Of Dreams & Shadows




Synopsis (thematic)

“The signs have come. Shadows flicker and stir in the Hollows. A chill has settled in those ancient ruins and expedition pack animals refuse to enter the underworld realm. There are new sightings of large beasts roaming the countryside and strange unnatural calls fill the night air. Hunters have gone missing without a trace and it is no longer safe to explore very far into the woods.

My sisters wake from the same nightmares. A skeletal hand, pale and white as snow, grasping out from darkness. Thousands of red-eyed crows flying over a field of dead. A bloody maw gaping open with rows of gleaming teeth the size of daggers. I see these images in my own dreams and I fear for what is coming.”

Synopsis (non thematic)

Of Dreams & Shadows is a cooperative board game for up to six players who take on the role of Champions trying to save their realm. Set in a dark fantasy world, the players will journey from the underworld ruins of a long-dead people to the heart of untamed forests where otherworldly creatures dwell.

As they direct the actions of their Champions on the game board, the players will participate in a collaborative story. Scenarios introduce encounters and conflict, which are resolved through passing a test or making a choice. The consequences advance the storyline and drive a unique experience as part of the story changes based on each outcome. Failing a test could have dire results such as receiving one of several types of debilitating Afflictions. Many Scenarios will also present players with a moral dilemma where a decision could aid their cause, but not without sacrifice.

Opposing the players is one of three selectable Villains. Beings of myth and legend, the Villains have their own host of deadly servants to face in combat. Developing flexible tactics and teamwork among players will be crucial as there are over 30 different enemies, each with their own special ability. You must band together with your friends if you hope to survive.



Gordon Alford has been an avid gamer since the ‘90s and loves role playing, card and board games. His favorites are Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Legend of the Five Rings. He also plays massively multiplayer online games with a heavy focus on realm vs. realm, under the call-sign “Kiamar”.

Of Dreams & Shadows is a fully self-funded project that has been in development since early 2014. Gordon’s goal is to create a cooperative board game with an interactive story and strong roleplaying experience. He has recruited the artistic talents of Matt Forsyth and Steven Preisman to bring his game world to life.

They hit it off with Greenbrier Games at Spiel Essen 2016, and are now partnering together for a North American release.



  • Recommended Ages: 14+
  • Time to Play: 150 minutes co-op campaign
  • 2-6 Players
  • Gorgeous illustrations and graphic design
  • Vast world building and deep narrative
  • RPG experience with no DM required
  • Selectable Villains shape dynamic gameplay and storyline
  • Product Dimensions: 29.9 x 29.9 x 6.8 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 2.5 Kg




PDF's & Downloads

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Card List

Of Dreams & Shadows Card List Tab/Page(full width)

Of Dreams & Shadows Card Lists

Card Lists by decks

Set Name
ODS01/02 Of Dreams & Shadows (Core Game)
ODS03 Of Dreams & Shadows: The Monster Within (Expansion)

OD&S Champion Cards
Setcard#DeckNameHealthWillpowerMightAgilityInsightAwarenessPersuasionResolveSpirit-TouchedStarting LocationStarting ResourcesPassive AbilitySpecial Action
ODS01CH01ChampionsHadrian94522234NAlbion CapitalPlate ArmourProtectorRegain 1 Willpower
ODS01CH02ChampionsFreya85432333NTyr Capital2 GoldRaiderGain two Travel actions, but lose 2 Health
ODS01CH03ChampionsAnton76332343NHollows #23 GoldExplorerWhile on a Hollows space, Test Awareness against a score of 7 to acquire one Relic card from the Hand
ODS01CH04ChampionsNora67342423NWilds #5Hunting KnifeSurvivorAmbush a Foe on the same space
ODS01CH05ChampionsTamlin67334413YRealm #53 GoldInvestigatorGain a +1 Boon token
ODS01CH06ChampionsNatasha76342333NDragova CapitalSidestepRogueWhile on a Capital or Realm space, Test Agility against a score of 7 to acquire one Weapon, Armour, or Item card from the Hand
ODS01CH07ChampionsSelene58234324YEriu CapitalWardingSeerLook at the top 2 cards of the Event deck, place one card back to the top
of the deck and the other card to the bottom of the deck
ODS01CH08ChampionsBrom67235323YWilds #6Spirits of RageArchmagiWhile on any space, Test Insight against a score of 8 to acquire one Spell card from the Hand
OD&S Villians/Foe Cards
Setcard#DeckNameAlignmentDefense ScoreAttack ScoreHealthSpecial AbilityReward
ODS01VI03VillainsThe DragonThe Dragon91310
ODS01FE01Foes-EpicHerneMorrigan7119Attacks Lowest Agility3 Gold
ODS01FE02Foes-EpicBalorMorrigan8108Inflicts Wounded3 Gold
ODS01FE03Foes-EpicBean SidheMorrigan8108Inflicts Fear3 Gold
ODS01FE04Foes-EpicKoscheiArawn8108Gains Health, drains Health3 Gold
ODS01FE05Foes-EpicKatarinaArawn8108Inflicts Entranced3 Gold
ODS01FE06Foes-EpicUndead TitanArawn7119Inflicts Wounded3 Gold
ODS01FE07Foes-EpicRhalerThe Dragon7119Inflicts Crippled3 Gold
ODS01FE08Foes-EpicSonjaThe Dragon998Increase Attack Score3 Gold
ODS01FE09Foes-EpicTuskThe Dragon8108Inflicts Wounded3 Gold
ODS01FE10Foes-EpicThe Skin-WalkerThe Dragon8108Attacks Lowest Agility3 Gold
ODS01FA01Foes-ArawnVampire MaidenArawn795Ambush2 Gold
ODS01FA02Foes-ArawnFallen KnightArawn796Duel2 Gold
ODS01FA03Foes-ArawnUndead HordeArawn686Increase Attack Score2 Gold
ODS01FA04Foes-ArawnUndead CorpseArawn573Turn into Undead Horde1 Gold
ODS01FA05Foes-ArawnWraithsArawn685Inflict Possessed1 Gold
ODS01FA06Foes-ArawnBlack MagiArawn685Lose 2 Health2 Gold
ODS01FA07Foes-ArawnDeath CultistsArawn684Place Undead Corpse1 Gold
ODS01FD01Foes-DragonWood-WoseThe Dragon684Place Shadow token1 Gold
ODS01FD02Foes-DragonWerewolf PackThe Dragon795Attacks Lowest Agility2 Gold
ODS01FD03Foes-DragonWerebearsThe Dragon886Increase Attack Score, decrease Defense Score2 Gold
ODS01FD04Foes-DragonWereboarsThe Dragon795Inflict Wounded2 Gold
ODS01FD05Foes-DragonDire BeastThe Dragon696Ambush2 Gold
ODS01FD06Foes-DragonPrimal SpiritsThe Dragon573Turn into Dire Beast1 Gold
ODS01FM01Foes-MorriganRedcap AssassinsMorrigan7104No Retreat2 Gold
ODS01FM02Foes-MorriganSidhe BlademasterMorrigan796Duel2 Gold
ODS01FM03Foes-MorriganFomorian InvadersMorrigan695Attacks Lowest Agility2 Gold
ODS01FM04Foes-MorriganKelpieMorrigan685Ambush1 Gold
ODS01FM05Foes-MorriganSatyr TroupeMorrigan774Inflict Entranced1 Gold
ODS01FM06Foes-MorriganChangelingsMorrigan585Place Shadow token1 Gold
ODS01FM07Foes-MorriganWitchesMorrigan684Inflict Cursed1 Gold
OD&S All Other Cards
ODS01EV01EventsA Light in the Darkness
ODS01EV02EventsAll Hope is Lost
ODS01EV04EventsCreeping Shadows
ODS01EV05EventsDark Omens
ODS01EV06EventsEnemy at the Gates
ODS01EV07EventsMonsters in the Dark
ODS01EV08EventsNightmare Dreams
ODS01EV10EventsPlague Sickness
ODS01EV11EventsReinforcements Arrive
ODS01EV14EventsUnclear Path
ODS01EV15EventsWar of the Fae
ODS01RE01ResourcesLeather ArmourArmourReduce Attack Score by 11 Gold
ODS01RE02ResourcesMail ArmourArmourReduce Attack Score by 22 Gold
ODS01RE03ResourcesPlate ArmourArmourReduce Attack Score by 2, discard to reduce by 43 Gold
ODS01RE04ResourcesDistractCombat FeatReduce Attack Score by 2 for others3 Gold
ODS01RE05ResourcesFlankCombat FeatReduce Defense Score by 2 for others3 Gold
ODS01RE06ResourcesOnslaughtCombat FeatMight +2, Agility -12 Gold
ODS01RE07ResourcesSidestepCombat FeatAgility +2, Might -12 Gold
ODS01RE08ResourcesHuntersCompanionMight +1, SpecialPersuasion
ODS01RE09ResourcesCopper CrewCompanionAgility +1, Special BonusPersuasion
ODS01RE10ResourcesMagiCompanionInsight +1, Special BonusPersuasion
ODS01RE11ResourcesMercenariesCompanionMight +12 Gold
ODS01RE12ResourcesKnightsCompanionMight +1, Resolve +1, Special BonusPersuasion
ODS01RE13ResourcesShamanCompanionInsight +1, SpecialPersuasion
ODS01RE14ResourcesValkyriesCompanionMight +1, Agility +1Persuasion
ODS01RE15ResourcesWatcherCompanionAwareness +1, Special BonusPersuasion
ODS01RE16ResourcesLucky CoinItemReroll a die3 Gold
ODS01RE17ResourcesSpirit TotemItemInsight +1, Special Bonus2 Gold
ODS01RE18ResourcesAncient TomeRelic ItemInsight +2Scenario
ODS01RE19ResourcesClaiomh SolaisRelic WeaponMight +3Scenario
ODS01RE20ResourcesGoblet of LifeRelic ItemHealing, Special BonusScenario
ODS01RE21ResourcesPrimordial CrownRelic ItemInsight +1, Resolve +1, Special BonusScenario
ODS01RE22ResourcesThe Dragon's ScalesRelic ArmourReduce Attack Score by 3Scenario
ODS01RE23ResourcesCall the StormSpellReduce Foe Health3 Gold
ODS01RE24ResourcesHealSpellHeal2 Gold
ODS01RE25ResourcesSpirits of RageSpellMight +1 to all3 Gold
ODS01RE26ResourcesWardingSpellReduce Attack Score by 12 Gold
ODS01RE27ResourcesClaymoreWeaponMight +23 Gold
ODS01RE28ResourcesCold Iron GlaiveWeaponMight +2, Special Bonus3 Gold
ODS01RE29ResourcesDueling SabreWeaponMight +1, Special Bonus2 Gold
ODS01RE30ResourcesHallowed BladeWeaponMight +2, Special Bonus3 Gold
ODS01RE31ResourcesHunting KnifeWeaponMight +11 Gold
ODS01RE32ResourcesLongbowWeaponReduce Foe Health2 Gold
ODS01RE33ResourcesSword & ShieldWeaponMight +1, Reduce Attack Score by 12 Gold
ODS01RE34ResourcesMoonsilver AxeWeaponMight +2, Special Bonus3 Gold
ODS01RE35ResourcesSpear & ShieldWeaponMight +1, Reduce Attack Score by 12 Gold
ODS01QA01Quest Scenarios-ArawnA Play of Light and Shadow
ODS01QA02Quest Scenarios-ArawnThe Deathless
ODS01QA03Quest Scenarios-ArawnInto the Depths
ODS01QA04Quest Scenarios-ArawnSource of the Plague
ODS01QA05Quest Scenarios-ArawnStairwell to Oblivion
ODS01QA06Quest Scenarios-ArawnThe Blood Queen
ODS01QA07Quest Scenarios-ArawnThe Realm Beyond
ODS01QA08Quest Scenarios-ArawnThe Revenant
ODS01QA09Quest Scenarios-ArawnThe Sacrifice
ODS01QA10Quest Scenarios-ArawnThe Titan
ODS01QA11Quest Scenarios-ArawnThe Prison
ODS01QA12Quest Scenarios-ArawnTotem of the Dead
ODS01QD01Quest Scenarios-DragonBlood & Fire
ODS01QD02Quest Scenarios-DragonEnter the Dragon
ODS01QD03Quest Scenarios-DragonHunter & Prey
ODS01QD04Quest Scenarios-DragonMask of the Beast
ODS01QD05Quest Scenarios-DragonThe Aerie
ODS01QD06Quest Scenarios-DragonThe Black Wolf
ODS01QD07Quest Scenarios-DragonThe Culling
ODS01QD08Quest Scenarios-DragonThe Golden Bear
ODS01QD09Quest Scenarios-DragonThe Pale Boar
ODS01QD10Quest Scenarios-DragonThe Spirit Within
ODS01QD11Quest Scenarios-DragonThe Stand
ODS01QD12Quest Scenarios-DragonWhite Death
ODS01QM01Quest Scenarios-MorriganA Dark Offer
ODS01QM02Quest Scenarios-MorriganA Dark Reflection
ODS01QM03Quest Scenarios-MorriganThe Bargain
ODS01QM04Quest Scenarios-MorriganThe Evil Eye
ODS01QM05Quest Scenarios-MorriganLost in the Woods
ODS01QM06Quest Scenarios-MorriganThe Duel
ODS01QM07Quest Scenarios-MorriganNightfall
ODS01QM08Quest Scenarios-MorriganThe Harbinger
ODS01QM09Quest Scenarios-MorriganThe Invasion Begins
ODS01QM10Quest Scenarios-MorriganThe Wild Hunt
ODS01QM11Quest Scenarios-MorriganThe Lost
ODS01QM12Quest Scenarios-MorriganThe Stick Man
ODS01WC01World Scenarios-CapitalBlood Feud
ODS01WC02World Scenarios-CapitalHouse of Vice
ODS01WC03World Scenarios-CapitalLittle Thieves
ODS01WC04World Scenarios-CapitalMurder Investigation
ODS01WC05World Scenarios-CapitalOf Lords and Ladies
ODS01WC06World Scenarios-CapitalThe Dueling Championship
ODS01WC07World Scenarios-CapitalThe Gathering
ODS01WC08World Scenarios-CapitalThe Heist
ODS01WC09World Scenarios-CapitalThe Swordmaster
ODS01WC10World Scenarios-CapitalThe Tourney
ODS01WC11World Scenarios-CapitalThe Uprising
ODS01WC12World Scenarios-CapitalTower of the White Rose
ODS01WH01World Scenarios-HollowsAncient Dwellings
ODS01WH02World Scenarios-HollowsBroken Spears
ODS01WH03World Scenarios-HollowsBurial Rites
ODS01WH04World Scenarios-HollowsCave-In
ODS01WH05World Scenarios-HollowsDeep Caves
ODS01WH06World Scenarios-HollowsExpedition Crew
ODS01WH07World Scenarios-HollowsGraveyard
ODS01WH08World Scenarios-HollowsHaunted Crypt
ODS01WH09World Scenarios-HollowsLabyrinth
ODS01WH10World Scenarios-HollowsLibrary of Secrets
ODS01WH11World Scenarios-HollowsThe Mural
ODS01WH12World Scenarios-HollowsForgotten Tomb
ODS01WH13World Scenarios-HollowsRisen
ODS01WH14World Scenarios-HollowsThe Lair
ODS01WH15World Scenarios-HollowsThe Room
ODS01WH16World Scenarios-HollowsThe Solemn Knight
ODS01WH17World Scenarios-HollowsBurial Ground
ODS01WH18World Scenarios-HollowsUnderworld Kingdom
ODS01WH19World Scenarios-HollowsWhat Lies Beneath
ODS01WH20World Scenarios-HollowsWhispers in the Dark
ODS01WR01World Scenarios-RealmHarvest Moon Festival
ODS01WR02World Scenarios-RealmHighwaymen
ODS01WR03World Scenarios-RealmMassacre on the Road
ODS01WR04World Scenarios-RealmQuarantine
ODS01WR05World Scenarios-RealmRefugees
ODS01WR06World Scenarios-RealmThe Kidnappings
ODS01WR07World Scenarios-RealmTavern Rumours
ODS01WR08World Scenarios-RealmThe Cottage
ODS01WR09World Scenarios-RealmThe Farm
ODS01WR10World Scenarios-RealmThe Mercenary Camp
ODS01WR11World Scenarios-RealmThe War Effort
ODS01WR12World Scenarios-RealmTraveling Menagerie
ODS01WW01World Scenarios-WildsA Tear in the Veil
ODS01WW02World Scenarios-WildsBattle in the Mist
ODS01WW03World Scenarios-WildsCaptives
ODS01WW04World Scenarios-WildsCastle in the Woods
ODS01WW05World Scenarios-WildsCreatures of the Wild
ODS01WW06World Scenarios-WildsEnchanting Pools
ODS01WW07World Scenarios-WildsFae Rings
ODS01WW08World Scenarios-WildsLost in the Woods
ODS01WW09World Scenarios-WildsProwling Wolves
ODS01WW10World Scenarios-WildsStalker in the Night
ODS01WW11World Scenarios-WildsThe Black Stallion
ODS01WW12World Scenarios-WildsThe Coven
ODS01WW13World Scenarios-WildsThe Den
ODS01WW14World Scenarios-WildsThe Hunt
ODS01WW15World Scenarios-WildsThe Slaugh
ODS01WW16World Scenarios-WildsThe Storm
ODS01WW17World Scenarios-WildsThe Tree Spirit
ODS01WW18World Scenarios-WildsThorns
ODS01WW19World Scenarios-WildsTreacherous Path
ODS01WW20World Scenarios-WildsWaterfall
ODS01SE01Story EndingsJustice
ODS01SE02Story EndingsOblivion
ODS01SE03Story EndingsA New Dawn
ODS01SE04Story EndingsDeath & Rebirth
ODS01SE05Story EndingsA Song of Hope
ODS01SE06Story EndingsA World Remade