Champions of Hara




Beneath the roots, way, way down through the layers of what was, past the golden stove, and even deeper than darkness…the sky opens back up. At the core of everything, in the belly of the soul, you’ll find Hara. Look to it when you are tired, scared, or hungry. Call out, and it will find you.

Champions of Hara is an adventure board game in which 1-4 players race to protect a dying world. Players will contain destructive energy by defeating monsters, closing rifts, and exploring the six different zones within Hara. In order to rise to the challenge, players will need to unlock new abilities and collect powerful items. Each session takes approximately 30 minutes per player.

In versus mode, players will compete against one another in arena style combat. The winner is offered a powerful blessing by Hara’s stewards: a single wish to shape the future. However, wishes are no simple matter. In co-op mode, players will work together to overcome the fallout from the champion’s wish, facing off against corrupted foes and solving scenario based challenges.



Leaf Pile Media

Ian, Walter and Zim grew up with Magic cards in one hand and Spiderman comics in the other. Since they were old enough to doodle, all three dreamt of nothing but designing games, writing stories, and building unique worlds. The team met during their freshman year at Skidmore college, and out of their inexorable friendship the world of Hara was born. In their senior year, the trio took first place in the Kenneth A. Freirich Business Plan Competition, earning the funding to get Leaf Pile Media off the ground. With a little seed money on the table, the team grew to include an incredible family of artists.They could not be happier than to have found a home with Greenbrier Games.

Chaos on Hara (Non Retail Expansion)

The Chaos on Hara Expansion adds four new playable characters, along with the components necessary for five and six player games. Go deeper into the world of Hara with new Monsters and Event cards for each World, and face of against four vicious new Corrupted foes. Includes two crossover characters from the Grimslingers universe, Icarus and the Witch King. This expansion contains sixteen new Scenarios for you to fight your way through, featuring four new solo Scenarios and four ultra-hard “Challenges From the Void.” Will you fight for your new home, or tear down the walls to escape?



  • Co-op or versus style gameplay
  • Tactical miniature combat
  • Hand-management/card puzzle
  • Each character has a distinct resource system
  • Modular map changes throughout the game
  • Multiple character progression paths
  • Narrative adventure through a rich world


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PDF's & Downloads

Champions of Hara Chapter 1 Press Copy .pdf 3.08MB 2017-08-28
Champions of Hara Chapter 2 Press Copy.pdf 4.40MB 2017-08-28
HA01 Champions of Hara Rulebook (8.5x11in) (1st-edition).pdf 11.86MB 2018-05-21
HA01 Rulebook%20(8.5x11in) WIP.pdf 17.34MB 2017-09-13
HA02 Chaos on Hara-Expansion Rulebook (8.5x11in) (1st-edition).pdf 7.52MB 2018-05-21
HAXX - Champions-of-Hara-ambient-mixer[link].url 149.00B 2018-08-27
HAXX BloodStone-Promo-card.pdf 1.22MB 2019-05-24
HAXX reference-card(11x.8.5in).pdf 1.76MB 2018-11-21

Selected Articles

  • "… Save Hara Before It’s Too Late! I am really excited about what the future might hold for Champions of Hara, and can only hope that Greenbrier Games hears my pleas for more solo options."

    - Posted June 11, 2019 / strieeyes,
  • "Ask me what my favorite thing is about Champions of Hara, and you aren’t going to like the answer. It’s far too twee. Too sickly sweet. Too basic."

    - Posted by Dan Thurot 2019-05-20,
  • " I don’t mean to suggest that Champions of Hara is merely a better version of Mage Knight. In fact, to me, it doesn’t feel like Mage Knight at all. It feels like it was made by someone who admires Mage Knight, but has a lot more to say than the usual fantasy schtick. Walter Barber’s design and storytelling hold their own next to some of my favorite imaginative boardgames. A Study in Emerald, Spirit Island, Hand of Doom, and Shadi Torbey’s Oniverse games all come to mind."

    - Tom Chick, April 9, 2019,
  • "Are You The Champion Our World Needs? - First and foremost, I'm in love with how pretty this game is, because that's such a big deal to me. Another big thing for me is theme and I think that this really brings you into the world you're trying to save and gives you very detailed characters to choose from, so it's great in that regard."

    - - 1/16/2019 ,
  • "This new version of Champions is well worth the wait. So many aspects of the game have been improved, streamlined, retooled, and rebalanced – The Champions of Hara iteration before you is vastly more worthwhile than before – and that’s saying something as the previous edition was still enjoyable in its own right."

    - Ryan LaFlamme (Cardboard Republic) - August 29, 2017,
  • "Its very unique... I love the card mechanics...Each game you play is going to give you a different experience."

    - Lance (Learn to Play Games) - August 29, 2017,
  • "The game, as I said before, looks fantastic—it feels like being in a comic book world, and I really love the way the various characters have their own stories and corresponding abilities... I’m always a fan of asymmetric powers, and Champions of Hara has that in spades."

    - Jonathan Liu (Geekdad) - August 29, 2017,
  • "Champions of Hara Kickstarter Preview; "I am giving Champions of Hara 9 out of 10 super meeples.""

    - by Sarah Johnson - Wednesday, August 30, 2017,
  • "Crazy Eights: Greenbrier Games’ Walter Barber on Champions of Hara"

    - by Keith Schleicher - August 31, 2017,
  • "This is exactly what I want from an adventure game."

    - Undead Viking (2015),

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Comicbook: Champions Of Hara Chapter 01
Official Champions of Hara comic book detailing the champion Thomas Evening's backstory

Comicbook: Champions Of Hara Chapter 02
Official Champions of Hara comic book detailing the Kaoru and Kuma's backstory

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Card List

Champions of Hara Card List

HA01 = Champions of Hara
Ha02 = Chaos on Hara (Expansion)
setdeck namecard_idname
HA01Abilities: KaoruKA01Stone Claw
HA01Abilities: KaoruKA02Rock Maul
HA01Abilities: KaoruKA03Avalanche
HA01Abilities: KaoruKA04Landslide
HA01Abilities: KaoruKA05World Slide
HA01Abilities: KaoruKA06Upheaval
HA01Abilities: KaoruKA07Bearfriend
HA01Abilities: KaoruKA08Kuma's Defense
HA01Abilities: KaoruKA09Kuma's Might
HA01Abilities: KaoruKA10Dash
HA01Abilities: KaoruKA11Ursine Tectonics
HA01Abilities: KaoruKA13Grizzled Heart
HA01Abilities: LeafLF01Falling Pine
HA01Abilities: LeafLF02Grappling Roots
HA01Abilities: LeafLF03Willow Punch
HA01Abilities: LeafLF04Modal Movements
HA01Abilities: LeafLF05Uproot
HA01Abilities: LeafLF06Wind in the Reeds
HA01Abilities: LeafLF07Syncopate
HA01Abilities: LeafLF08Blackwood Gauntlets
HA01Abilities: LeafLF09Iron-Oak
HA01Abilities: LeafLF10Dash
HA01Abilities: LeafLF11Beats From The Great Forest
HA01Abilities: LeafLF13Guardian of the Great Forest
HA01Abilities: OricOC01Galvanic Palette
HA01Abilities: OricOC02Art of War
HA01Abilities: OricOC03Dye!
HA01Abilities: OricOC04Backflip
HA01Abilities: OricOC05Cloudsurf
HA01Abilities: OricOC06Vault
HA01Abilities: OricOC07Sorasu
HA01Abilities: OricOC08O'Saru
HA01Abilities: OricOC09Vision Quest
HA01Abilities: OricOC10Dash
HA01Abilities: OricOC11Belly of the Beast
HA01Abilities: OricOC13Dragon Stance
HA01Abilities: PersephonePS01Fangs of Fear
HA01Abilities: PersephonePS02Claws of the Netherbeast
HA01Abilities: PersephonePS03Syphon Sorrow
HA01Abilities: PersephonePS04Shadow Form
HA01Abilities: PersephonePS05Void Step
HA01Abilities: PersephonePS06Void Swap
HA01Abilities: PersephonePS07Fever Dream
HA01Abilities: PersephonePS08Nightmare
HA01Abilities: PersephonePS09Dusk Light
HA01Abilities: PersephonePS10Dash
HA01Abilities: PersephonePS11Born in the Dark
HA01Abilities: PersephonePS13Empath
HA01Abilities: SoffSF01Falling Star
HA01Abilities: SoffSF02Meteor
HA01Abilities: SoffSF03Sun Lance
HA01Abilities: SoffSF04Ember Dance
HA01Abilities: SoffSF05Flame Weaving
HA01Abilities: SoffSF06Blast Wave
HA01Abilities: SoffSF07Scorch
HA01Abilities: SoffSF08Wildfire
HA01Abilities: SoffSF09Bonfire Chant
HA01Abilities: SoffSF10Dash
HA01Abilities: SoffSF11Dawnspear
HA01Abilities: SoffSF12Heels of Hellios
HA01Abilities: SoffSF13Comet Chasing
HA01Abilities: ThomasTH01Artisan Hand Cannon
HA01Abilities: ThomasTH02Unstable Disintegrator
HA01Abilities: ThomasTH03Beam Saber
HA01Abilities: ThomasTH04Rocket Jump
HA01Abilities: ThomasTH05Dreamcatcher
HA01Abilities: ThomasTH06Rift Hunter Gloves
HA01Abilities: ThomasTH07Tactical Scanner
HA01Abilities: ThomasTH08Power Shield
HA01Abilities: ThomasTH09Rapid Prototyping
HA01Abilities: ThomasTH10Dash
HA01Abilities: ThomasTH11Transmatter Drop-in
HA01Abilities: ThomasTH13Two Steps Ahead
HA01Arechi WastesAW01Monster: Greasebeard
HA01Arechi WastesAW02Monster: Forgotten Guardian
HA01Arechi WastesAW03Monster: Forgotten Guardian
HA01Arechi WastesAW04Monster: Unplugged Crew
HA01Arechi WastesAW05Monster: Unplugged Crew
HA01Arechi WastesAW06Monster: Blue Riftling
HA01Arechi WastesAW07Monster: Blue Riftling
HA01Arechi WastesAW08Monster: Molten Mantis
HA01Arechi WastesAW09Monster: Molten Mantis
HA01Arechi WastesAW10Event: The Ancient Gateway
HA01Arechi WastesAW11Event: Collateral Damage
HA01Arechi WastesAW12Event: Hurrikan's Wrath
HA01Arechi WastesAW13Event: Parley with Greasebeard
HA01Arechi WastesAW14Event: Sand Wurm's Lair
HA01Arechi WastesAW15Event: Stumble into the Oasis
HA01Arechi WastesAW16Event: A Pirate’s Life For Me
HA01Characters: Kaoru & KumaCh01-1Tracker
HA01Characters: Kaoru & KumaCh01-2Slider
HA01Characters: Kaoru & KumaCh01-3Avatar Card
HA01Characters: LeafCh02-1Tracker
HA01Characters: LeafCh02-2Slider
HA01Characters: LeafCh02-3Avatar Card
HA01Characters: OricCh03-1Tracker
HA01Characters: OricCh03-2Slider
HA01Characters: OricCh03-3Avatar Card
HA01Characters: PersephoneCh04-1Tracker
HA01Characters: PersephoneCh04-2Slider
HA01Characters: PersephoneCh04-3Avatar Card
HA01Characters: SoffCh05-1Tracker
HA01Characters: SoffCh05-2Slider
HA01Characters: SoffCh05-3Avatar Card
HA01Characters: Thomas EveningCh06-1Tracker
HA01Characters: Thomas EveningCh06-2Slider
HA01Characters: Thomas EveningCh06-3Avatar Card
HA01Corrupted ChampionCC01Enoki
HA01Corrupted ChampionCC02A'shura
HA01Corrupted ChampionCC03Ophion
HA01DuskDK01Monster: Dawn Kirin
HA01DuskDK02Monster: Dawn Kirin
HA01DuskDK03Monster: Dawn Kirin
HA01DuskDK04Monster: Skybrarian
HA01DuskDK05Monster: Forest Ronin
HA01DuskDK06Monster: Wayward Queen
HA01DuskDK07Monster: Dusk Kirin
HA01DuskDK08Monster: Dusk Kirin
HA01DuskDK09Monster: Dusk Kirin
HA01DuskDK10Monster: Druugon, the Cursed
HA01DuskDK11Monster: Leviathan of Hurrikan
HA01DuskDK12Monster: Jurojin's Hart
HA01DuskDK13Monster: Ancient Hydra
HA01DuskDK14Monster: Herald of the Stag
HA01DuskDK15Monster: Herald of the Serpent
HA01DuskDK16Monster: Herald of the Wurm
HA01DuskDK17Monster: Herald of the Stag
HA01DuskDK18Monster: Herald of the Serpent
HA01DuskDK19Monster: Herald of the Wurm
HA01DuskDK20Minor Green Rift
HA01DuskDK21Minor Green Rift
HA01DuskDK22Minor Blue Rift
HA01DuskDK23Minor Blue Rift
HA01DuskDK24Minor Red Rift
HA01DuskDK25Minor Red Rift
HA01DuskDK26Major Green Rift
HA01DuskDK27Major Blue Rift
HA01DuskDK28Major Red Rift
HA01DuskDK29Major Gold Rift
HA01DuskDK30Minor Gold Rift
HA01ItemsIT01Item(0) - Dreamstone
HA01ItemsIT02Item(0) - Dreamstone
HA01ItemsIT03Item(0) - Dreamstone
HA01ItemsIT04Item(0) - Dreamstone
HA01ItemsIT05Item(0) - Dreamstone
HA01ItemsIT06Item(0) - Dreamstone
HA01ItemsIT07Item(0) - Dreamstone
HA01ItemsIT08Item(0) - Dreamstone
HA01ItemsIT09Item(0) - Dreamstone
HA01ItemsIT10Item(0) - Dreamstone
HA01ItemsIT11Item(1) - Amrita, Vol. 1
HA01ItemsIT12Item(2) - Amulet of Hurrikan
HA01ItemsIT13Item(3) - Bic's Kicks
HA01ItemsIT14Item(3) - Bic's Kicks
HA01ItemsIT15Item(4) - Black Ink
HA01ItemsIT16Item(5) - Chromatic Converter
HA01ItemsIT17Item(6) - Electric Axe
HA01ItemsIT18Item(7) - Flask of Baku
HA01ItemsIT19Item(7) - Flask of Baku
HA01ItemsIT20Item(7) - Flask of Baku
HA01ItemsIT21Item(8) - Flu, Sword of the Glob Lord
HA01ItemsIT22Item(9) - Ice Phoenix Down
HA01ItemsIT23Item(9) - Ice Phoenix Down
HA01ItemsIT24Item(10) - Iron-Oak Armaments
HA01ItemsIT25Item(10) - Iron-Oak Armaments
HA01ItemsIT26Item(11) - Jug o' Swamp Juice
HA01ItemsIT27Item(11) - Jug o' Swamp Juice
HA01ItemsIT28Item(12) - Jurojin's Jar
HA01ItemsIT29Item(13) - Kodama Carving
HA01ItemsIT30Item(13) - Kodama Carving
HA01ItemsIT31Item(14) - Leyline Compass
HA01ItemsIT32Item(14) - Leyline Compass
HA01ItemsIT33Item(15) - Luminade
HA01ItemsIT34Item(15) - Luminade
HA01ItemsIT35Item(16) - Mark of the Hunter
HA01ItemsIT36Item(16) - Mark of the Hunter
HA01ItemsIT37Item(17) - Monshroom Truffle
HA01ItemsIT38Item(17) - Monshroom Truffle
HA01ItemsIT39Item(18) - Moonshard
HA01ItemsIT40Item(19) - Paint Grenade
HA01ItemsIT41Item(19) - Paint Grenade
HA01ItemsIT42Item(20) - Petal Candle
HA01ItemsIT43Item(20) - Petal Candle
HA01ItemsIT44Item(21) - Ronin's Satchel
HA01ItemsIT45Item(22) - The Ancient Music Box
HA01ItemsIT46Item(23) - The Captain's Hook
HA01ItemsIT47Item(24) - The Spark
HA01ItemsIT48Item(25) - The Wraith Lock
HA01ItemsIT49Item(26) - Voice of the Walkers
HA01ItemsIT50Item(27) - The Queen's Glaives
HA01LunaridgeLR01Monster: Tumult,Tide Shaman
HA01LunaridgeLR02Monster: Turtle the Moon Sage
HA01LunaridgeLR03Monster: Monshroom Walker
HA01LunaridgeLR04Monster: Monshroom Walker
HA01LunaridgeLR05Monster: Tide Spirit
HA01LunaridgeLR06Monster: Gruffalo
HA01LunaridgeLR07Monster: Gruffalo
HA01LunaridgeLR08Monster: Ice Phoenix
HA01LunaridgeLR09Monster: Ice Phoenix
HA01LunaridgeLR10Event: The Brothers' Dilemma
HA01LunaridgeLR11Event: Eldest Elder's Guidance
HA01LunaridgeLR12Event: Shaky Flight
HA01LunaridgeLR13Event: Lost in the Monshroom Jungle
HA01LunaridgeLR14Event: Prophecy from Owl Mountain
HA01LunaridgeLR15Event: Trial of the Council
HA01LunaridgeLR16Event: The Problem With Prophecy
HA01OakenmoorOM01Monster: The Horrible Tangle
HA01OakenmoorOM02Monster: Big Brother
HA01OakenmoorOM03Monster: Lichen Lycan
HA01OakenmoorOM04Monster: Lichen Lycan
HA01OakenmoorOM05Monster: Wood Oni
HA01OakenmoorOM06Monster: Teagle
HA01OakenmoorOM07Monster: Teagle
HA01OakenmoorOM08Monster: Aegis Moss
HA01OakenmoorOM09Monster: Aegis Moss
HA01OakenmoorOM10Event: Brook, Spirit of the River
HA01OakenmoorOM11Event: Heart of the Great Forest
HA01OakenmoorOM12Event: Leaf on the Wind
HA01OakenmoorOM13Event: Smothered Roses
HA01OakenmoorOM14Event: Old Man o’ the Wood
HA01OakenmoorOM15Event: The Ancient Idol
HA01OakenmoorOM16Event: The Universal Language
HA01OppenhiemOH01Monster: The Painted Duke
HA01OppenhiemOH02Monster: Bic the Flame Thief
HA01OppenhiemOH03Monster: Jumped By Goons
HA01OppenhiemOH04Monster: Mizaru
HA01OppenhiemOH05Monster: Mizaru
HA01OppenhiemOH06Monster: Iwazaru
HA01OppenhiemOH07Monster: Iwazaru
HA01OppenhiemOH08Monster: Kikazaru
HA01OppenhiemOH09Monster: Kikazaru
HA01OppenhiemOH10Event: Bic's Dumpling Heist
HA01OppenhiemOH11Event: Board the Skysmooch
HA01OppenhiemOH12Event: Goonfolk Block Party
HA01OppenhiemOH13Event: Shady Vendor
HA01OppenhiemOH14Event: Soul of the City
HA01OppenhiemOH15Event: Tagging Run
HA01OppenhiemOH16Event: City of Apes
HA01QuestsQC01QC01-1-Goonfolk Hireling / QC01-2-Wanted: The Painted Duke
HA01QuestsQC02QC02-1-Mystery of the Deep Woods / QC02-2-Wanted: The Horrible Tangle
HA01QuestsQC03QC03-1-Do turtles like lemonade? / QC03-2-Wanted: Greasebeard
HA01QuestsQC04QC04-1-Hoedown Showdown / QC04-2-Wanted: Murky Merc
HA01QuestsQC05QC05-1-Stolen Memories / QC05-2-Wanted: Nyx & Erebos
HA01QuestsQC06QC06-1-Stranger in a Strange Land / QC06-2-Wanted: Tummult the Tide Shaman
HA01QuestsQC07QC07-1-Monster Rancher / QC07-2-Big Game Hunter
HA01QuestsQC08QC08-1-Light the Lantern / QC08-2-Hydracolypse
HA01QuestsQC09QC09-1-This Kodama Needs Health, Badly / QC09-2-Friend Of The Forest
HA01QuestsQC10QC10-1-Confused Cartographer / QC10-2-Shifting Studies
HA01QuestsQC11QC11-1-Trinket Fever / QC11-2-The Cutest Mob Boss
HA01QuestsQC12QC12-1-Darkening Clouds / QC12-2-Silence The Storm
HA01The BaiyuTB01Monster: Murky Merc
HA01The BaiyuTB02Monster: Bass Hunter
HA01The BaiyuTB03Monster: Bass Hunter
HA01The BaiyuTB04Monster: Jug Blowers
HA01The BaiyuTB05Monster: Jug Blowers
HA01The BaiyuTB06Monster: Green Riftling
HA01The BaiyuTB07Monster: Green Riftling
HA01The BaiyuTB08Monster: Frogod
HA01The BaiyuTB09Monster: Frogod
HA01The BaiyuTB10Event: A Game of Stump
HA01The BaiyuTB11Event: Born on the Baiyu
HA01The BaiyuTB12Event: Depicted in Mud
HA01The BaiyuTB13Event: Dueling Banjos
HA01The BaiyuTB14Event: Front Row Danger
HA01The BaiyuTB15Event: The Van
HA01The BaiyuTB16Event: Sitting on the Dock
HA01The DrearTD01Monster: Nyx & Erebos
HA01The DrearTD02Monster: Carnivorous Netherbeast
HA01The DrearTD03Monster: Carnivorous Netherbeast
HA01The DrearTD04Monster: Baku Leak
HA01The DrearTD05Monster: Baku Leak
HA01The DrearTD06Monster: Red Riftling
HA01The DrearTD07Monster: Red Riftling
HA01The DrearTD08Monster: Dream Hunter
HA01The DrearTD09Monster: Dream Hunter
HA01The DrearTD10Event: In the Baku Sanctum
HA01The DrearTD11Event: Call of the Void
HA01The DrearTD12Event: Strange Science
HA01The DrearTD13Event: Sympathy for a Devil
HA01The DrearTD14Event: The Bubbling Beaker
HA01The DrearTD15Event: The Dreamvault
HA01The DrearTD16Event: Darkness Is Your Ally
HA01World ShiftWS01Event: Ramblings of The Lunaridge
HA01World ShiftWS02Event: Colors of Oppenheim
HA01World ShiftWS03Event: Tears of Oakenmoor
HA01World ShiftWS04Event: Memories of Arechi
HA01World ShiftWS05Event: Plots of The Drear
HA01World ShiftWS06Event: Music of The Baiyu
HA01World ShiftWS07Event: Street Politics
HA01World ShiftWS08Event: Not A Drop
HA01World ShiftWS09Event: Perennials
HA01World ShiftWS10Event: "I Am Not A Broom!"
HA01World ShiftWS11Event: Fearful Symmetry
HA01World ShiftWS12Event: Melt Your Face
HA02Abilities: AyakoAY01Molten Mortar
HA02Abilities: AyakoAY02Melt Down
HA02Abilities: AyakoAY03Chain Eruption
HA02Abilities: AyakoAY04Galvanize
HA02Abilities: AyakoAY05Magma Step
HA02Abilities: AyakoAY06Lava Flow
HA02Abilities: AyakoAY07Forge
HA02Abilities: AyakoAY08Temper
HA02Abilities: AyakoAY09Anvil Skin
HA02Abilities: AyakoAY10Dash
HA02Abilities: AyakoAY11Volcan's Hammer
HA02Abilities: AyakoAY12River of Fire
HA02Abilities: AyakoAY13Unbreakable Bonds
HA02Abilities: GhuusGU01Cascade
HA02Abilities: GhuusGU02Waterfall
HA02Abilities: GhuusGU03Evaporate
HA02Abilities: GhuusGU04Puddlejumper
HA02Abilities: GhuusGU05Ebb
HA02Abilities: GhuusGU06Flow
HA02Abilities: GhuusGU07Coral Heart
HA02Abilities: GhuusGU08Red Tide
HA02Abilities: GhuusGU09Dredge
HA02Abilities: GhuusGU10Dash
HA02Abilities: GhuusGU11Rift Storm
HA02Abilities: GhuusGU12Cyclonus
HA02Abilities: GhuusGU13Child of the Lost Sea
HA02Abilities: IcarusIC01Sire
HA02Abilities: IcarusIC02Burst
HA02Abilities: IcarusIC03Tamper
HA02Abilities: IcarusIC04All Destroying Eye
HA02Abilities: IcarusIC05Space-time Interference
HA02Abilities: IcarusIC06Puppet Master
HA02Abilities: IcarusIC07Upgrade
HA02Abilities: IcarusIC08Overload
HA02Abilities: IcarusIC09Forcefield
HA02Abilities: IcarusIC10Dash
HA02Abilities: IcarusIC11Magic & Metal
HA02Abilities: IcarusIC12Heroes Never Die
HA02Abilities: IcarusIC13Silver Tongue
HA02Abilities: KaoruKA12Unbearable Force
HA02Abilities: LeafLF12Symphony
HA02Abilities: OricOC12Dantian
HA02Abilities: PersephonePS12Molded By It
HA02Abilities: ThelTH01Jaws of Life
HA02Abilities: ThelTH02Corpse Flower
HA02Abilities: ThelTH03Seeds of Decay
HA02Abilities: ThelTH04Metabolic Acceleration
HA02Abilities: ThelTH05Shadewalker
HA02Abilities: ThelTH06Sprout
HA02Abilities: ThelTH07Bloodthorn
HA02Abilities: ThelTH08Natural Pursuits
HA02Abilities: ThelTH09Faustian Bargain
HA02Abilities: ThelTH10Dash
HA02Abilities: ThelTH11Emoto's Theory
HA02Abilities: ThelTH12The Kiss of Death
HA02Abilities: ThelTH13By Any Other Name
HA02Abilities: ThomasTH12Counter Logic
HA02Arechi WastesAW17Monster: Oldworld Courier
HA02Arechi WastesAW18Event: One Man’s Trash
HA02DuskDK31Monster: Titus
HA02DuskDK32Monster: Avatrice
HA02DuskDK33Monster: Loot Goblin
HA02DuskDK34Monster: Igneous
HA02DuskDK35Monster: Atropos
HA02DuskDK36Monster: John Dee & Edward Kelley
HA02DuskDK37Monster: Sforzandea
HA02DuskDK38Monster: Bad Nooch
HA02DuskDK39Monster: Ashley
HA02DuskDK40Glacial rift
HA02DuskDK41Primordial rift
HA02DuskDK42Volcanic rift
HA02LunaridgeLR17Monster: Lorekeeper
HA02LunaridgeLR18Event: What Are Words?
HA02OakenmoorOM17Monster: Jade Phoenix
HA02OakenmoorOM18Event: Tenko's Game
HA02OppenhiemOH17Monster: Undercity Ifrit
HA02OppenhiemOH18Event: Words with the Duke
HA02The BaiyuTB17Monster: Bog Witch
HA02The BaiyuTB18Event: Scareaoke
HA02The DrearTD17Monster: Conjured Horror
HA02The DrearTD18Event: The Spider’s Web
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HA01 - General (Question)Can you clarifying spawning? For example, spawning Corrupted at the start of a Scenario.There are two types of spawning (the act of placing a new card or miniature onto the board) 1) Spawning onto random locations, or 2) spawning onto specific locations. Sometimes, rules text or effects in the game will instruct you to spawn a player, Corrupted, monster, rift, etc onto a specific space on the board (I.e. "Spawn on the Dojo" or "spawn on the number 6 space in the Drear"). More common however are random spawns. When instructed to spawn on a random space, roll the world dice (the two dice in the game - one with colorful symbols representing the six different worlds, the other was numbers representing the spaces within those worlds). The world dice act like a coordinates telling you where to place the card/miniature. If an effect instructs you to spawn but doesn’t specify a specific location, it assumes a random spawn. If an effect tells you to spawn a card/miniature within a specific range, the player may choose any valid space within that range to for the target to spawn.
HA01 - General (Question)When I spend an Activation to use ability, do I HAVE to use its effect, or can I just pick up/put down that card? For example, the on-board effect of "Dash" - if there is no target in range to deal damage to, can I still use the movement part of the effect?When activating an ability card, you must use as much of the effect as you are able (for example, paying for the cost of the ability). That being said, if there is a portion of the ability that can't be completed (such as dealing damage when there are no targets in range) the rest of the ability will still take effect, and the card will still be picked up/put down. Also worth noting that almost every effect that allows you to move will say "move up to ___", meaning you can choose to move 0.
HA01 - General (Question)Does the Corrupted Turn (the Corrupted Activation & Scenario Roll Effect) happen after each players turn, or only once at the end of the round?The Corrupted Turn happends once at the end of a round, after all players have taken their turn but before moving the Day tracker.
HA02 - Ayako (Errata) Forge (AY07)The in-hand side of Ayako's Forge ability reads: "Spawn 1 Forgeling, range 1. It deals 1 damage to all targets, range 1."It should read: "Spawn 1 Forgeling, range 1. It deals 1 damage to all OTHER targets, range 1." (Meaning the Forgeling does not deal damage to itself when spawned this way. However, if Ayako is within range 1 of the spawn location, she will still take damage.
HA02 - Icarus (Errata) Silver Tongue (IC13)Icarus's alternate ultimate ability, "Silver Tongue" does not have the lock symbol on the back, only on the front.Icarus's alternate ultmate ability "Silver Tongue" should have the lock symbol on both the back and front of this card. In order to unlock this ability for Icarus's level up deck, players must complete the scenario "The Valley of Death" (Chaos on Hara, pg 11).