 move, 8 zombies/tile4 move, 8 zombies/tile
ZSomething's100NeutralRescueGain Survivors, lose fortifiction or lose survivors keep fortifications3 move, 6 zombies/tile4 move, 7 zombies/tile5 move, 7 zombies/tile5 move, 8 zombies/tile
ZXSomething's01GoodA puppyAll Squads gain +1d6 to attacks while puppy stays alive in bunker. Lose bunker, all squad's attack with 1 less die.4 move, 5 zombies/tile4 move, 6 zombies/tile5 move, 6 zombies/tile5 move, 7 zombies/tile
ZXSomething's02NeutralRaider’s in the nightLose cards, possible find during the night.3 move, 4 zombies/tile3 move, 6 zombies/tile3 move, 6 zombies/tile3 move, 8 zombies/tile
ZXSomething's03BadCannibals1 squad eats another survivor2 move, 5 zombies/tile2 move, 7 zombies/tile4 move, 6 zombies/tile4 move, 6 zombies/tile
ZXSomething's04BadStickiesZombies can climb over walls for 2 move4 move, 3 zombies/tile4 move, 5 zombies/tile6 move, 6 zombies/tile6 move, 8 zombies/tile
ZXSomething's05BadThe tunnels have earsSewer Zombies, can't use tunnels3 move, 4 zombies/tile3 move, 5 zombies/tile4 move, 6 zombies/tile4 move, 6 zombies/tile
Zpocalypse card list Survivors
##SetCard ##Survivor NameSkill/AbilityVPHPDefenseSmartsMovementMeleeFirearms
1Z101"Aussie" ArndtParamedic2810501
2Z102Abigail SharpeLuck2811501
3Z103Agent RickyNinja1713520
4Z104Caz de WaalScavenger2810501
5Z105Big Jim NelsonEngineer2611501
6Z106Charlie WhitneyScrounger3611700
7Z107Colonel GloverCombat Instructor0812511
8Z108Dan LynchCrazy2810510
9Z109David Oscar DahlNo Guts no glory2810510
10Z110David TyrantNo Guts no glory1821410
11Z111Dr. Max SunoharaRedemption0812611
13Z113Felicia KnightStar Power2613411
14Z114Frank the TankNo Guts no glory1930410
15Z115JaneNecessary Nourishment1821410
16Z116Julie HunterTeacher0913620
17Z117Kat WhitneyCharge!2810501
18Z118Kellsie LeeSmooth Talker2811510
19Z119KimUnrequited Love3710500
20Z120Lattaver JonesReign of Fire0613602
21Z121Lora ShanksScavenger1721501
23Z123Morgan WhitneyScrounger3611700
24Z124Mrs. KennemarCook0903602
25Z125Nick HunterLawyer0812511
26Z126PrincessWorking Dog, Teeth only3400700
27Z127Ralphie ParkerYou'll Shoot Your Eye Out1712502
28Z128Rebecca StonerHoarder1821510
29Z129Reid YamamotoCombat Instructor1721501
30Z130Rose LuckyNurse3612500
31Z131Ryan QuinnImmune0903620
32Z132Salem SipesCharge!2810510
33Z133Senator KennemanForethought1721501
34Z134Theresa JonesInspire Others0812511
35Z135Wallace Grimley IIIMilitary1721501
36ZE27The DoctorHere to Help2803500
37Zalpha1Richard WolkwitzBrute0930420
38Zalpha2Kelly McNamaraEngineer0613710
39Zalpha3Dr. Franklin KriegorEquipped, Smart defense0614400
40Zalpha4Delphine MercierSurvivalist0813620
41Zbeta1Reggie JonesGunner0821502
42Zbeta2Natalia MalievPsycho0920611
43Zbeta3Dr. JackRevive0623410
44Zbeta4Lucia BrunoGhost0622620
45ZX11Angry JoeRelease Your Anger!1821512
46ZX15LinkaraMagic Gun4611511
48ZX19Dr. InsanoManiacal Laughter4803500
49ZX17Jim SterlingHatedom6621411
50Zs11Andrew RobertsSmooth Talker0632520
51Zs12Den AhernReign of Fire0930602
52Zs13Ranger DanSelf Sufficient0712720
55Zs16Benjamin LafayetteZombies have pockets too2511810
57Zs18MooseGet your Motor Running0831502
58Zs19Sarah LafayetteCharge1711820
59Zs110Markus The ImpalerDrifter1621620
60Zs111Shawn HaydenEngineer1613601
61Zs112JC WhitneyBaby on Board, Inspire others4501500
62Zs113Wheezy WhitneyNo guts no glory1821610
63Zs114Robin GreyScrounger2403511
64Zs115Keven RuestParkour Runner2611701
65Zs116Tim OverkampThe Cure0633510
66Zs117Tina Marie AhernSelf Sufficient1911701
67Zs118Sylvia ThornhillCrazy1812601
68Zs119Xander FranklinDrifter1721520
69Zs120Elizabeth ThornhilScavenger1912510
70Zs121Rob RedfieldCombat Instructor0811422
71Zs122Professor NevilleHere to Help1813500
72Zs123Brit RomeroPickle Hoarder2920401
73Zs124Old Man DenForethought1812411
74Zs125Diane AhernCook2703600
77Zs21Andrew RobertsTeacher0632520
79Zs23Christina HailfyreReign of Fire1712511
80Zs24Kevin StonerZombies have pockets too2403502
81Zs25GhandhiWorld Peace1811511
82Zs26Benjamin BangsbergMemory1723600
83Zs27Uriah MatthewsCombat Instructor2930400
84Zs28Chia Kangyu, Law GraduateLawyer2611502
86Zs210JeffIron Guts2710620
87Zs211Michael CorbenPuppet Master1811502
88Zs212Liam BoyleCharge!2710620
89Zs213Richard TrubEngineer2403511
90Zs214Geoff ThomaVeteran1612602
91Zs215Tony BaraccaBang, Bang, Bangity-Bang2611501
93Zs217Takayo KashiwazakiInspire others2403511
94Zs218Kate Lynn GirlchildLuck1413611
95Zs219Brandy AlexanderFirst Aid Expert1613601
96Zs220Nurse SueNurse1703511
97Zs221Willow de WaalYoung at heart2830500
98Zs222Toni MarstersGroup Foraging, Charge1712501
101Zs225Angela MordoccoCook2403511
106Zs33The BrideBridezilla2403520
107Zs34Battle Ready BettyBetty Help Smash1830420
109Zs36AddyPickle Hoarde2511810
110Zs37Dandelion GreenGreen1612602
111Zs38Majack StarkScrounger2403511
112Zs39Sabrina BayerReign of Fire2611502
114Zs311Gaius VagorMilitary2611502
115Zs312Paul HowieInspire others2611502
116Zs313ChandlerCombat Instructor0722620
117Zs314Anthony SabatiniSmooth Talker1513511
118Zs315Matt LeitzenTeacher2710620
120Zs317DJ Pop FugitiveCrimes Against Pop0713611
121Zs318FrodePuppet Master2403511
122Zs319Michael J. MalinHere to Help1722501
123Zs320Greg FrankensteinIron Guts2801511
124Zs321Justin CartwrightZombies have pockets too2403511
125Zs322Mr C. J. AwesomeLawyer2403511
126Zs323Lord BuddardCharge!2710620
127Zs324Cornelius StrangeFriendly mutton chops1413512
131Zs41Carrie ThomasInspire others1811620
132Zs42Matthew SunoharaCounter Attack0831511
133Zs43Sam TarnauskasDead Eye1711611
134Zs44Giuseppe Mario MassariCulinary1711611
135Zs45Robby HayesReign of Fire2611511
136Zs46Herbie Versmels BadlyTeacher0933400
137Zs47Mangy Mad MattNuclear Engineer1703511
139Zs49Michael ‘’Mic’’ McClure IIMic’s Trick #70823501
140Zs410Cal Von GrimesNinja0812720
141Zs411Evan RattnerScrounger2602511
142Zs412JonathanKill ‘em All1513502
143Zs413Benjamin BillingsBonus, Scavenger1703511
144Zs414NickQuicker Picker Upper2611511
145Zs415KeithIron Guts2710620
146Zs416Kyle WrightFreeman1513511
147Zs417Catie CherwinNurse2403511
148Zs418Ashley TarnauskasMiddle Blocker1722510
149Zs419Chris BillingsBonus, Immune1703511
150Zs420Denise GowerLuck2412502
151Zs421Melina RicksGuardian Angel0712711
152Zs422Jennifer BryansCook2511810
153Zs423Erinn CarlsonDrifter2701620
154Zs424Sister JeanetteDivine Intervention2403511
155Zs425Hailey AlbertEngineer2403511
158Zs51Abby ChambardSmooth Talker2711610
159Zs52Jay DavidSelf Sufficient1412422
160Zs53Mark KethlaorReign of Fire1522502
162Zs55Seth WearIron Guts2930400
163Zs56Arondar RoscoCombat Instructor2611502
164Zs57Joshua CrismanCharge!2511810
165Zs58Jay CobZombies have pockets too2611520
166Zs59Steven BaconLuck2511810
167Zs510Rhys FinchRedemption2511810
168Zs511Prof. MastersForethought2403511
169Zs512Matt CooperEngineer2503610
170Zs513Josh HawleyInventive2403501
171Zs514Andrew HermanHaz Cheezburger1802421
172Zs515Rob WhiteImmune2412511
174Zs517Mike HjermstadMilitary0621522
175Zs518Eire JamesScrounger1602612
177Zs520Mariah DeanInspire others2712600
178Zs521Kris aka ‘Jellybean’Teacher1612611
179Zs522Laura MarshallMorale Boost1811602
180Zs523Maja PedersenCrazy1720702
181Zs524AshmarasAxe Weilder1711720
182Zs525Briana HaydenPharmacist1613601
185Zs61Noo NooInspire others4530200
186Zs62Fat PenguinLuck2713400
188Zs64ViennaIt’s Food in a Pinch3610800
189Zs65YoshiFound it1712520
190Zs66Sgt. StubbsGo Bananas2503610
191Zs67KumaBear Hug2921400
194Zs610FalchionTalon Attack2710810
195Zs611Peregrine FalconBirds eye view, Claws Only2711600
196Zs612FoxySpeed attack3610800
198Zs614Brian, The Silver FoxTeeth Only3611600
199Zs615SunnyBad Food!3511700
201Zs617LunaStink Bomb3600810
202Zs618The StrayTreat Fever4900400
204Zs620GregaloriniousTerrier Intuition4500800
208Zs624DarwinMonkey Slap3602600
209Zs625StinkyWandering Bomb4500600
Zpocalypse card list ZM Doom
SetDeckCard ##TypeCard TitleRage CostAction 
ZMDoom01ClichéBackfire2Interupt player's Action.
ZMDoom02ClichéHelpI’ve fallen and now my Squad moves slower3Use during a player's turn.
ZMDoom03ClichéThey just won't Stay Dead?Use at Start of Zmaster's turn.
ZMDoom04ClichéHead for Safety? Nah.6Play before a player's turn.
ZMDoom05ClichéClick6Interrupt a player's action.
ZMDoom06ClichéQue the Ominous Fog…5Play during Something's Happening Phase.
ZMDoom07ClichéThe Lone Shambler2Use after last zombie is killed.
ZMDoom08ClichéLimb From Limb5Playable when a Squad is surrounded by Zombies.
ZMDoom09Clichédid you Hear That??Play at the start of a player's turn.
ZMDoom10ClichéUnnecessary Romance3Use before a player's turn.
ZMDoom11ClichéButter Fingers0Interrupt a player's action.
ZMDoom12ClichéIt just Broke2Interrupt a plyer's action.
ZMDoom14CombatGame OverMan!8Play at end of Zmaster's turn.
ZMDoom15CombatCrawler1Interrupt player's action.
ZMDoom16CombatIt's Raining Death3Play at any time.
ZMDoom17CombatGrapple1Use during Zmaster's turn.
ZMDoom18CombatNightmare15Play at start of Zmaster's turn.
ZMDoom19CombatBehind youu! Too Late!?Play at start of a player's turn.
ZMDoom20CombatFloaters2Interrupt a player's action.
ZMDoom21CombatZombies in the Bunker! Again? Must be Tuesday!6Use Any time.
ZMDoom22CombatThe Claws that Catch2Use during the Zmaster's turn.
ZMDoom24FreakoutShooting Rampage!8Interrupt player's action.
ZMDoom25FreakoutBlaze of Glory!0Interrupt player's action.
ZMDoom26FreakoutWhere are my Glasses?!0Interrupt player's action.
ZMDoom27FreakoutBloody Mess2Interrupt player's action.
ZMDoom28FreakoutThey came out of nowhere!0Use when plyer gain a survivor.
ZMDoom29FreakoutSwarm5Use during the Something's Happening Phase.
ZMDoom30FreakoutOpen up and Say AGGGHHH3Interrupt player's action.
ZMDoom31FreakoutDidn't we already have the big one?3Use before a player's turn.
ZMDoom32FreakoutI'm not dead Yet!3Use before a player's turn.
ZMDoom33FreakoutIt's only a flesh wound!3Interrupt player's action.
ZMDoom34FreakoutMontezuma's revenge!5Interrupt player's action.
ZMDoom35FreakoutAchoo!4Interrupt player's action.
ZMDoom36FreakoutHematophobia3Play after successfully damaging a Squad.
Zpocalypse card list ZM Mutations
SetDeckCard ##MiniatureCard TitleRage CostHPAttack
Zpocalypse card list ZM Upgrades
SetDeckCard ##TypeCard TitleLevel
ZMUpgrades046AwarenessBrainlessAwareness lv. 1
ZMUpgrades047AwarenessAdeptAwareness lv. 2
ZMUpgrades048AwarenessMasterfulAwareness lv. 3
ZMUpgrades049ContagionWeakContagion Lv. 1
ZMUpgrades050ContagionEffectiveContagion Lv. 2
ZMUpgrades051ContagionPowerfulContagion Lv. 3
ZMUpgrades052MovementWalkersMovement Lv. 1
ZMUpgrades053MovementRunnersMovement Lv. 2