Vengeance is a fast paced semi co-op game for 1-4 players. Take your rage-filled broken hero, build them up, and gather intel on the baddies before taking the fight to their own turf. Take your bloody revenge through action-packed fight sequences made up of dice based puzzles.




In the game, you play the quintessential good guy who's been wronged. You start the game right after that climactic moment that would have broken lesser humans, but has only turned your character's pain into a slow burning internal rage.

Vengeance alternates between montage turns and fight turns. In montage turns, players heal and upgrade their heroes through new abilities and items. They also go out scouting gang dens to find the bosses who wronged them and take revenge on them in the fight turn.

The fight turn is the heart of the game. Players pick one of the scouted gang den and burst in to exact bloody revenge. Fights are dice-based puzzles- in each round of the fight, players roll a set of dice and decide the order in which they play the rolled results. Upgrade skills and items allow players to swap die-results for others or string together a number of results to perform enemy-slapping combos. Upgrades thus work towards mitigating the luck of the die-roll, giving players more control over their Fight actions.

Players score points by killing bosses who wronged them, (matching the figure on their vengeance card with one of the face down Boss cards) or by clearing all minions of a gang which matches the color of a vengeance card they have in play. Players have three turns to do this and get out of the den in one piece.

At the end of the game players also score bonus victory points through three mission cards in play.



  • Thematically immersive mechanics and story
  • Furious action delivered through unique, dice-based puzzle system.
  • Develop Hero builds that trigger combos
  • Competitive goal - collaborative puzzle-solving
  • Gorgeously Gritty Visual Style
  • Robust Solo Play





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