Steam Titan pilots are selected from the best of the best; each pilot needs to be a top of the line navigator, engineer, and strategist. Using your pilot’s unique abilities, along with cards that augment both your Titan and the terrain, you’ll decide when to power up your weapons, bolster your defenses, or transfer steam to your legs to outmaneuver the opposition. Phases allow you to reallocate steam, perform devastating attacks, or purchase new cards to upgrade your Titan. Because the flow of steam takes time, you’ll need to plan several turns ahead while being ready to react immediately to incoming attacks. But be careful – move too much steam too quickly and vital components of your Titan are liable to reach critical levels of pressure. No matter which scenario you face, you’ll need to bring every ounce of your metal to the table to take down the opposing pilots!

  • In Heavy Steam you play the role of a Pilot controlling your steam titian’s systems from the command center inside its head.
  • Fully customize your steam titan: choose a robot, recruit your pilot, then customize with weapons of your choice.
  • Plan ahead if you want to power your legs, weapons or other systems.
  • The battle board is abstracted with easy to master combat.
  • Event cards, terrain cards and other cards keep the game fresh and new every time you play.
  • Number of Players: 2 – 4 ( Supports more players with multiple copies)
  • Time Required: 90 min
  • Recommended ages: 14+
Discontinued until further notice.


Bower’s Game Corner: Heavy Steam Review YouTube

quick look at heavy steam YouTube

  • Exclusive Armament cards (Zenjin Cyclone Drill and Direct Shield Feed): The British cards are incorrect. They should match the CET cards in numerical and steam allocation blocks.
  • Armament Pack (Rail Gun): Should be listed as an Arm Weapon, not Torso (incorrect icon printed on card).
  • CET Heavy Titan(Stahlkrieger) Play board typo: Steam vent should include the words “Torso” but does not. This is a typo. The steam vent is part of the torso for purposes of hit allocation.
  • The card Terrain: Farmhouse should have 1 damage square on it.
  • On the glossary (page 5) there’s an error: “Weak point square – a square found in a station with a black WHITE number inside.
  • The Merlin Titan has a misprint. It’s supposed to say “Start 15” instead of “Start 14”. It only has 25 steam in its systems plus 15 in reserve for a total of 40.
  • Infantry and Mobile Cannon cards should have their range listed as 0-1 and 0-3 respectively. So, they CAN fire at enemy units in the same sector. The Mobile Cannon card shown in the rulebook should have a defense of 4, not 3. The actual card itself has the correct defense.
  • In Scenarios 1 and 5, for the 3 player setup, Heavy Titans should only be setup in the Starting Sector. Currently the 3 player setup graphic shows a Heavy Titan icon in the Starting Sector AND Sector 3.
  • Normal hit and critical hit, when placing a black damage cube into a square with a white steam cube, the steam cube may be moved to another square (white or red) in the same station. The rule as written on page 15 under Steam Titan Damage is correct. The rule is written incorrectly on the same page in the Critical Hit section.
  • The pictures for Scenario 2 are incorrect. The smoke counters should be placed in sectors 1 and 6, as the scenario text states.
  • Q: Is it intentional that the British Merlin Titan has no red squares in it’s right arm stations?
    • A: Yes. The British right arm is optimized for maximum steam transfer efficiency
  • Q: Can I cover up the torso “weapon” slot and put all 12 points for a light titan into two arm weapons?
    • A: When customizing a Steam Titan, players MUST fill each weapon station (2 arms, 1 torso) of their Titan with a weapon or equipment card, or else use the weapon/equipment printed on the board. Steam Titans may never have an empty weapon station.
  • Q: The Gyroscope and Charged Horseshoe Inhibitor built into two of the light titans. These are different than the versions printed on the cards (requiring 2 steam to use the second ability, instead of 3). Is this intentional? And I assume when it says “spend 2 max” it means you have to spend 2 steam, but can only do it once per attack, is this the correct reading?
    • A: So the design was that the card version is more expensive then the factory default assignments from the two light titans. and yes to the second question also.
  • Q: On all of the titans the steam flow from the Boiler to the Torso Armament, and to the Head, have a number (1 to the weapon, 2 or 3 to the head), but the rulebook never mentions these.
    • A: If a power flow arrow has a number next to it, that’s the maximum number of steam cubes that can flow over that arrow in any given steam allocation phase.
  • Q: Attacks are alternating between teams – So the team with initiative gets to attack with one weapon, then the other team and so on. Is it possible to “pass” on an attack or does this end your teams combat phase?
    • A: If you pass during the attack phase, your side may make no more attacks for the rest of that phase.
  • Q: Is it an action (i.e. attack) to play a Battlecard, for example in the combat phase, if I deploy an infantry, does that count as my attack?
    • A: Yes, playing a card during the battle phase counts as an “attack”
    • A(ammended): “Yes, playing a card during your turn in the battle phase counts as an “attack”. Cards played as a reaction to another player’s attack or card do not count as an attack (though it still counts as your 1 card played per phase)“. If you pass in the Battle Phase, you cannot play any card for the remainder of the Battle Phase, aside from reaction cards.
  • Q: Can units fire on the turn they are deployed?
    • A: Yes
  • Q: Units cannot score criticals, but for the purpose of hitting, does a rolled critical still defeat a normal defense symbol (and then cause a regular hit)?
    • A: Yes
  • Q: There is a “British” pilot that reduces damage against his Titan by one “as long as he has not fired a weapon” is this meant “each round” or only until he has fired once in the entire game?
    • A: Once he has fired a weapon he loses the damage reduction for the rest of the game.
  • Q: Evasion: If you spent Steam to evade, is it placed in the Pressure Gauge before you calculate your defense? E.g. is it possible to gain only +1 total defense from evading because boiler pressure went up reducing defense? If a weapon has “Rate of Fire”, does Evade benefit all attacks from that weapon activation or just one attack?
    • A: The steam is placed into your Boiler Pressure box AFTER making your defense roll, so your defense will be unaffected by the additional steam for this attack.
  • Q: Spread: Is there a Spread 1 weapon? Or in other words, does spread 2 mean you hit one extra location or 2 extra locations? Do you randomly roll the extra location(s)? If so, do you reroll if you hit a location twice, or does the location suffer damage twice?
    • A: Spread X means that if the attack hits, X locations are rolled for. Spread 2 means 2 total locations are hit. Each location is rolled for separately, and it is possible that the same location will be rolled more than once, in which case that location takes damage multiple times.
  • Q: Steam allocation: There are two small numbers (“1” and “2”) on the arrows leading to the head and the Torso weapon. Does this mean only 1, respectively 2 steam cubes can be moved along these lines per round?
    • A: Yes
  • Q: Initiative: Do the two free steam cube moves “teleport” arround the titan or do you get two moves along the arrows? Do these moves generate red cubes normally and do they have to observe the limitation?
    • A: The steam may be moved anywhere within your titan, regardless of arrows. They in effect “teleport”. If placed in red squares, red cubes must be added to your Boiler Pressure as normal.
  • Q: Steam: There is a “german” pilot that can bleed an additional red steam cube only. Does this ignore the “last in first out” rule for bleeding steam? I guess it will bleed the first red steam cube if there are any, and ignore the white ones “further up” the pressure gauge. Do the remaining white cubes “slide up” after that?
    • A: Correct
  • Q: Scenarios: Are there any special rule considerations if you want one player to control more than one Titan? The only open question is if he would play one hand or two separate hands of battle cards.
    • A: He would need to maintain two separate hands of cards, with no ability to play cards belonging to one titan on the other.
  • Q: Is there any Scenario that allows you to field all six models from the box (i.e.2 Light and one Heavy Titan?)
    • A: During testing we found that larger battles (more than 4 titans) can potentially cause unbalancing problems. When one side focus fires on a single target they can bring down a titan very quickly. I’m currently testing some additional rules that would avoid these issues and allow for larger battles.
  • Q: Which weapons/pilots can be used for the KS bonus Titans? They do not seem to belong to either faction.
    • A: The KS titans are considered neutral or mercenary. They can fight for either side, and must use weapon and pilot cards from the chosen side only.
  • Q: In battle card acquisition phase, I had two “Infantry support” and one “Mobile cannon” battle cards on the first three positions (+0, +1, +2), and I had the terrain card “Country Road” played on my titan (inf. & can. cards cost you 2 less steam). Then I bought one card at a time from the +0 position and then slid the rest of the cards towards +0, and ended up buying all three cards for no cost at all! Can this really be correct… or did I miss something?
    • A: There is no minimum cost for Battle Cards, so yes, given your situation you could buy all 3 cards for no cost. A rare event, but if you can take advantage it might just give you the edge to victory! (remember, though, you can only play one of those cards per Battle Phase).
  • Q: Does each to-hit roll also re-roll the defense dice?
    • A:Yes
  • Q: Does each hit apply damage before going on to the next hit?
    • A: Yes
  • Q: (Assuming yes on previous), can damage from one hit change the defense dice for subsequent hits (if cubes are added to the boiler pressure, for example).
    • A: Yes, the number of defense dice is determined before each attack roll.
  • Q: If the defender evades, does it add defense dice only for the first shot, or for all of them?
    • A: Evading only adds to defense dice for one attack roll. If you have sufficient steam in your mobility station, then you could evade multiple attack rolls per phase.
  • Q: Can the defender decide to evade between shots? I.e. if (s)he did not evade originally, but now wants to after 2 hits have landed?
    • A: Yes
  • Q: Can either player play cards between shots?
    • A: Depends upon the card. A card that counts as an attack would not be playable between ROF attack rolls, as you must finish one attack before starting a new one. But, a card like Focus Fire could be played between ROF attack rolls to modify the next attack roll or the subsequent hit location roll.
  • We should clarify that Mobile Cannon and Infantry cannot damage terrain when rolling criticals (in the rules we say infantry and mobile cannon cannot inflict critical hits, but don’t say anything regarding terrain).
  • We should clarify that when placing damage cubes onto Volatile Squares, players must place damage cubes on lowest value Volatile Square first  (in the rules we say this regarding Weak Point Squares, but not Volatile Squares).
  • Pilot General Yvette Roux’s  special ability is only applied to the Titan she is piloting, not her infantry and or artillery.
  • All shots from a ROF weapon must be taken against the same target.
  • Terrain bonuses are in effect for the duration of a weapon’s attack. If it takes enough damage, the terrain is destroyed after the weapon has fired which includes all shots from a ROF weapon.