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Ninja Dice

Ninja Dice is a fast-paced, push-your-luck dice game with a unique mechanic: it's not just what you roll, where the dice land is important! Each turn in Ninja Dice you create a house filled with challenges and use your ninja skills to beat them. Move quick! The other ninjas are also rolling dice to attack you (and each other) because the ninja with the most treasure wins! Ninja Dice introduces a mechanic that allows certain dice to modify other dice based on how they land. Dice that have a line on their front edge can modify the other dice partially or completely in front of them, like an arc of fire.

Ninja Dice: Kage Masters(Expansion)

In Ninja Dice: Kage Masters, you can play Ninja Dice as one of 5 new unique characters known as kage masters! A kage (pronounced “COG-AY”, not “cage”!) is an elite ninja, the leader of his or her village, and master of the clan’s hidden techniques. Each kage has their own kage die and character card, complete with special abilities unique to that kage. The kage dice are a seamless addition to the original game rules, yet they add many layers of engaging fun to the gameplay!



Ninja Dice, the family-friendly dice game, came into existence when game creator, Rocco Privetera, approached Greenbrier Games at PAX East 2013. It has gone on to successfully add location cards, team locations, and Kage Masters expansions.



  • 2-5 players, 15-35 minutes to play, ages 8 and up.
  • Easy to learn, fast-paced, and fun for all ages!
  • Push-your-luck game with elements of strategy.
  • The position and the direction dice face when they land matters!
  • Roll dice on every players’ turn- it’s not just a multiplayer game of solitaire!
  • Everything fits in an adorably cool, small and portable ninja plush case, so you can take Ninja Dice on the go!
  • Ninja Dice is proud to be a product originally backed on Kickstarter. Many thanks to all our loyal fans who made this game possible!



PDF's & Downloads

GBG0026-ND MasterNinja Promo expansion.pdf 389.94kB 2017-03-01
GNE0050 NinjaDice-KageMaster Rulebook web.pdf 1.87MB 2017-03-01
MasterNinja PromoRulesCard.pdf 391.29kB 2017-03-01
NDXX - Ninja-Dice-ambient-mixer[link].url 142.00B 2018-08-27
Ninja Dice Dojo Instructions.pdf 3.37MB 2017-03-01
Ninja-Dice-Rules-Sheet-v3.6-final.pdf 1.48MB 2017-03-01
Ninja-Dice Kage-Masters 2.27MB 2018-04-13 1.39MB 2017-03-01
NinjaDice-quick-reference.pdf 891.76kB 2017-03-01

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Card List

Ninja Dice Card List

RP = Location Card Pack
KE = Kickstarter promo cards (1st campaign)
KM = Kage Masters location cards
TL = Team Locations Card Pack
RP11Akechi Camp SabotageDaniel Tyka3
RP41Sasaki House DelayDaniel Tyka3
RP71Toki Clan AmbushDaniel Tyka2
RP101Lord Hideharu’s TunnelErick Rabang2
RP131Oda Clan Golden BankDaniel Tyka2
RP161Kamakura Docks ilip Bazarewski2
RP191Approach Castle NobunagaFilip Bazarewski3
RP221Rokkaku Prison ScoutingDaniel Tyka2
RP22Akechi Supply TrainDaniel Tyka4
RP52Sasaki Family ReunionDaniel Tyka3
RP82Toki Clan PursuitDaniel Tyka4
RP112Hideharu’s Guard TowerErick Rabang3
RP142Oda Clan VaultDaniel Tyka4
RP172Azuchi Kitchen BrawlFilip Bazarewski3
RP202Nobunaga Training CampFilip Bazarewski3
RP232Rokkaku Tunnel ConstructionDaniel Tyka4
RP33Duel Mitsuhide Akechi Daniel Tyka6
RP63Sasaki Family RelicDaniel Tyka5
RP93Toki Clan GateDaniel Tyka5
RP123Hideharu’s Final NightErick Rabang6
RP153Oda Warchest Daniel Tyka5
RP183Disguised as Lady AzuchiFilip Bazarewski4
RP213Nobunaga CoronationFilip Bazarewski4
RP243Rokkaku Prison RescueDaniel Tyka5
RPn/an/aNinja Dice - Location Rulesn/an/a
KM11Minamoto CaravanDavid Szilagyi2
KM41Kujo Temple ShrineDavid Szilagyi2
KM71Nanbu Clan AlleyDavid Szilagyi1
KM101Ashikaga ForgeDavid Szilagyi2
KM131Matsudaira's War PlansDavid Szilagyi2
KM161Lord Imagawa's RansomDavid Szilagyi1
KM22Minamoto's LitterDavid Szilagyi3
KM52Kujo Temple GuardianDavid Szilagyi2
KM82Nanbu MarketplaceDavid Szilagyi3
KM112Ashikaga EntranceDavid Szilagyi4
KM142Matsudaira's TreasuryDavid Szilagyi3
KM172Save Lady ImagawaDavid Szilagyi3
KM33Minamoto's MasterDavid Szilagyi6
KM63Kujo Temple GatesDavid Szilagyi5
KM93Nanbu Hound MastersDavid Szilagyi6
KM123Ashikaga ArmoryDavid Szilagyi3
KM153Matsudaira's ChargersDavid Szilagyi4
KM183Lady Imagawa TurnsDavid Szilagyi5
KMn/an/aNinja Dice - Location Rulesn/an/a
TLn/an/aNinja Dice - Team Location Rules #1n/an/a
TLn/an/aNinja Dice - Team Location Rules #2n/an/a
TL11Omi Mint WallDavid Szilagyi2+lockpicks
TL21Omi Mint GateDavid Szilagyi2+fortune
TL71Atakebune High TideDavid Szilagyi2+attack
TL81Atakebune ClimbDavid Szilagyi2+catch
TL131MizuShima PortDavid Szilagyi2+lockpicks
TL141Mizushima capitalDavid Szilagyi0+catch
TL191Yamauchi StatueDavid Szilagyi1+attack
TL201Yamauchi hidden cityDavid Szilagyi1+catch
TL32Omi Mint CourtyardDavid Szilagyi3+lockpicks
TL42Omi Mint KeymasterDavid Szilagyi5+fortune
TL92Atakebune SabotageDavid Szilagyi3+sneak
TL102Atakebune Hidden HoldDavid Szilagyi4+fortune
TL152Mizushima skirmishDavid Szilagyi5+wild
TL162Mizushima lookoutDavid Szilagyi3+wild
TL212Yamauchi secretsDavid Szilagyi3+attack
TL222Yamauchi captureDavid Szilagyi4+fortune
TL53Omi Gold Cart TheftDavid Szilagyi9
TL63Omi Mystic BankmasterDavid Szilagyi4
TL113Atakebune SummoningDavid Szilagyi10
TL123Scuttle the AtakebuneDavid Szilagyi7
TL173Mizushima citadelDavid Szilagyi3
TL183Mizushima GetawayDavid Szilagyi5
TL233Yamauchi ShrinesDavid Szilagyi4
TL243Yamauchi AscentDavid Szilagyi4


GNE0050-NinjaDice(Kage Masters)-Components RGB.pngGNE0050-NinjaDice(Kage Masters)-Product-3d RGB.pngGNE0050-NinjaDice(Kage Masters)-Product-Front RGB.pngGNE0052-NinjaDice-Team-Location-Spread RGB.pngNinja Dice and Kage Master blister pack.pngkage-master Assassin.pngkage-master Firebrand.pngkage-master SPY.pngkage-master TRICKSTER.pngkage-master chain-specialist.pngkage-master prototype justdiceNcards.pngninjadice-kagemasters-prototype.pngupdate kage-master-cards-3d trickster.pngupdated kage-master-cards-3d assassin.pngupdated kage-master-cards-3d chain.pngupdated kage-master-cards-3d firebrand.pngupdated kage-master-cards-3d spy.png