Overseers is a fast-paced drafting and bluffing game with a twist.

Each player represents an Overseer, whose objectives are to bend traits to their favour to create the most dominant combination of virtues and vices; you will draft cards to achieve the best possible score and try to deceive your way during the game to convince the others you are not the strongest player.

Character abilities will change the game constantly in many ways which results in never-ending possibilities to the players, no game will ever be the same; after 3 rounds the player with the best score will be declared the winner.



Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi is a passionate gamer and game designer that joined the gaming industry in 2007 working as a video game publisher. Since 2012 he has been developing the business side of ThunderGryph and he aims to develop and publish board games.

Gonzalo grow up back and forth from Italy to Peru and he moved back definitely to Rome in his adulthood to attend to La Sapienza university. Now he is living between Rome and Sevilla, a city he fell in love with.

He hit it off with Greenbrier Games at Spiel Essen 2016, and are now partnering together for a North American release.



  • Recommended Ages: 14+
  • Time to Play: less than 30 minutes
  • 3-6 Players
  • Great Social interaction with bluffing and counter bluffing mechanics.
  • High quality components
  • Unique artwork.
  • Variety of different strategies to win.
  • Great replayability.



PDF's & Downloads

English Overseers RuleBook.pdf 4.09MB 2017-02-16
OverseersFRrulesV1.pdf 71.77kB 2017-02-16
overseers sell sheet 2017-02-15.pdf 288.18kB 2017-02-16

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A 3-6 player drafting and bluffing game with an interesting twist. Find the best balance, or completely crush it for your own good. kickstarter.com.

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Card List

Ninja Dice Card List

RP = Location Card Pack
KE = Kickstarter promo cards (1st campaign)
KM = Kage Masters location cards
TL = Team Locations Card Pack
RP11Akechi Camp SabotageDaniel Tyka3
RP41Sasaki House DelayDaniel Tyka3
RP71Toki Clan AmbushDaniel Tyka2
RP101Lord Hideharu’s TunnelErick Rabang2
RP131Oda Clan Golden BankDaniel Tyka2
RP161Kamakura Docks ilip Bazarewski2
RP191Approach Castle NobunagaFilip Bazarewski3
RP221Rokkaku Prison ScoutingDaniel Tyka2
RP22Akechi Supply TrainDaniel Tyka4
RP52Sasaki Family ReunionDaniel Tyka3
RP82Toki Clan PursuitDaniel Tyka4
RP112Hideharu’s Guard TowerErick Rabang3
RP142Oda Clan VaultDaniel Tyka4
RP172Azuchi Kitchen BrawlFilip Bazarewski3
RP202Nobunaga Training CampFilip Bazarewski3
RP232Rokkaku Tunnel ConstructionDaniel Tyka4
RP33Duel Mitsuhide Akechi Daniel Tyka6
RP63Sasaki Family RelicDaniel Tyka5
RP93Toki Clan GateDaniel Tyka5
RP123Hideharu’s Final NightErick Rabang6
RP153Oda Warchest Daniel Tyka5
RP183Disguised as Lady AzuchiFilip Bazarewski4
RP213Nobunaga CoronationFilip Bazarewski4
RP243Rokkaku Prison RescueDaniel Tyka5
RPn/an/aNinja Dice - Location Rulesn/an/a
KM11Minamoto CaravanDavid Szilagyi2
KM41Kujo Temple ShrineDavid Szilagyi2
KM71Nanbu Clan AlleyDavid Szilagyi1
KM101Ashikaga ForgeDavid Szilagyi2
KM131Matsudaira's War PlansDavid Szilagyi2
KM161Lord Imagawa's RansomDavid Szilagyi1
KM22Minamoto's LitterDavid Szilagyi3
KM52Kujo Temple GuardianDavid Szilagyi2
KM82Nanbu MarketplaceDavid Szilagyi3
KM112Ashikaga EntranceDavid Szilagyi4
KM142Matsudaira's TreasuryDavid Szilagyi3
KM172Save Lady ImagawaDavid Szilagyi3
KM33Minamoto's MasterDavid Szilagyi6
KM63Kujo Temple GatesDavid Szilagyi5
KM93Nanbu Hound MastersDavid Szilagyi6
KM123Ashikaga ArmoryDavid Szilagyi3
KM153Matsudaira's ChargersDavid Szilagyi4
KM183Lady Imagawa TurnsDavid Szilagyi5
KMn/an/aNinja Dice - Location Rulesn/an/a
TLn/an/aNinja Dice - Team Location Rules #1n/an/a
TLn/an/aNinja Dice - Team Location Rules #2n/an/a
TL11Omi Mint WallDavid Szilagyi2+lockpicks
TL21Omi Mint GateDavid Szilagyi2+fortune
TL71Atakebune High TideDavid Szilagyi2+attack
TL81Atakebune ClimbDavid Szilagyi2+catch
TL131MizuShima PortDavid Szilagyi2+lockpicks
TL141Mizushima capitalDavid Szilagyi0+catch
TL191Yamauchi StatueDavid Szilagyi1+attack
TL201Yamauchi hidden cityDavid Szilagyi1+catch
TL32Omi Mint CourtyardDavid Szilagyi3+lockpicks
TL42Omi Mint KeymasterDavid Szilagyi5+fortune
TL92Atakebune SabotageDavid Szilagyi3+sneak
TL102Atakebune Hidden HoldDavid Szilagyi4+fortune
TL152Mizushima skirmishDavid Szilagyi5+wild
TL162Mizushima lookoutDavid Szilagyi3+wild
TL212Yamauchi secretsDavid Szilagyi3+attack
TL222Yamauchi captureDavid Szilagyi4+fortune
TL53Omi Gold Cart TheftDavid Szilagyi9
TL63Omi Mystic BankmasterDavid Szilagyi4
TL113Atakebune SummoningDavid Szilagyi10
TL123Scuttle the AtakebuneDavid Szilagyi7
TL173Mizushima citadelDavid Szilagyi3
TL183Mizushima GetawayDavid Szilagyi5
TL233Yamauchi ShrinesDavid Szilagyi4
TL243Yamauchi AscentDavid Szilagyi4


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