Zpocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs




Zpocalypse 2: Defends the Burbs

The cities have fallen. Nuclear ash hangs heavy in the air. Suburbia, once the pinnacle of the American dream, is now the bloody battleground of the apocalypse. But how long can the white picket fences hold back the horde? The undead are changing, mutating into horrific abominations. Will you rely on kitchen appliances and garden tools to fend off the monsters, or embrace a few mutations of your own?

Defend the ‘Burbs features a four-part campaign, with each chapter taking 90-120 minutes to complete. Throughout the story, your survivors will need to find a defensible home in the suburbs, and protect it from an undead onslaught every night. While the sun is up, those same survivors will need to be assigned to tasks: Search for supplies with choose-your-path scavenging missions, build fortifications using the crafting system, patrol for daytime stragglers, or even get some much needed rest. But beware - every choice you make during the day determines how many zombies will come a’ knockin’ when the sun goes down.

Zpocalypse 2: Wasteland (Expansion)

As the sun sets on another day of defending the Burbs, you can’t help but ask yourself, “Is this all there is? Are we truly doomed to live out our days in this suburban purgatory?”

-Enter the Wasteland-

Players brave enough to venture out beyond their white picket fences and take to the highway will find themselves greeted by mutants, bandits, mad scientists, and more. Featuring a four-part campaign adventure, new survivors, weapons,locations, craftables, and terrain, The Wasteland expansion* adds hours of blood curdling fun for the whole family**.

* Not a standalone game. Requires Zpocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs

**Not for the feint of heat. Including but not limited to: Children, grandparents, pets, and adults.



When the city was overcome, we thought, 'This is the end.' Then they bombed us, and we were sure it was over. Somehow, I don't know how or why, but somehow we survived the onslaught. There were only a few of us, but we escaped the pit of hell that was the urban wasteland. They always say the suburbs have it better, right? They weren't hit nearly as hard; we've found a sturdy house. It still has a roof and everything. We're hungry, tired, and it's a struggle to hold back the dead from their nightly assaults, but we're still here, we're not going down yet.



  • Post-nuclear zombie apocalypse
  • Co-op and versus style of play
  • Modular tiles, so each play-through has variety
  • Elements of a tower defense game, wrapped with tactical combat
  • Instead of 1 survivor, you control a squad, this allows for the thematic death of a survivor, while the player may continue playing
  • Like the original, players each control their own squad of survivors equipped to the teeth with weapons, food, and items
  • Your actions as squad leader allow the survivors to choose their tasks on the daily planning board
  • Each choice has limited space and will come with benefits (potential for more supplies) and costs
  • With gained experience, your survivors level up on a variety skills
  • Rather than picking your path for you as in the original game, now you have the ability to carve out your survival scenario for yourself




PDF's & Downloads

Custom Survivor Card assets.zip 14.56MB 2017-05-17
ZB01 Burbs Campaign Record sheet.pdf 1.63MB 2017-02-20
ZB01 Burbs Campaign Record sheet v1.1.pdf 1.61MB 2017-03-20
ZB01 Burbs book-rule web.pdf 94.64MB 2017-02-20
ZB01 Burbs rulebook WIP.pdf 80.65MB 2016-08-17
ZB01 Burbs storybook(8.5x11in).pdf 44.29MB 2018-09-27
ZBXX - Zpocalypse2-ambient-mixer[link].url 160.00B 2018-08-27
ZG01 Defend-the-Con Alternate-Start-Scenario Gencon50(11x8.5in) PnP.pdf 26.64MB 2017-09-01


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press components Zburbia.jpgpress components Zburbia10.jpgpress components Zburbia11.jpgpress components Zburbia12.jpgpress components Zburbia13.jpgpress components Zburbia14.jpgpress components Zburbia15.jpgpress components Zburbia16.jpgpress components Zburbia17.jpgpress components Zburbia18.jpgpress components Zburbia19.jpgpress components Zburbia2.jpgpress components Zburbia20.jpgpress components Zburbia21.jpgpress components Zburbia22.jpgpress components Zburbia23.jpgpress components Zburbia24.jpgpress components Zburbia3.jpgpress components Zburbia4.jpgpress components Zburbia5.jpgpress components Zburbia6.jpgpress components Zburbia7.jpgpress components Zburbia8.jpgpress components Zburbia9.jpgpress components Zburbia photos.jpgpress components Zburbia photos10.jpgpress components Zburbia photos2.jpgpress components Zburbia photos3.jpgpress components Zburbia photos4.jpgpress components Zburbia photos5.jpgpress components Zburbia photos6.jpgpress components Zburbia photos7.jpgpress components Zburbia photos8.jpgpress components Zburbia photos9.jpgproduct Zpocalypse2 family.pngproduct Zpocalypse2 family14.pngproduct Zpocalypse2 family15.pngproduct Zpocalypse2 family16.pngproduct Zpocalypse2 family17.pngproduct Zpocalypse2 family2.pngproduct Zpocalypse2 family3.pngproduct Zpocalypse2 family4.png
Changes from Zpocalypse

Components (mini’s, tiles, chits, most cards) are compatible, but game play has been altered by new concepts of play, centered around the ability to play beyond the predefined 4 days of survival.

  • Combat: Tactical combat in Defend the ‘Burbs emphasizes strategy over luck. The new system still uses the Z-dice, but you now roll all your dice at the start of your turn, and spend them as needed, instead of relying on a good rule after you’ve made your choice.
  • Skill cards: Replace daily goals as new ability acquisition.
  • Scenarios: We have moved scenarios to the rulebook instead of cards to allow for more detailed information and easier release of additional scenarios in the future.
  • Food and item cards: Now reduced in size to allow larger decks with more variety. Play with the new item and food decks in classic Zpocalypse by replacing the original decks.
  • Reduced size squad boards: To facilitate a 5th player, we reduced the size of the squad board by dropping the double HP/defense wheel. Instead you track survivor HP individually. Defense is still cumulative. Smarts and movement still work on smartest and slowest, but we feel dedicating a wheel for them is a waste of table space.
  • Survivor cards new skill icons: Original survivors will be forwards and backwards compatible for either game. Original survivors are more combat focused, whereas Zpocalypse 2 survivors are more skill focused. Both may acquire and use the new skill cards.
  • Something’s Happening cards: Where the original Something’s Happening cards only determined the difficulty of the zombies and their movement speed based on the day, now when a Something’s Happening card is turned, the fate of the players is determined by the number of zombies on the tracker. If you were terrible scavengers, had no one on patrol, and made a lot of noise building, chances are zombies have reached a critical mass and will send a horde your way. Combat is not a foregone conclusion. However, other challenges can still be sent your way such as raiders in the night! .
Card Lists
Zpocalypse 2 Card List Tab/Page(full width)

Zpocalypse 2 Card Lists

Card Lists by decks

Set Name
ZB Zpocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs
ZW Zpocalypse 2: Wasteland
Zpocalypse card list Armory
ZBZB01FirearmWooden Sling Shot1531Impromptu - WoodEasy-Reload4
ZBZB02MeleeCinder Block & Chain1620Impromptu - Scrap2 skill_meleeSkillz3
ZBZB03MeleeCrowbar1510Impromptu - Scrap2 skill_meleeTool2
ZBZB04MeleeCrowbar1510Impromptu - Scrap2 skill_meleeTool2
ZBZB05MeleeFrying Pan1510Impromptu - ScrapCulinary4
ZBZB06MeleeFrying Pan1510Impromptu - ScrapCulinary4
ZBZB07MeleeGolf Club1620Impromptu - Scrap3 skill_meleeKnockdown2
ZBZB08MeleeGolf Club1620Impromptu - Scrap3 skill_meleeKnockdown2
ZBZB09MeleeNail Board1620Impromptu - WoodUpgradeable3
ZBZB10MeleeNail Board1620Impromptu - WoodUpgradeable3
ZBZB11MeleeShovel1620Impromptu - WoodDigger2
ZBZB12MeleeShovel1620Impromptu - WoodDigger2
ZBZB13AccessorySports Pads0DefensiveCharge!21
ZBZB14AccessorySports Pads0DefensiveCharge!21
ZBZB15AccessoryPainter's Masks0Bio ProtectionSquad Item2
ZBZB16AccessorySkateboardSurfing CementStrapped to your back3
ZBZB19Firearm32 cal Revolver451Headshot3 skill_meleeBash1
ZBZB20Firearm32 cal Revolver451Headshot3 skill_meleeBash1
ZBZB21FirearmComposite Bow441Quiver3 skill_firearmSteady Aim1
ZBZB22FirearmFlaming Super Soaker431Gas PoweredEmpty the Clip3
ZBZB23FirearmHunting Rifle451Steady AimBash
ZBZB24FirearmRed Rider BB Gun431Easy-Reload3 skill_firearmSniper3
ZBZB25FirearmShotgun(Sawed Off )431Empty the Clip3 skill_firearmPoint Blank0
ZBZB26FirearmShotgun(Sawed Off )431Empty the Clip3 skill_firearmPoint Blank0
ZBZB27MeleeHedge Trimmer411Gas PoweredMow'em Down!0
ZBZB28MeleeHedge Trimmer411Gas PoweredMow'em Down!0
ZBZB29MeleeKitchen Knife51Culinary3 skill_sneakBackstab
ZBZB30MeleeMachete510Strafe3 skill_meleeCleave2
ZBZB31MeleeNightstick5102 skill_meleeDefensive3 skill_meleeKnockdown3
ZBZB32MeleePole Saw521Gas Powered3 skill_mechanicsCleave
ZBZB33MeleePole Saw521Gas Powered3 skill_mechanicsCleave
ZBZB34MeleeReplica Katana421Breakable3 skill_meleeSneak Attack2
ZBZB35MeleeShield (Stop Sign)610Defensive3 skill_meleeRush2
ZBZB36MeleeSledgehammer520Makeshift Mjolnir3 skill_meleeAsphalt Anvil1
ZWZW01AccessoryDrifter's Armor0DefensiveSneaky21
ZWZW03AccessoryScrap Armor0DefensiveImpromptu - Scrap21
ZWZW04AccessoryUltimate Bandana0UnacceptableImpressive4
ZWZW05FirearmAS-KR Z2431ExplosiveMeatgrinder
ZWZW06FirearmChimera Pistol431Versatile3 skill_firearmPoint Blank
ZWZW07FirearmPipe rifle441Craftable3 skill_meleeSmash
ZWZW08MeleeBlow Torch411Gas PoweredFuego1
ZWZW09MeleeScrap Axe510Impromptu - Scrap2 skill_meleeCleave2
ZWZW10MeleeScrap Spear520Impromptu - Scrap2 skill_meleeKnockdown2
ZWZW02AccessorySalvaged Drone0Pushover3 skill_mechanicsNeed Input
Zpocalypse card list Survivors
ZBZB01Arthur Von EschenMore PowerInspire othersYes17326130113
ZBZB02Aslen Von EschenBFFCreativeYes18226021203
ZBZB03Bella MoranHealth ConsciousHome AloneYes17226012113
ZBZB04Björn Von EschenCrazyLuckyYes16316041001
ZBZB05Carl MohrStrategistTinkererYes16236120212
ZBZB06Kenny MaurerViciousForethoughtYes16425132102
ZBZB07Maddie MoranRecklessLean n' meanYes16316020023
ZBZB08Marselienna Von EschenFatefulDreamerYes16246020202
ZBZB09Summer MoranClever DefenseCoffee AddictYes17136021022
ZBZB10Tareesa Von EschenScroungerCookYes18225123022
ZBZB11Abigail SharpeFatefulProactive27227220122
ZBZB12Adam WalckPacking HeatCreative18326130101
ZBZB13C. W. ChanSecond WindCharmer35256122015
ZBZB14Charlie WhitneyPrimalNinja36317020041
ZBZB15Colonel GloverBrawlerMarksman07235431101
ZBZB16Dave MarcusAngry-dextrousCombatant18216150101
ZBZB18Frank the TankNo guts, no gloryCoffee Addict19416140001
ZBZB19Julie AhernAngry-dextrousVegan07155130203
ZBZB20Lattaver JonesReign of FireTinkerer06245220202
ZBZB21Lora ShanksBFFScavenger17326121202
ZBZB23Matthew GortQuick ThinkingEngineer16246021402
ZBZB24Monique BouchardSurvivalistAdrenaline Rush25434133202
ZBZB25Morgan WhitneyPrimalScavenger17216121022
ZBZB26Prince RileyCharge!Lucky17227131003
ZBZB27Rachel Czarina of TokyoMedicBack-yard Doctor06145112003
ZBZB28Ralphie ParkerYou'll Shoot Your Eye OutSmoker17236220102
ZBZB29Rebecca StonerPacking HeatHoarder18216122032
ZBZB30Roger PiñonCharge!Carnivore37318120022
ZBZB31Rose LuckyGrandma's CookiesCook46135012002
ZBZB32RozzieBrawlerTeeth Only35208030001
ZBZB33Sheng YePharmacistParamedic46236114112
ZBZB34Theresa JonesSecond WindInspire others07235222012
ZBZB35Tilly Von EschenScroungerTeeth Only35208020004
ZBZB36Zoe NealRecklessHoarder06314032002
ZWZW02Angry JoeAngry-dextrousMarksman07216420002
ZWZW07Elizator FuriosaCrazyCreative07325210213
ZWZW06Jennifer EdwardsBrawlerProactive09324130001
ZWZW03Mad MechanicMore PowerEngineer05245221401
ZWZW05Mellie CuerdaUniversal DonorAdrenaline Rush08125112113
ZWZW01Other JoeDrifterCombatant06316150121
ZWZW04Rob HoganStrategistSmoker07126121102
Zpocalypse card list Other
ZB1Critical WoundPhysicalDislocated Shoulder1mini
ZB2Critical WoundPhysicalDislocated Shoulder1mini
ZB3Critical WoundPhysicalHead Wound1mini
ZB3Critical WoundPhysicalHead Wound1mini
ZB4Critical WoundPhysicalZLAMMED!mini
ZB5Critical WoundPhysicalNom'dmini
ZB6Critical WoundPhysicalNom'dmini
ZB7Critical WoundPhysicalLost a Foot!3mini
ZB8Critical WoundPhysicalLost a Foot!3mini
ZB9Critical WoundPhysicalLost a Hand!3mini
ZB10Critical WoundPhysicalLost a Hand!3mini
ZB11Critical WoundPhysicalLost an Eye!3mini
ZB12Critical WoundPhysicalLost an Eye!3mini
ZB14Critical WoundPlagueBio-Mutatedmini
ZB15Critical WoundPlagueBio-Mutatedmini
ZB16Critical WoundPlagueInfected!3mini
ZB16Critical WoundPlagueInfected!3mini
ZB17Critical WoundPlagueMark of the Horde2mini
ZB17Critical WoundPlagueMark of the Horde2mini
ZB18Critical WoundPlagueMouth Full of Slime1mini
ZB19Critical WoundPlagueRadiation Burn1mini
ZB20Critical WoundPlagueRadiation Burn1mini
ZB21Critical WoundPsychologicalAnxiety Attack1mini
ZB22Critical WoundPsychologicalAnxiety Attack1mini
ZB25Critical WoundPsychologicalNight Terrors2mini
ZB26Critical WoundPsychologicalNight Terrors2mini
ZB27Critical WoundPsychologicalSeen too Much2mini
ZB28Critical WoundPsychologicalSeen too Much2mini
ZB29Critical WoundPsychologicalShaky Hands1mini
ZB30Critical WoundPsychologicalShaky Hands1mini
ZBZB01foodPreserved FoodCan of Dog Foodmini
ZBZB02foodPreserved FoodCan of Dog Foodmini
ZBZB03foodPreserved FoodCan of Cat Foodmini
ZBZB04foodPreserved FoodCan of Cat Foodmini
ZBZB05foodPreserved FoodCan of Beansmini
ZBZB06foodPreserved FoodCan of Beansmini
ZBZB07foodPreserved FoodBag of Chipsmini
ZBZB08foodPreserved FoodBag of Chipsmini
ZBZB09foodPreserved FoodSpammini
ZBZB10foodPreserved FoodJunk Foodmini
ZBZB11foodPreserved FoodBeef Jerkymini
ZBZB12foodPreserved FoodCan of Meat Stewmini
ZBZB13foodPreserved FoodCan of Veg Stewmini
ZBZB14foodRad FoodTwigs and Berriesmini
ZBZB15foodRad FoodTwigs and Berriesmini
ZBZB16foodRad FoodDandelion Leavesmini
ZBZB17foodRad FoodDandelion Leavesmini
ZBZB18foodRad FoodWild Carrotsmini
ZBZB19foodRad FoodWild Carrotsmini
ZBZB20foodRad FoodWild Onionsmini
ZBZB21foodRad FoodWild Onionsmini
ZBZB22foodRad FoodWild Potatoesmini
ZBZB23foodRad FoodWild Potatoesmini
ZBZB24foodRad FoodUgly Tomatoesmini
ZBZB25foodRad FoodSlimey Broccolimini
ZBZB26foodRad FoodLumpy Fruitmini
ZBZB27foodRaw FoodRat Meatmini
ZBZB28foodRaw FoodRat Meatmini
ZBZB29foodRaw FoodBird Meatmini
ZBZB30foodRaw FoodBird Meatmini
ZBZB31foodRaw FoodSquirrel Meatmini
ZBZB32foodRaw FoodSquirrel Meatmini
ZBZB33foodRaw FoodRabbit Meatmini
ZBZB34foodRaw FoodRabbit Meatmini
ZBZB35foodRaw FoodLizard Meatmini
ZBZB36foodRaw FoodLizard Meatmini
ZBZB37foodRaw FoodLong Pork?mini
ZBZB38foodRaw FoodTrash Panda Meatmini
ZBZB39foodRaw FoodMystery Meatmini
ZBZB40foodCoffeeDark Roastmini
ZBZB41foodCoffeeDark Roastmini
ZBZB42foodCoffeeLight Roastmini
ZBZB43foodCoffeeLight Roastmini
ZBZB48foodJust what
I needed
ZBZB49foodJust what
I needed
Lunch Boxmini
ZBZB50foodJust what
I needed
ZBZB01ResourceWoodBroken handlemini
ZBZB02ResourceWoodDiscarded Chairmini
ZBZB03ResourceWoodWarped 2x4mini
ZBZB04ResourceWoodChopped logsmini
ZBZB05ResourceWoodBusted Railingmini
ZBZB07ResourceWoodFence Postsmini
ZBZB08ResourceWoodIntact Tablemini
ZBZB09ResourceScrapNuts & Boltsmini
ZBZB10ResourceScrapScrews & Nailsmini
ZBZB11ResourceScrapRandom Hardwaremini
ZBZB12ResourceScrapJunk Metalmini
ZBZB13ResourceScrapBarbed Wiremini
ZBZB15ResourceScrapRusty Toolsmini
ZBZB16ResourceScrapTrasheap Treasuremini
ZBZB18ResourcePartsBatteries & lightbulbsmini
ZBZB19ResourcePartsPower Adaptermini
ZBZB20ResourcePartsGame Consolemini
ZBZB23ResourcePartsPile of Computersmini
ZBZB27ResourceFirstaidSuture Kitmini
ZBZB34ResourceSmokesAmerican Soulsmini
ZBZB35ResourceAmmoAssorted Calibersmini
ZBZB36ResourceAmmoAssorted Calibersmini
ZBZB37ResourceAmmoAssorted Calibersmini
ZBZB38ResourceAmmoAssorted Calibersmini
ZBZB39ResourceAmmoAssorted Calibersmini
ZBZB40ResourceAmmoAssorted Calibersmini
ZBZB41ResourceAmmoAssorted Calibersmini
ZBZB42ResourceBackpackChildren's Cartoon Bagmini
ZBZB43ResourceBackpackHiking Rucksackmini
ZBZB44ResourceLighterPlastic , Flint, & Butanemini
ZBZB45ResourceLighterEngraved Trench Lightermini
ZBZB46ResourceRadioHAM Radiomini
ZBZB47ResourceJust what I neededSo that's whats in the mystery box!mini
ZBZB48ResourceJust what I neededA trash can at the end of the rainbowmini
ZBZB49ResourceDuct TapePractically a roll of Kevlarmini
ZBZB50ResourceDuct TapeStickable Steelmini
ZBZB27PerksTrainingSelf Defensemini
ZBZB28PerksTrainingMartial Artsmini
ZBZB35PerksMutationScaly Hidemini
ZBZB36PerksMutationScaly Hidemini
ZBZB37PerksMutationBigger Musclesmini
ZBZB38PerksMutationBigger Musclesmini
ZBZB39PerksMutationHam Fistedmini
ZBZB40PerksMutationHam Fistedmini
ZBZB41PerksMutationGarbage Bellymini
ZBZB42PerksMutationGarbage Bellymini
ZBZB43PerksMutationArachnid Awarenessmini
ZBZB44PerksMutationArachnid Awarenessmini
ZBZB47PerksMutationLizard Bloodmini
ZBZB48PerksMutationLizard Bloodmini
ZBZB49PerksMutationEagle Eyesmini
ZBZB50PerksMutationEagle Eyesmini
ZBn/aCraftingTrash Can KitchenTrash Can Kitchenpoker
ZBn/aCraftingFix the TruckFix the Truckpoker
ZBn/aCraftingInfirmary BedsInfirmary Bedspoker
ZBn/aCraftingLookout towerLookout towerpoker
ZBn/aCraftingInfirmary Beds*Infirmary Beds*poker
ZBn/aCraftingLookout tower*Lookout tower*poker
ZBn/aCraftingClear the TunnelsClear the Tunnelspoker
ZBn/aMutatesBig BossBig Bosspoker
ZBn/aMutatesThe HordeThe Hordepoker

Zpocalypse 2 Q&A

In my playthrough, the zombies on the second floor destroyed both barricades on turn one, and therefore killed both survivors turn 2. Where do zombies "path" to after this has happened?
Assuming that there are no players in line of sight, those zombies have no target after they feast on the upstairs humans. Normally, zombies default move to the public stash token and start destroying your stuff, but that doesn't exist in the intro. Unless the players move up into their view, the upstairs zombies will stand still, stupefied now that their hunger is sated.
You could leave them upstairs until they flee from sunlight. This would prevent you from potentially getting hurt fighting them, however all zombies that flee increase the Doom Track, so you're next Day will be even harder.
Does zombie A see the survivors?
Zombie A does not see those survivors, its sight is blocked by the wall. It will run up to the second floor if the public stash (or upstairs humans in the intro) is around; if not, it won’t move.
When zombie B or C moves towards the survivors, will they be able to attack them?
The intent is that zombies will normally get at survivors even when blocked by other zombies (zombies don’t block line of sight for other zombies). In this case though, the wall forms a choke point. Zombie C will be placed to the north or south of the group of two zombies directly in front of it and be unable to attack due to have walls in its way.
Based on the rules, it seems players (and zombies) can move from A to B directly given the shape of the window. Is this the intent?
Yes. It also means zombies on space B could attack squads on space A. The arduous terrain penalty applies on going through the window, irrespective of the path followed. The definition of Arduous Terrain on page 24 should be changed to read: “If the arduous symbol appears on the line or corner between spaces, it only refers to moving directly over the symbol, except for crossing through windows. Any crossing through a window, straight or diagonal, is be arduous terrain.”
Do mutates from the doom tracker crossed during the prologue carry over to the first chapter?They absolutely do! If your prologue play moved the doom tracker past two mutate markers, then you will start the first night of chapter 1 with two mutates.
Is there a token to use to track which mutates have already triggered for cases when the doom tracker goes backwards?Unfortunately no token. Though I prefer players to see all the different mutates in a chapter, it is not thematically or mechanically required. The book states “ Milestones only trigger a single mutate; once spawned, that milestone is considered a regular space on the Doom Track.” That line is intended to avoid a scenario in which 6 mutates would be spawned at once. Currently players are expected to keep track of that on their own. I would add a piece to the errata stating that this resets each chapter.
Likewise, If you pass a milestone during a chapter, but then manage to reduce the Doom Track to less than that milestone - when you pass it again, this time it does not trigger a mutate. You’ll fight a maximum of five mutates per chapter. Alas, no token specifically designated for keeping track of this.
When collecting resources, particularly during scavenging, does the carrying limit apply?The carrying limit only applies during the Night phase. Thematically, during the day survivors can focus all their energy on working together to haul back items. Survivors that are scavenging only have the resources they are carrying with them to solve challenges encountered while scavenging, but may bring any number back with them.
Can a newly recruited survivor after a scavenge run be given a task? If not, are they considered “idle”, automatically incurring a Doom Tracker penalty?New Survivors have missed the window to be allocated to a task. The intention was that they weren’t doing any tasks, not even idle rest, so they would not incur the doom track penalty.
Does the prerequisite for the Machete (3 melee) apply to both Strafe and Cleave?Prerequisites only apply to the trait directly above them. In this case, Cleave requires melee of 3, while there is no skill restriction to use Strafe.
When a weapon has a trait, can both it and the basic attack be used on the same turn if the survivor has enough skill with that weapon to allocate sufficient dice? For example could Abigail Sharpe (melee 2) place a “5” and a “3” on the Machete to perform a basic attack (without a cleave) as well as the Strafe trait attack?Yes, you can strafe and make a basic attack in the same turn, provided you have a high enough melee skill (or high rolls) to allocate enough dice. Note that strafe cannot be used twice in the same turn: “Limitation: Each special trait can only be used once per turn. Some traits will indicate that they can be used less frequently - for example, some traits can only be used once per day. Put the corresponding survivor token on a once per day ability to show that it has been used.” (pg.23)
Please confirm that “Fluid Actions” means you cannot allocate a 5 die to movement, move 2 spaces, attack, and then move the die’s “remaining” 3 AP.Correct. There are no AP leftovers. The limitation on page 23 (Fluid Actions) applies to each individual action, even during a single hour of the night phase. Dice never leave AP floating for future use.
The description of fortification tokens states that “you can effectively control the direction of the zombie horde…” Can they be used to force zombies to a different side of the house? Examples:

A: If the west side of the house has junk walls placed over both entrances, and there are no squads in line of sight to the zombie spawn point, where will zombies go?

B: Similarly, is there any combination of walls, gates, or towers, that would guide the zombies to move to a different, more defended side of the house, without player squads acting as bait?
A: If there are no squads in LOS zombies will always try to find a way inside the house and up to the 2nd floor to start ransacking the public stash token. Thematically, zombies smell humans inside, and have trace memories of human life, including the desire for human food. The line about barricading the house is a strategy suggestion, letting players know they could block off an entire side of the house.
If a zombie sees a squad or is trying to get to the public stash token, they’ll take the shortest open path. So if you blocked off an entire side of the house, they would go around to another side, attempting to find an unblocked way upstairs. If the zombies only have one path and that path is barricaded (like you fortified a choke point, or like the upstairs challenge in the prologue) the zombies will stay put trying to break down the wall until they’re either successful or the sun rises.
If the fortification blocking their path is in the zombie’s LOS before they start moving, they’ll take a different path, if available. If the fortification blocking their path is not in their LOS before they start moving, they’ll move as normal up to the fortification and then try to take it down.

B: See above, and the super fortified example on pg.31. If there were zombies south of that fortified section on pg.31, and they had no paths into the house in LOS and no squads in LOS, they would move around the house in either direction, depending on which way was the shortest amount of spaces to get them to the stairs up.
When spending resources, can players make "change" when they have a card with multiple resources on it?Yes. Players can make change on resource cards, using the resource deck if required, and shuffling afterwards.
The tracker board states that the player meeples, zombie meeple, and the day tracker begin on the circled “x” space. Is this at the start of every chapter, or only on the prologue?The values are intended to carry over throughout a campaign. Though often the end or beginning of a chapter will affect the position of those meeples. The Day tracker stays constant throughout the campaign, while typically the other meeples reset (as instructed). And when jumping ahead chapters, or starting anywhere but from the prologue, it tells you where to set the day tracker.
When using the Golf Club, which has a range of 2, what is considered an “adjacent target” for the knockdown? Is this adjacent to the player, or the target hit? Does the “adjacent target” need to be within range 2?The “adjacent target” for the Golf Club refers to any zombie in the same space or adjacent to the initial target of the basic attack, regardless of if that zombie is also in range two. Thematically, you hit the initial target so hard that is fell backwards, knocking down its cohort.
Do friendly squads break line of sight for ranged attacks? In other words, can you swing a golf club through a friendly part to hit a zombie behind, or shoot through a friendly squad?Squads do not break line of sight. Friendly humans are more than happy to duck out of the way for bullets and golf clubs. The only elements that break LOS are red walls and impassable spaces.
The zombie pathing rules refer to moving towards the public stash token (page 26) with the implication that they will attack the stash. Where is this covered in the rules?As written, they don’t destroy anything in the stash. They just pool up there, clawing at the boxes, haunted by memories of being human, until the sun rises. You could leave them up there, but they’ll all raise the doom track and you’ll likely be in big trouble.
The original intention was that they’d attack the stash, and destroy one item for each point of damage done. I took this out after a test where players ended up losing all their progress in chapter 1, and people got frustrated. I do like the rule however, as it adds a bit more tension. In the v.2 pdf of the rules, I will be fleshing out (heh) the zombies’ behaviors in much greater detail, and will potentially add this back in. This is something I would love community input on!
There is no place on the Campaign sheet to record if a survivor has achieved their personal objective. Do these reset each chapter?They do not reset each chapter. The survivor’s objective is once per campaign. It should be on the campaign sheet, but for now it is only recorded with the survivor’s corresponding numbered token (the star or non-star sides).
The reference card “The Horde” states “...the zombies will move towards the upstairs stash tokens.” Does this mean the horde will attack players’ private stashes? If so, will they attack private stashes when in locations other than the upstairs?The intention here is that they’re going after the public stash, just as a central homing beacon to make sure they’ve always got an objective. At one point we had wanted them to attack all the stashes (and break things in them), which is where that current token“s” typo came from. This is definitely a central part of zombie behaviors that needs attention in the v.2 rules.
If players reach milestone 30 during a chapter, they continue to track VP (as per “MVP page 34). Do players continue to earn a perk every five days, or are no more perks earned until the next chapter (when the player meeple is reset)?They keep tracking VP, but they do not continue to earn extra perks. The intention is to limit the amount of perks players could gain in a chapter, to A) prevent an overwhelming number of perks in your player space, and B) prevent farming zombies to become excessively powerful.
Is VP from cards added to player VP (which would affect perks) at the end of the prologue?No. This should be stated in the prologue section. VP is intended to reset after every chapter, and the Prologue is intended to be considered a chapter in every way except you don’t bother calculating an MVP.
VP is added to each player’s total after each chapter (MVP rules, page 34). For the purposes of zombie pathing (page 26), does a zombie choose between equidistant squads using the highest VP on the tracking board, or the running total from the campaign sheet?Zombies only look at the current positions on the board for that chapter (to avoid asking some players to continually be adding their current score to their persistent score). The primary reason for tracking VP across the campaign is due to the number of competitive groups we’ve had who want a winner no matter what, even in a cooperative game. Ultimately the “MVP” is about bragging rights.
Spawning Zombies in the full rules (page 26) does not specify quantity and type of zombies to spawn.Also on page 26, but currently under the header “The Doom Track” : “Each Night phase begins by spawning fresh zombies equal to the current position on the Doom Track. For each milestone passed the previous Day, replace a fresh zombie with a mutate. See “Mutates” on page 28.” .. It should be moved or repeated under spawning zombies.
A zombie moves two spaces, then through arduous terrain, and so is knocked down. Does a knocked-down zombie still attack if adjacent to a squad?Zombies that get knocked down stand up instead of moving. However, if after standing up they are adjacent to a squad, that zombie will still get to attack it. Additionally, if a squad is adjacent to a zombie that is currently knocked down when it is time for zombies to attack, that zombie will still get a chance to attack. Ankle biters are a real problem in the Zpocalypse.
Carl Mohr’s card states he can move one space each turn. Is this meant to be once space, irrespective of terrain, or one AP’s worth of movement?It is intended to be 1 APs worth of movement, thus treating terrain as normal. This is a good one for an individual cards clarification in the back of the v2 rulebook revision.
The position of the zombies in the prologue example (Page 14 Example 01 and Page 16 Example 02) don’t match the position of the setup instructions (Page 10 Setup 04). Which is correct?The setup on page 10 is the intended introductory arrangement.
Page 13 , “The Horde Card” states “When the turn clock reaches five, combat is immediately over.” Is this an error?Yes. Zombies and players each get 5 turns. It is at the end of the fifth turn that the sun rises and combat ends.
Page 32 has the text of the limitation cut off. What is the remainder of the text?WOW, that’s a huge bummer. I suspect that in a final graphic positioning tweak, that text got pushed out of its frame. The rest is a reminder of what it already states on some of the crafting cards, like the 2nd lookout tower, or the 2nd infirmary bed. They can only be used if the player count is high enough. Otherwise, two players with either of those doubled up would have way too much control over the Doom Track.
The rules make multiple references to calculating range. (Page 12, Basic Attacking; Page 25, How Windows Work). How is range calculated?Range is determined by counting the shortest number of straight and diagonal lines from the attacker to the target, not counting the attacker’s square. Vertical displacement, from towers, stairs, or windows, does not affect range.
Reloading weapons, page 19 states: “...must discard an ammo card from your private stash to reload a weapon.” So even during combat, you don’t have to carry ammunition with the squad?During the night, ammo must be carried to reload, unless the players is beside their private stash, or the public stash.
In the day phase example on page 35, are the scavenged resources not shown in the figure?The graphic is missing the resources the heroes received from completing that challenge.
The Wasteland Punchboards say 1 of 3 and 2 of 3 on them. Whee is the third punchboard?This is a typo, there are only 2 punchboards for the Wasteland box set. the X of 3 should say x of 2.