Fantasy Resin Collection


Fantasy Lore

Fantasy Lore Miniatures are a set of highly detailed fantasy miniatures that can be used in a variety of tabletop games and RPGS. Here come the hunters, wanderers, and creatures of the night! With our Fantasy Lore series, immerse yourself in a world of dark, forbidden, and fantastical legends.


Additional characters (with their mutation packs) can be added to your pledge for $15, though the Abomination is $20 and can only be added if you pledged as the Epic Collector or Legend Tier.

Returning Characters

At Greenbrier Games we’ve always put our minis in the spotlight, and this time they’re the sole focus of the campaign. Among the roster are guest characters from Yashima and Fairytale Games. More than just “reprints”, these returning heroes will feature more detail than ever before, and with customization from their Mutation Packs, these old favorites will tout a brand new look.

For our loyal returning backers who are still waiting on either Yashima or Fairytale Miniatures to reach your hands, fear not, as you will receive them well before this project’s expected delivery. However, now is your chance to get a customizable, unprecedented quality miniature of your Yashima Rosamu, or Fairytale Goldilocks!

  • Folklore: The Abomination(40mm) – A gigantic misshapen monster who can tear a human in two. It has many forms so it can best haunt your nightmares.
  • Folklore: The Archaeologist(30mm) – A scholar who has mastered less traditional weapons like the whip. He can also use relics to destroy evil.
  • Folklore: The Telepath(30mm) – She can read your mind and she may enlighten you to new thoughts…beware spells she can cast.
  • Folklore: The Vampire(30mm) – Legend says Vampires are strikingly handsome creatures who can shape shift into bats. It all depends how they’re stalking their prey.
  • Folklore: Witch Hunter(30mm) – A bounty hunter sworn to undo all evil, the Witch Hunter is a tracker, weapon specialist, and a marksman with ranged weapons.
  • Fairytale: Big Bad Wolf(40mm) – With a huff and puff this FairyTale Games character can tear down his opponents. He has more than one side he can tap into.
  • Fairtale: Frankenstein(40mm) – Frankenstein is a monster created from spare parts, be they human or other. If one part doesn’t work a more effective one is switched in. .
  • Fairytale: Goldlocks(30mm) – Don’t let her innocence fool you! This FairyTale Games character is a master thief and uses her skill to acquire the best items. She can use a sword or staff and is a sharpshooter with a pistol
  • Yashima: Rosamu(30mm) – Rosamu is mostly known for this powerful chain attacks in Yashima. He can use his traditional chain weapon or dual swords.
  • Yashima: Dokubaba(30mm) – She is known for her ability to cast a plague on her opponents in Yashima, but she has other ways to spread the plague.
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