Lost Ones




Choose Your Own Story Path

Assume the role of a character who has been kidnapped by Fae and taken to the Otherworld. You must explore this magical realm of dreams, evade recapture and discover a way home. Lost Ones is a board game that can be played solo or cooperatively with up to four players.

The game is played over a set number of successive Phases, where the player can perform different actions:

* Explore a new area by placing a map tile, moving there and reading the introduction of an encounter in the Story Book

* Perform an action in a story encounter

* Move to an adjacent map tile that has already been placed

* Activate Boon cards

When investigating a map tile, the character experiences a story encounter and may have to make choices on how to proceed. An encounter often requires a player to use one or more Ability cards from their Hand that matches the difficulty level of the encounter. Success could mean learning more valuable information, overcoming an obstacle or even gaining Boon cards that grant magical powers and mythical relics. Exploring this realm of dreams may result in experiencing a terrifying Bane, which will hinder progress and potentially lead to the character's doom.

The player must locate and find a way to open one of several Gateways to get home. This must be accomplished before running out of time, having an empty Hand or being caught by Fae sent to hunt the character. Careful use of resources, piecing together clues and acquiring special Boon cards are key to winning the game. Based on the choices made by the player, there are also a dozen different story endings with their own epilogues.



Gordon Alford has been an avid gamer since the ‘90s and loves role playing, card and board games. His favorites are Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Legend of the Five Rings. He also plays massively multiplayer online games with a heavy focus on realm vs. realm, under the call-sign “Kiamar”.

Of Dreams & Shadows is a fully self-funded project that has been in development since early 2014. Gordon’s goal is to create a cooperative board game with an interactive story and strong roleplaying experience. He has recruited the artistic talents of Matt Forsyth and Steven Preisman to bring his game world to life.

They hit it off with Greenbrier Games at Spiel Essen 2016, and are now partnering together for a North American release.



  • Choose Your Own Story Path
  • Tile Exploration
  • Interactive Fantasy Story with multiple Endings!
  • Encounter characters from Of Dreams & Shadows during your journey!
  • Recommended Ages: 14+
  • Time to Play: 90 minutes co-op campaign
  • 1-4 Players


coming soon.


PDF's & Downloads

LO01 - rulebook(8.5x11in) Draft.pdf 3.38MB 2021-03-15

Selected Articles

  • "In-Depth Review: LOST ONES - "With a whimsical explosion of interactive storytelling, Lost Ones immerses you in an unfamiliar world of color and magic, where every tense and meaningful decision you make will unfurl your fate before you. Captured and desperate to return to your reality, you are immediately tasked with exploring this untamed realm for a way to escape. Time is of the essence though, as you are stalked by the unrelenting Nightmare. Choose wisely with what and whom you interact! In this dreamscape of endless turmoil and wonder, the choices made will determine whether you find your way or find yourselves forever the Lost Ones!""

    - Long Distance Gamers, longdistancegamers.game.blog

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Lost Ones | Kickstarter Preview | Solo Setup & Playthrough - Oct 26, 2020 YouTube

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LO01 – Rulebook Components: pg. 4.1.D – Foes x12, should read Foes x11
LO01 – map tile card #29’s coordinates are reversed(12 west, 28 south), should be (28 west, 12 south)
Card List
Set Legend Key
LO01 – Lost Ones Core Game
LO05 – Lost Ones: Dark Path Micro Expansion
LO01AbilityLO01#AB34Tell a Tall Tale
LO01AbilityLO01#AB11Hide & Seek
LO01AbilityLO01#AB12Hide & Seek
LO01AbilityLO01#AB13Hunter & Prey
LO01AbilityLO01#AB14Hunter & Prey
LO01AbilityLO01#AB24Rhymes & Riddles
LO01AbilityLO01#AB25Rhymes & Riddles
LO01AbilityLO01#AB37War & Peace
LO01AbilityLO01#AB38War & Peace
LO01AbilityLO01#AB21Prepared for Anything
LO01AbilityLO01#AB22Prepared for Anything
LO01AbilityLO01#AB06Charming Presence
LO01AbilityLO01#AB08Finders Keepers
LO01AbilityLO01#AB18Knight's Resolve
LO01AbilityLO01#AB23Puzzle Prodigy
LO01AbilityLO01#AB28Slip Away
LO01AbilityLO01#AB09Hero's Heart
LO01AbilityLO01#AB10Hero's Heart
LO01AbilityLO01#AB39Watcher's Eye
LO01AbilityLO01#AB40Watcher's Eye
LO01AbilityLO01#AB05Beguiling Remark
LO01AbilityLO01#AB30Stand Tall
LO01AbilityLO01#AB31Step Lightly
LO01AbilityLO01#AB01Adapt or Die
LO01AbilityLO01#AB02Adapt or Die
LO01AbilityLO01#AB03All or Nothing
LO01AbilityLO01#AB15Inner Focus
LO01AbilityLO01#AB16Inner Focus
LO01AbilityLO01#AB32Survival Instincts
LO01AbilityLO01#AB33Survival Instincts
LO01BoonLO01#BO01Arawn's Curse 1-2
LO01BoonLO01#BO02Arawn's Curse 2-2
LO01BoonLO01#BO04Claiomh Solais
LO01BoonLO01#BO05Cold Iron Pin
LO01BoonLO01#BO06Dream Ward
LO01BoonLO01#BO07Fire Walker
LO01BoonLO01#BO08Gold Coin
LO01BoonLO01#BO09Heart of Thunder
LO01BoonLO01#BO10Hunter's Horn
LO01BoonLO01#BO11Manannan's Harp
LO01BoonLO01#BO12Mind's Eye
LO01BoonLO01#BO13Mind's Eye
LO01BoonLO01#BO15Shadow Skin
LO01BoonLO01#BO16Silver Branch
LO01BoonLO01#BO17Silver Tongue
LO01BoonLO01#BO18Siren's Song
LO01BoonLO01#BO19Skeleton Key
LO01BoonLO01#BO20Spirit Totem
LO01BoonLO01#BO22Stick Man
LO01BoonLO01#BO23Summer Stone
LO01BoonLO01#BO24Thunderbird's Egg
LO01BoonLO01#BO25Titan's Soul
LO01BoonLO01#BO26Titan's Soul
LO01BoonLO01#BO28Water Gills
LO01BoonLO01#BO30White Death's Tooth
LO01BoonLO01#BO31Winter's Touch
LO01BoonLO01#BO32World Tree Seed
LO01FoeLO01#FO02Dire Beast
LO01FoeLO01#FO03Dire Beast
LO01FoeLO01#FO04Dire Beast Matriarch
LO01FoeLO01#FO05Fomorian Beserker
LO01FoeLO01#FO06Fomorian Head Hunters
LO01FoeLO01#FO09Sidhe Blademaster
LO01FoeLO01#FO10Sidhe Hunter
LO01Map tile1Lost
LO01Map tile2Aftermath
LO01Map tile3The Red Forest
LO01Map tile4Left Behind
LO01Map tile5Phooka
LO01Map tile6The Green Men
LO01Map tile7Waterwheel
LO01Map tile8A White Stag
LO01Map tile9A Picnic
LO01Map tile10Boggins
LO01Map tile11Standing Stones
LO01Map tile12Sunflower Fields
LO01Map tile13The Sluagh
LO01Map tile14Fomorians
LO01Map tile15The Coven
LO01Map tile16Dark Briars
LO01Map tile17Rabbits
LO01Map tile18Pixie Dust
LO01Map tile19A View of Seasons
LO01Map tile20Undine
LO01Map tile21The Well
LO01Map tile22Turtle Island
LO01Map tile23Sapphire Lake
LO01Map tile24The Waterfall
LO01Map tile25The Man in the Mountain
LO01Map tile26Hammer and Iron
LO01Map tile27Crossroads
LO01Map tile28The Silver Arm
LO01Map tile29The Fallen Statue
LO01Map tile30Burial Cairn
LO01Map tile31It Crawls in Darkness
LO01Map tile32A Dark Path
LO01Map tile33War Camp
LO01Map tile34Raven Castle
LO01Map tile35Morrígan
LO01Map tile36The Tree of Autumn
LO01Map tile37Cabin in the Woods
LO01Map tile38Anton's Journal
LO01Map tile39Night Owl
LO01Map tile40Underbridge
LO01Map tile41White Wolf, Black Wolf
LO01Map tile42Not Alone
LO01Map tile43A Fox's Tale
LO01Map tile44Edge of the Swamps
LO01Map tile45Avalon
LO01Map tile46White Death
LO01Map tile47All That Glitters
LO01Map tile48Into the Deep
LO01Map tile49Kingdom of Stone
LO01Map tile50The Summer Queen
LO01Map tile51Mushroom Forest
LO01Map tile52Little Fae Folk
LO01Map tile53Crystal Mines
LO01Map tile54Trial by Fire
LO01Map tile55Obsidian Ground
LO01Map tile56Ring of Power
LO01Map tile56AThe Tree of Fire
LO01Map tile57The Summoning
LO01Map tile57AThe Summer Stone
LO01Map tile58The Shadow King
LO01Map tile59Two Paths
LO01Map tile60A Dark Cave
LO01Map tile61The Wild Hunt
LO01Map tile62Maze of Thorns
LO01Map tile63Changeling
LO01Map tile64Dullahan
LO01Map tile65Blarney Castle
LO01Map tile66Bean Sidhe
LO01Map tile67Between Seasons
LO01Map tile68Lands of Winter
LO01Map tile69Icy Gorge
LO01Map tile70Whiteout
LO01Map tile71Wrath of Winter
LO01Map tile72The Frozen Peak
LO01Map tile73Treacherous Path
LO01Map tile74Geyser
LO01Map tile75Snail Race
LO01Map tile76Will-o'-the-wisp
LO01Map tile77The Black Stallion
LO01Map tile78Gate to the Abyss
LO01Map tile79The Tree of Water
LO01Map tile80The Lighthouse
LO01Map tile81Dream Lodge
LO01Map tile82Wave Sweeper
LO01Map tile83Library of Lore
LO01Map tile84Morrígan's Curse
LO01Map tile84AThe Tree of Summer
LO01Map tile85The Crystal Cave
LO01Map tile86The Summit
LO01Map tile87Fire Spirits
LO01Map tile88Inferno
LO01Map tile89The Fiery Heart
LO01Map tile89AAsleep
LO01Map tile90Temple of Flame
LO01Map tile90AExtinguished
LO01Map tile91Nest of the Thunderbird
LO01Map tile92Totem of the Sky
LO01Map tile93What Lurks in Shadow
LO01Map tile94Darkness and Light
LO01Map tile95Dream Shrine
LO01Map tile96Herne the Hunter
LO01Map tile97The Stick Man
LO01Map tile98Queen of the Baobhan Sith
LO01Map tile99Apparitions
LO01Map tile100Cliodhna
LO01Map tile100AAwakening
LO01Map tile101The Tree of Death
LO01Map tile101AThe Tree of Life
LO01Map tile102River of Souls
LO01Map tile103The Ferryman
LO01Map tile104Gate to the Underworld
LO01Map tile105Lights in the Sky
LO01Map tile106Totem of the Earth
LO01Map tile107Gone Fishing
LO01Map tile108Father Wolf
LO01Map tile109The Boneyard
LO01Map tile110Stairway to the Sky
LO01Map tile111King of the Dead
LO01Map tile112The Tree of Winter
LO01Map tile113Healing Spring
LO01Map tile114The Crone
LO01Map tile115The Great Serpent
LO01Map tile116Son of the Sea
LO01Map tile117Sunken Ship
LO01Map tile118The Siren
LO01Map tile119Sandy Beach
LO01Map tile120The Nightmare
LO01Map tile121Temple of the Sea
LO05FoeLO05#FO01Vampire Maiden
LO05Map tile99BOminous Apparitions
LO05Map tile122The Hidden Path
LO05Map tile123A Family Affair
LO05Map tile124Dancing Maidens
LO05Map tile125Dark Forest
LO05Map tile126A Chorus of Bats
LO05Map tile127The Bat’s Lair
LO05Map tile128Pitch Black
LO05Map tile129The Tree of Blood