In a land beyond God’s reckonin' is a place called the Forgotten West. The Iron Witch, a downright mysterious bein', has turned you into a Grimslinger, a powerful witch imbued with metal, machine and fancy elemental powers. Now yer maker’s requirin' all his newly sired to duel each other so that he can make y’all into witches proper for his own purposes.”.

Grimslingers is a strategic, sci-fi fantasy western themed card game, featuring two different modes of play. In versus, players will go head to head in teams or a free-for-all using a wide selection of spells, items and abilities. In co-op, players will work together through a narrative campaign composed of four 60-90 minute play sessions, battling strange creatures, overcoming intense challenges, collecting loot, gaining levels and exploring tThe Forgotten West.

Grimslingers: The Northern Territory (Expansion)

The Northern Territory contains some of the Forgotten Wests’ strangest and most prolific spectacles, secrets and adventures. Resist the siren songs of the Red Maidens as you traverse the treacherous paths of the Red River. Brave the unforgiving cavernous interiors of the border wall known as Gates of Hell. Help or hinder newcomers to the Forgotten West in The Northern Outskirts. Delve into the cryptid creature filled depths of The Down Under and uncover ancient secrets in The Great Deep. Explore the Valley of Death anew, and more as you set out into the Northern Territory.

Grimslingers: The Northern Territory is an expansion to the Grimslingers core game, which refines and redefines all aspects of the game, while adding more of what players love. Better and deeper player versus player gameplay, along with a plethora of new solo/co-op content for players to delve into for many hours.



Grimslingers is a Card Dueling Game

Initially launched on Kickstarter in 2014, picked up by Greenbrier Games Inc. for publishing, possible new Kickstarter with finalized game assets expected soon.

Grimslingers: The Northern Territory (Expansion)

Launching on Kickstarter March 9th, 2017.



  • Two Modes: Versus and Co-op
  • 2-6 Players, 15-30 minutes in Versus Mode
  • 1-4 Players, 60-90 minutes in Co-op Mode
  • Gorgeous illustrations and graphic design
  • Wide variety of unique spells, items and abilities
  • A quirky, humorous and epic co-op campaign
  • Play in teams or a free-for-all in versus mode
  • Age 14+



PDF's & Downloads

GNEGS17-Print & Play - Grimslingers The Northern Territory (Redirect to 157.00B 1970-01-01
GS01 StoryBook(5.5x8.5in)v1.3 demo web.pdf 1.57MB 2017-03-30
GS02 Advanced Duels PnP 3.10MB 2017-03-06
GS09 Red-Hen Sorting-Cards PnP(8.5x11in).pdf 1.61MB 2018-02-23
GS14 RuleBook(5.5x8.5in) 87.91MB 2017-03-09
GSXX - Grimslingers-ambient-mixer[link].url 144.00B 2018-08-27
GSXX Grimslingers-NT Sorting-Cards PnP(8.5x11in).pdf 7.36MB 2018-04-17
Grimslingers-Advanced Duels rules-sheet(11x17in).pdf 3.95MB 2018-02-12
Grimslingers-Core Rulebook (5.5x8.5in)v1.3.pdf 26.78MB 2017-05-09
Grimslingers-Core Rulebook 5.5x8.5in.pdf 4.17MB 2016-05-23
Grimslingers-Duels Rule-sheet 8.5x11in.pdf 844.03kB 2016-04-19
Grimslingers-Duels print-and-play.pdf 4.16MB 2016-04-05
Grimslingers-Northern-Territy(Expansion) Progress-Tracker(5.5x8.5in)v1.1.pdf 719.42kB 2018-02-22
Grimslingers-Northern-Territy(Expansion) Progress-Tracker(5.5x8.5in)v1.pdf 719.57kB 2018-02-12
Grimslingers-Northern-Territy(Expansion) Rulebook (5.5x8.5in)v1.4.pdf 23.20MB 2018-02-12
Grimslingers-Northern-Territy(Expansion) Rulebook (5.5x8.5in)v1.5(new).pdf 24.93MB 2018-02-26
Meeple-Monthly Issue-44 Grimslingers article.png 16.60MB 2016-09-28

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Kickstarter(The Northern Territory[Expansion])
A weird-western card dueling game for 2-6 players that doubles as an RPG-like, campaign driven, solo / co-op for 1-4 players.

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Red & Henrietta Promo Character Rules


Red can be a bit tricky to play, as he has a number of different ability combinations that work well together. His resource mechanic is two-fold, and you’ll need to manage both your prowess bar and your item usage throughout the game to unlock Red’s full, explosive potential. And, of course, you’ll need to master your adorable facade to further your plans of subterfuge and trickery!

Red begins the Versus duel with 3 points of Prowess to spend on his character skill cards. Likewise, Red starts each co-op campaign session with 3 Prowess. During the co-op campaign, Red’s gains/losses of Prowess persist throughout that session (including between fights, as opposed to resetting each duel like the Versus mode). When you clean up a session, Red’s prowess will start fresh at 3 the next time you play.

There are two ways to gain prowess:

  • Your Conspire ability (printed on your tracker card). During the Standoff phase, Red may use one of his two Standoff actions to generate 2 Prowess.
  • Anytime you would gain EP (like, activating your WATER spell for instance, or using items) you may instead convert that fresh EP to Prowess at a 1:1 ratio.

Note that the red and blue sides are mechanically identical, just there for your enjoyment :)Note that the red and blue sides are mechanically identical, just there for your enjoyment 🙂

Red’s character abilities are a veritable treasure trove of nasty tricks. When selecting your skills, it’s important to keep in mind how much Prowess you’ll be burning through, and not just select your most expensive powers. Similarly, Red has a large number of abilities that are utilized in the Standoff phase – you’ll want to get a healthy balance of these cards and your standard abilities so as not to clog up your turns.

One of Red’s signature techniques is crafting traps – two unique skills that utilize either an elemental spell or a item card in order to lay a secret snare for your opponent. While these abilities do eat up your other cards, they are played during the Standoff phase – which frees up the rest of your turn to play other offensive cards.

Arguably Red’s most defining ability is the Trash Panda card. Trash Panda is a passive skill that sits in front of you, drastically altering your relationship with items. Red already has a number of skill cards that make activating items more effective, and with this card he has a way of utilizing leftover junk instead of throwing it away. When Trash Panda is in front of you, any item you would discard becomes a piece of “scrap” for you to craft with later. On the back of the Trash Panda card is a list of recipes for bombs you can build with your scrap items and throw in your opponent’s face!

Last but not least, we’ve got to give a shout out to our favorite card in Red’s arsenal, Uber Dexterous, which allows Red to unleash a huge burst of power and ruin someone’s day with a double turn. Combo this with a trap or two, and your opponents will be bombarded by an onslaught of adorable attacks! 🙂


Unlike her furry companion, this foul, fowl witch is deceptively simple to play. Her complexity is not so much in the individual abilities, but how you chain them together to get the best of your opponent. Veterans of the Grimslinger core game may recognize some elements of the original archetype abilities present in Henrietta’s playstyle. It’s important to note that when you are playing as Henrietta, you are using the “witchcraft” skill set – Henrietta is A witch, but there are many others in the Grimslinger universe. Players are free to sub in other portrait cards for their character if they wish, as none of her powers are specific to being a chicken. Being a chicken is just part of her charismatic self.

Henrietta’s special resource mechanic is arcana, which starts at 0 for every Versus Duel/Co-op campaign session. Like Red, Henrietta has three ways of gaining arcana:

  • Any time you would gain EP, you can instead gain that much arcana.
  • Once per Standoff phase you can use one of your two Standoff actions to Ether draw – flipping your tracker card over and gaining a variable amount of arcana dependant on your current HP. The lower her HP, the easier it is for Henrietta to tap into the ether forces and surge herself with power.
  • One of her ability cards, Spellpuku, allows you to discard cards in exchange for a big burst of arcana.

This lil’ witch has a number of sneaky tricks in her arsenal that multiply her spell power or allow you to get the jump on your opponents. Premonition, for example, lets you peek at what your opponent is going to play, and drop the perfect spell to counter them. Conversely, Twincantation puts all your eggs in one basket, enabling a single spell to resolve twice. Utilizing items or signature spells that boost the power of your next card in conjunction with Twincantation can really wreck someone’s day.

One of the more prolific magical feats in the Forgotten West is the transfiguration of a witch into a crowmage. Now some folks might find it strange, a chicken turning into a crow, but I assure you it is common practice ‘round these parts. When Henrietta (or any witch, for that matter) assumes their crow form, it empowers their next spell. This can be pretty brutal with the aforementioned Twincantation, and has the added benefit of costing EP as opposed to your often in-demand arcana.

Card List


List of Cards from Grimslingers.
GS01 = Grimslingers 1st/2nd Edition Core Game
GS02 = Grimslingers Duels
GS03 = Grimslingers Retro Card Pack
GS04 = Grimslingers Collector's Card Pack
GS06 = Grimslingers: The Northern Territory (Expansion)
GS07 = Grimslingers: Advanced Duels (Microgame)
GS08 = Grimslingers: Upgraded Collector's Promo Pack
GS09 = Grimslingers: Character Card Pack
GS10 = Grimslingers: Legendary Items Pack
GS12 = Grimslingers: Deluxe Box
GS13 = Grimslingers Core Game (Third Printing)
prod_numcard##deck_##Categorydescriptionold name
GS01/GS1311Creature ModifierDead
GS01/GS1322Creature ModifierStrong
GS01/GS1333Creature ModifierGigantic
GS01/GS1344Creature ModifierHoarding
GS01/GS1355Creature ModifierPlagued
GS01/GS1366Creature ModifierQuick
GS01/GS1377Creature ModifierSleeping
GS01/GS1388Creature ModifierStarving
GS01/GS1399Creature ModifierUndead
GS01/GS131010Creature ModifierWeak
GS01/GS13111Creature Portrait CardsBandits (Picture of old dude with gun and eye patch)
GS01/GS13122Creature Skill Cards\Bandit SkillsBANG! BANG!
GS01/GS13133Creature Skill Cards\Bandit SkillsBERATE
GS01/GS13144Creature Skill Cards\Bandit SkillsWHISTLE RALLY
GS01/GS13155Creature Portrait CardsChupacabra (Picture of Hiena with tentacles)
GS01/GS13166Creature Skill Cards\Chupacabra SkillsGOAT GAZE
GS01/GS13177Creature Skill Cards\Chupacabra SkillsHOWL
GS01/GS13188Creature Skill Cards\Chupacabra SkillsBLOOD SUCKER
GS01/GS13199Creature Portrait CardsDune Wurm (Picture of a nasty worm with butthole face)
GS01/GS132010Creature Skill Cards\Dune Wurm SkillsTUNNEL
GS01/GS132111Creature Skill Cards\Dune Wurm SkillsSPASM
GS01/GS132212Creature Skill Cards\Dune Wurm SkillsSWALLOW
GS01/GS132313Creature Portrait CardsHank the Hunter (4 arms, lizard face, bad lookin dude)
GS01/GS132414Creature Skill Cards\Generic SkillsFRENZY
GS01/GS132515Creature Skill Cards\Generic SkillsHIDE!
GS01/GS132616Creature Skill Cards\Generic SkillsHOOT AND HOLLER
GS01/GS132717Creature Portrait CardsJACKALOPE (Rabbit with Antlers)
GS01/GS132818Creature Skill Cards\Jackalope SkillsBUNNY EYES
GS01/GS132919Creature Skill Cards\Jackalope SkillsDART
GS01/GS133020Creature Skill Cards\Jackalope SkillsRICOCHET
GS01/GS133121Creature Portrait CardsPEYOTE SCORPION (it's a scorpion)
GS01/GS133222Creature Skill Cards\Peyote Scorpion SkillsCLAW CLAMP
GS01/GS133323Creature Skill Cards\Peyote Scorpion SkillsBULWARK
GS01/GS133424Creature Skill Cards\Peyote Scorpion SkillsPEYOTE POISON
GS01/GS133525Creature Portrait CardsSPECTER (blue & Red skeleton face)
GS01/GS133626Creature Skill Cards\Specter SkillsENGULF
GS01/GS133727Creature Skill Cards\Specter SkillsABSORB
GS01/GS133828Creature Skill Cards\Specter SkillsPOSSESS
GS01/GS133929Creature Portrait CardsWHITCHKING (black lady in sun & Multi limbed rapter with antlers)
GS01/GS134030Creature Skill Cards\Witch King SkillsDEVIL's BREATH
GS01/GS134131Creature Skill Cards\Witch King SkillsRAMPAGE
GS01/GS134232Creature Skill Cards\Witch King SkillsFIRE AND BRIMSTONE
GS01/GS134333Creature Skill Cards\Witch King SkillsMOUNTED ASSAULT
GS01/GS134434Creature Skill Cards\Witch King SkillsDON'T MOVE
GS01/GS134535Creature Skill Cards\Witch King SkillsELEMENTAL CATALYST
GS01/GS134636Creature TrackersCreature EP Tracker Blue
GS01/GS134737Creature TrackersCreature HP Tracker Red
GS01/GS13558EventsSTORM's A BREWIN
GS01/GS13581GrimslingersALISTAIR QUICK (Male, swor don back)
GS01/GS13592GrimslingersLA FLEUR NOIRE (and the professor) cow girl and bear with glasses
GS01/GS13603GrimslingersDANIEL (Male, fancy mustash, scale shoulderS)
GS01/GS13614GrimslingersCUTE KIPPER (Puppy with long sword)
GS01/GS13625GrimslingersLUELLA and the GAIA mind (Girl, things on hands and face)
GS01/GS13636GrimslingersMARY the black hearted (White girl)
GS01/GS13647GrimslingersMR GREEN (Male, beard, double axes on back, top hat)
GS01/GS13658GrimslingersNYUNYO (Cat)
GS01/GS13669GrimslingersShanti "Songbird" (Black lady)
GS01/GS136710Grimslingers"Pocket Watch" Will (Hell on Wheels guy)
GS01/GS13681Grimslinger: Health Trackers1. My Only regret is not learnin't'fly.
GS01/GS13692Grimslinger: Health Trackers1. Oh Please, I let you win.
GS01/GS13703Grimslinger: Health Trackers1. My only regret is not learnin't'fly.
GS01/GS13714Grimslinger: Health Trackers1. Oh Please, I let you win.
GS01/GS13725Grimslinger: Health Trackers1. Oh Please, I let you win.
GS01/GS13736Grimslinger: Health Trackers1. Win, Lose, It's All the same.
GS01/GS13741Grimslinger: Level TrackersLevel Tracker
GS01/GS13752Grimslinger: Level TrackersLevel Tracker
GS01/GS13763Grimslinger: Level TrackersLevel Tracker
GS01/GS13774Grimslinger: Level TrackersLevel Tracker
GS01/GS13781Grimslinger: ArchetypesDaemon/Hell's FuryDaemon/Into Darkness
GS01/GS13792Grimslinger: ArchetypesDaemon/Hell's FuryDaemon/Into Darkness
GS01/GS13803Grimslinger: ArchetypesForgotten/True Grit
GS01/GS13814Grimslinger: ArchetypesForgotten/True Grit
GS01/GS13825Grimslinger: ArchetypesOutlaw/Dirty Cheat
GS01/GS13836Grimslinger: ArchetypesOutlaw/Dirty Cheat
GS01/GS13847Grimslinger: ArchetypesRevenant/Ressurect
GS01/GS13858Grimslinger: ArchetypesRevenant/Ressurect
GS01/GS13869Grimslinger: ArchetypesVampyre/Blood Feast
GS01/GS138710Grimslinger: ArchetypesVampyre/Blood Feast
GS01/GS138811Grimslinger: ArchetypesWitchborn/Spell Flare
GS01/GS138912Grimslinger: ArchetypesWitchborn/Spell Flare
GS01/GS13901Grimslinger: AnimasBipedal Anima(Derp Face)
GS01/GS13912Grimslinger: AnimasCube Anima
GS01/GS13923Grimslinger: AnimasBipedal Anima(Ninja Face)
GS01/GS13934Grimslinger: AnimasSphere Anima
GS01/GS13945Grimslinger: AnimasTriangle Anima (top hat)
GS01/GS13956Grimslinger: AnimasCynidrical Anima
GS01/GS13961Grimslinger: EP TrackersEP Tracker (helpful/bloodthirsty)
GS01/GS13972Grimslinger: EP TrackersEP Tracker (rude/malfunctioning)
GS01/GS13983Grimslinger: EP TrackersEP Tracker (cheerleader/adorable)
GS01/GS13994Grimslinger: EP TrackersEP Tracker (distracted/depressed)
GS01/GS131005Grimslinger: EP TrackersEP Tracker (oblivious/pessimist)
GS01/GS131016Grimslinger: EP TrackersEP Tracker (C3PO?)
GS01/GS131021ItemsAether Shard
GS01/GS131032ItemsAncient Spell Tablet
GS01/GS131043ItemsBottle of Absinthe #1
GS01/GS131054ItemsBottle of Absinthe #2
GS01/GS131076ItemsCelerity Shroom #1
GS01/GS131087ItemsCelerity Shroom #2
GS01/GS131098ItemsBloody Grimoire
GS01/GS131109ItemsDerelict Darts #1
GS01/GS1311110ItemsDerelict Darts #2
GS01/GS1311211ItemsDual Colts
GS01/GS1311312ItemsArcane Bow
GS01/GS1311413ItemsEnergy Well #1
GS01/GS1311514ItemsEnergy Well #2
GS01/GS1311615ItemsFlask of Whiskey #1
GS01/GS1311716ItemsFlask of Whiskey #2
GS01/GS1311817ItemsJug of Spoiled Water #1
GS01/GS1311918ItemsJug of Spoiled Water #2
GS01/GS1312019ItemsLightning in a Jar
GS01/GS1312120ItemsMana Worm #1
GS01/GS1312221ItemsMana Worm #2
GS01/GS1312322ItemsMana Worm #3
GS01/GS1312423ItemsMystics Tomahawk
GS01/GS1312524ItemsRevive Juju
GS01/GS1312625ItemsRusty Saber
GS01/GS1312726ItemsSecret stash #1
GS01/GS1312827ItemsSecret stash #2
GS01/GS1312928ItemsLucky Charm
GS01/GS1313029ItemsUsed Bandages #1
GS01/GS1313130ItemsSorcerer's Sidearm
GS01/GS1313231ItemsUnstable Dynamite #1
GS01/GS1313332ItemsUnstable Dynamite #2
GS01/GS1313433ItemsUsed Bandages #2
GS01/GS1313534ItemsWitchcrafted Rifle
GS01/GS1313635ItemsWooly Ward #1
GS01/GS1313736ItemsWooly Ward #2
GS01/GS1313837ItemsProsthetic Pistol
GS01/GS1313938ItemsFrog Man's Drum
GS01/GS1314039ItemsThe Devil's Deck
GS01/GS1314140ItemsArcane Hand Cannon
GS01/GS1314241Items(Tall Tale)Cabra guts
GS01/GS1314342Items(Tall Tale)Discarded Artifact #1Discarded Trinket #1
GS01/GS1314443Items(Tall Tale)Discarded Artifact #2Discarded Trinket #2
GS01/GS1314544Items(Tall Tale)Discarded Artifact #3Discarded Trinket #3
GS01/GS1314645Items(Tall Tale)Discarded Artifact #4Discarded Trinket #4
GS01/GS1314746Items(Tall Tale)Discarded Artifact #5Discarded Trinket #5
GS01/GS1314847Items(Tall Tale)Discarded Artifact #6Discarded Trinket #6
GS01/GS1314948Items(Tall Tale)Discarded Artifact #7Discarded Trinket #7
GS01/GS1315049Items(Tall Tale)Discarded Artifact #8Discarded Trinket #8
GS01/GS1315150Items(Tall Tale)Discarded Artifact #9Discarded Trinket #9
GS01/GS1315251Items(Tall Tale)Ectoplasm
GS01/GS1315352Items(Tall Tale)Hexilion Blade
GS01/GS1315453Items(Tall Tale)Hexilion Fragment 1
GS01/GS1315554Items(Tall Tale)Hexilion Fragment 2
GS01/GS1315655Items(Tall Tale)Hexilion Fragment 3
GS01/GS1315756Items(Tall Tale)Human Heart
GS01/GS1315857Items(Tall Tale)Jantler
GS01/GS1315958Items(Tall Tale)Peyote Poison
GS01/GS1316059Items(Tall Tale)Supplies #1
GS01/GS1316160Items(Tall Tale)Supplies #2
GS01/GS1316261Items(Tall Tale)Supplies #3
GS01/GS1316362Items(Tall Tale)Supplies #4
GS01/GS1316463Items(Tall Tale)Supplies #5
GS01/GS1316564Items(Tall Tale)Supplies #6
GS01/GS1316665Items(Tall Tale)Supplies #7
GS01/GS1316766Items(Tall Tale)Supplies #8
GS01/GS1316867Items(Tall Tale)Supplies #9
GS01/GS1316968Items(Tall Tale)Treasure Map Piece #1
GS01/GS1317069Items(Tall Tale)Treasure Map Piece #2
GS01/GS1317170Items(Tall Tale)Treasure Map Piece #3
GS01/GS1317271Items(Tall Tale)Treasure Map Piece #4
GS01/GS1317372Items(Tall Tale)Treasure Map Piece #5
GS01/GS1317473Items(Tall Tale)Treasure Map Piece #6
GS01/GS1317574Items(Tall Tale)Treasure Map Piece #7
GS01/GS1317675Items(Tall Tale)Treasure Map Piece #8
GS01/GS1317776Items(Tall Tale)Treasure Map Piece #9
GS01/GS1317877Items(Tall Tale)Wurm Feces
GS01/GS131791Numbers Deckfive diamond
GS01/GS131802Numbers Deckfive spade
GS01/GS131813Numbers Deckfour club
GS01/GS131824Numbers Deckfour heart
GS01/GS131835Numbers Deckone club
GS01/GS131846Numbers Deckone diamond
GS01/GS131857Numbers Deckthree diamond
GS01/GS131868Numbers Deckthree spade
GS01/GS131879Numbers Decktwo heart
GS01/GS1318810Numbers Decktwo spade
GS01/GS1323711Spells(Signature)Mana Burn
GS01/GS1325125Target(Black)Target Card Black targets Blue
GS01/GS1325226Target(Black)Target Card Black targets Green
GS01/GS1325327Target(Black)Target Card Black targets Pink
GS01/GS1325428Target(Black)Target Card Black targets Rainbow
GS01/GS1325529Target(Black)Target Card Black targets Red
GS01/GS1325630Target(Blue)Target Card Blue targets Black
GS01/GS1325731Target(Blue)Target Card Blue targets Green
GS01/GS1325832Target(Blue)Target Card Blue targets Pink
GS01/GS1325933Target(Blue)Target Card Blue targets Rainbow
GS01/GS1326034Target(Blue)Target Card Blue targets Red
GS01/GS1326135Target(Green)Target Card Green targets Black
GS01/GS1326236Target(Green)Target Card Green targets Blue
GS01/GS1326337Target(Green)Target Card Green targets Pink
GS01/GS1326438Target(Green)Target Card Green targets Rainbow
GS01/GS1326539Target(Green)Target Card Green targets Red
GS01/GS1326640Target(Pink)Target Card Pink targets Black
GS01/GS1326741Target(Pink)Target Card Pink targets Blue
GS01/GS1326842Target(Pink)Target Card Pink targets Green
GS01/GS1326943Target(Pink)Target Card Pink targets Rainbow
GS01/GS1327044Target(Pink)Target Card Pink targets Red
GS01/GS1327145Target(Rainbow)Target Card Rainbow targets Black
GS01/GS1327246Target(Rainbow)Target Card Rainbow targets Blue
GS01/GS1327347Target(Rainbow)Target Card Rainbow targets Green
GS01/GS1327448Target(Rainbow)Target Card Rainbow targets Pink
GS01/GS1327549Target(Rainbow)Target Card Rainbow targets Red
GS01/GS1327650Target(Red)Target Card Red targets Black
GS01/GS1327751Target(Red)Target Card Red targets Blue
GS01/GS1327852Target(Red)Target Card Red targets Green
GS01/GS1327953Target(Red)Target Card Red targets Pink
GS01/GS1328054Target(Red)Target Card Red targets Rainbow
GS02131GrimslingersBo Front
GS02142GrimslingersEllie Front
GS02153GrimslingersGil Front
GS02164GrimslingersLarry Front
GS02171Grimslinger AnimasAnima cylinder Front
GS02182Grimslinger AnimasAnima d20 Front
GS02193Grimslinger AnimasAnima orb Front
GS02204Grimslinger AnimasAnima square Front
GS02211Grimslinger EP TrackerEnergy Tracker Helpful Front
GS02222Grimslinger EP TrackerEnergy Tracker Rude Front
GS02231Grimslinger Health TrackerHealth Tracker Cool Front
GS02242Grimslinger Health TrackerHealth Tracker Obnoxious Front
GS02251Numbers Decknumber card five diamond Front
GS02262Numbers Decknumber card five spade Front
GS02273Numbers Decknumber card four club Front
GS02284Numbers Decknumber card four heart Front
GS02295Numbers Decknumber card one club Front
GS02306Numbers Decknumber card one diamond Front
GS02317Numbers Decknumber card three diamond Front
GS02328Numbers Decknumber card three spade Front
GS02339Numbers Decknumber card two heart Front
GS023410Numbers Decknumber card two spade Front
GS02351Target(Orange)Target Card Orange targets Black
GS02362Target(Orange)Target Card Orange targets Blue
GS02373Target(Orange)Target Card Orange targets Green
GS02384Target(Orange)Target Card Orange targets Pink
GS02395Target(Orange)Target Card Orange targets Purple
GS02406Target(Orange)Target Card Orange targets Rainbow
GS02417Target(Orange)Target Card Orange targets Red
GS02428Target(Purple)Target Card Purple targets Black
GS02439Target(Purple)Target Card Purple targets Blue
GS024410Target(Purple)Target Card Purple targets Green
GS024511Target(Purple)Target Card Purple targets Orange
GS024612Target(Purple)Target Card Purple targets Pink
GS024713Target(Purple)Target Card Purple targets Rainbow
GS024814Target(Purple)Target Card Purple targets Red
GS024915Target(Black)Target Card Black targets Orange
GS025016Target(Black)Target Card Black targets Purple
GS025117Target(Blue)Target Card Blue targets Orange
GS025218Target(Blue)Target Card Blue targets Purple
GS025319Target(Green)Target Card Green targets Orange
GS025420Target(Green)Target Card Green targets Purple
GS025521Target(Pink)Target Card Pink targets Orange
GS025622Target(Pink)Target Card Pink targets Purple
GS025723Target(Rainbow)Target Card Rainbow targets Orange
GS025824Target(Rainbow)Target Card Rainbow targets Purple
GS025925Target(Red)Target Card Red targets Orange
GS026026Target(Red)Target Card Red targets Purple
GS0311Retro GrimslingerBarceline Front
GS0322Retro GrimslingerGilgamesh Front
GS0333Retro GrimslingerLarry Front
GS0344Retro GrimslingerMohito Front
GS0355Retro GrimslingerNephilius front
GS0366Retro GrimslingerWestwood front
GS0371Retro Duels ModifierBadlands
GS0382Retro Duels ModifierCreepy Hollow
GS0393Retro Duels ModifierCursed Cemetary
GS03104Retro Duels ModifierGhost Town
GS03115Retro Duels ModifierPillars of The West
GS03126Retro Duels ModifierSpeeding Locomotive
GS0411Spells(elemental)Spell Light
GS0422Spells(elemental)Spell Light
GS0433Spells(elemental)Spell Light
GS0444Spells(elemental)Spell Dark
GS0455Spells(elemental)Spell Dark
GS0466Spells(elemental)Spell Dark
GS0477GrimslingersLord Briar (Gas Mask guy on throne)
GS0488GrimslingersIcarus (steel spike with glowing eye for head)
GS0499ItemsCollector's Box (Grimslinger box wrapped in energy)
GS061CD01Creature DispositionsAngry
GS062CD02Creature DispositionsClever
GS063CD03Creature DispositionsCocky
GS064CD04Creature DispositionsConfident
GS065CD05Creature DispositionsFragile
GS066CD06Creature DispositionsFrisky
GS067CD07Creature DispositionsJealous
GS068CD08Creature DispositionsPrepared
GS069CD09Creature DispositionsSelf Concious
GS0610CD10Creature DispositionsTired
GS0611CD11Creature DispositionsVulnerable
GS0612CD12Creature DispositionsWorried
GS061CM01Creature ModifiersAbyssal
GS062CM02Creature ModifiersBehemoth
GS063CM03Creature ModifiersCalloused
GS064CM04Creature ModifiersEther Scourged
GS065CM05Creature ModifiersExplosive
GS066CM06Creature ModifiersInfatuated
GS067CM07Creature ModifiersMutant
GS068CM08Creature ModifiersMuter
GS069CM09Creature ModifiersNullifier
GS0610CM10Creature ModifiersVindictive
GS061AG01Creature PortraitsCreature Angsty Goblins
GS062AG02Creature SkillsSkill Booger Brigade
GS063AG03Creature SkillsSkill Finders Keepers
GS064AG04Creature SkillsSkill Ready The Cannons!
GS061BB01Creature PortraitsCreature Beebopnid
GS062BB02Creature SkillsSkill Birth Of Disco
GS063BB03Creature SkillsSkill Laser Chaser
GS064BB04Creature SkillsSkill Neon Strands
GS061MM01Creature PortraitsCreature Magic Mushroom
GS062MM02Creature SkillsSkill Elemental Onslaught
GS063MM03Creature SkillsSkill Elemental CatalystSkill Elemental Redirect
GS064MM04Creature SkillsSkill Elemental Ultra-Beam
GS061NT01Creature PortraitsCreature Nude Troll
GS062NT02Creature SkillsSkill Brown Fog
GS063NT03Creature SkillsSkill No Shame
GS064NT04Creature SkillsSkill Smashy Smashy
GS061SH01Creature PortraitsCreature Soul Hunter
GS062SH02Creature SkillsSkill Sinister SurgeSkill Ashes To Ashes
GS063SH03Creature SkillsSkill Black Powder
GS064SH04Creature SkillsSkill Dark Tether
GS061WI01Creature PortraitsCreature Wisp
GS062WI02Creature SkillsSkill Belly Ache
GS063WI03Creature SkillsSkill Reversio
GS064WI04Creature SkillsSkill Spell Sponge
GS061CS01Creature SkillsSkill Flee
GS062CS02Creature SkillsSkill Oh, Yeah? Oh, Yeah! Skill Ohyeahohyeah
GS063CS03Creature SkillsSkill Showdown
GS061EV01EventsAdoring Fan
GS062EV02EventsAngelic Encounter
GS063EV03EventsA Rare Beast
GS064EV04EventsBloody Caravan
GS066EV06EventsDark Waters
GS067EV07EventsDead Body
GS069EV09EventsEerie Calm
GS0610EV10EventsFish Outa Water
GS0611EV11EventsFound Money
GS0612EV12EventsHard Times
GS0613EV13EventsInconsolable Taur
GS0614EV14EventsLightning Storm
GS0615EV15EventsMilixia The Wishmaker
GS0616EV16EventsMouthful o Trouble
GS0617EV17EventsShadowy Stealers
GS0618EV18EventsSoul River
GS0619EV19EventsVisions and Visitiations
GS0620EV20EventsWandering Storyteller
GS061KI01Grimslinger Cute Kipper CardsCatsbane/Manaform of Durability Tracker
GS062KI02Grimslinger Cute Kipper CardsDurability Tracker
GS063KI03Grimslinger Cute Kipper CardsSkill Alloy Amplifier
GS064KI04Grimslinger Cute Kipper CardsSkill Canine Counter
GS065KI05Grimslinger Cute Kipper CardsSkill Elemental Alloy
GS066KI06Grimslinger Cute Kipper CardsSkill Incessant Barking
GS067KI07Grimslinger Cute Kipper CardsSkill Puppy Tum
GS068KI08Grimslinger Cute Kipper CardsSkill Puppy Stance
GS069KI09Grimslinger Cute Kipper CardsSkill Sword Post
GS0610KI10Grimslinger Cute Kipper CardsSkill Transmutation Alloy
GS061LF01Grimslinger La Fleur CardsVampyrism/Feast of Blood Tracker
GS062LF02Grimslinger La Fleur CardsBlood Tracker
GS063LF03Grimslinger La Fleur CardsSkill A Bloody Friend
GS064LF04Grimslinger La Fleur CardsSkill Bear Medic
GS065LF05Grimslinger La Fleur CardsSkill Bonne Nuit
GS066LF06Grimslinger La Fleur CardsSkill De L'ombre
GS067LF07Grimslinger La Fleur CardsSkill Féte Facile
GS068LF08Grimslinger La Fleur CardsSkill Furry Protector
GS069LF09Grimslinger La Fleur CardsSkill Langue Du Sang
GS0610LF10Grimslinger La Fleur CardsSkill Vamypric Abilities
GS061LU01Grimslinger Luella CardsGaia Mind (Red & Blue) showing control
GS062LU02Grimslinger Luella CardsGaia Mind Tracker (Ancient One)
GS063LU03Grimslinger Luella CardsSkill Ancient Acuity
GS064LU04Grimslinger Luella CardsSkill Arbor Annex
GS065LU05Grimslinger Luella CardsSkill Consume
GS066LU06Grimslinger Luella CardsSkill Entangling Roots
GS067LU07Grimslinger Luella CardsSkill Of Two Minds
GS068LU08Grimslinger Luella CardsSkill Splinter Spark
GS069LU09Grimslinger Luella CardsSkill Supplant
GS0610LU10Grimslinger Luella CardsSkill Triage Of Protection
GS061NY01Grimslinger Nyunyo CardsGravemaker (Revolver Graphic)
GS062NY02Grimslinger Nyunyo CardsGravemaker Ammo Belt Tracker
GS063NY03Grimslinger Nyunyo CardsGravemaker Bullet Chamber
GS064NY04Grimslinger Nyunyo CardsSkill Charged Chamber
GS065NY05Grimslinger Nyunyo CardsSkill Feline Springboard
GS066NY06Grimslinger Nyunyo CardsSkill Gun Cata
GS067NY07Grimslinger Nyunyo CardsSkill Hammer Time
GS068NY08Grimslinger Nyunyo CardsSkill Nine Lives
GS069NY09Grimslinger Nyunyo CardsSkill Ghost MarkSkill Savvy Scav
GS0610NY10Grimslinger Nyunyo CardsSkill Showstopper
GS0611NY11Grimslinger Nyunyo CardsSkill Spirit Voyeur
GS061FT01Fate DeckClubs, Ace
GS062FT02Fate DeckClubs, Two
GS063FT03Fate DeckClubs, Three
GS064FT04Fate DeckClubs, Four
GS065FT05Fate DeckClubs, Five
GS066FT06Fate DeckClubs, Six
GS067FT07Fate DeckClubs, Seven
GS068FT08Fate DeckClubs, Eight
GS069FT09Fate DeckClubs, Nine
GS0610FT10Fate DeckClubs, Ten
GS0611FT11Fate DeckClubs, Jack
GS0612FT12Fate DeckClubs, Queen
GS0613FT13Fate DeckClubs, King
GS0614FT14Fate DeckDiamonds, Ace
GS0615FT15Fate DeckDiamonds, Two
GS0616FT16Fate DeckDiamonds, Three
GS0617FT17Fate DeckDiamonds, Four
GS0618FT18Fate DeckDiamonds, Five
GS0619FT19Fate DeckDiamonds, Six
GS0620FT20Fate DeckDiamonds, Seven
GS0621FT21Fate DeckDiamonds, Eight
GS0622FT22Fate DeckDiamonds, Nine
GS0623FT23Fate DeckDiamonds, Ten
GS0624FT24Fate DeckDiamonds, Jack
GS0625FT25Fate DeckDiamonds, Queen
GS0626FT26Fate DeckDiamonds, King
GS0627FT27Fate DeckHearts, Ace
GS0628FT28Fate DeckHearts, Two
GS0629FT29Fate DeckHearts, Three
GS0630FT30Fate DeckHearts, Four
GS0631FT31Fate DeckHearts, Five
GS0632FT32Fate DeckHearts, Six
GS0633FT33Fate DeckHearts, Seven
GS0634FT34Fate DeckHearts, Eight
GS0635FT35Fate DeckHearts, Nine
GS0636FT36Fate DeckHearts, Ten
GS0637FT37Fate DeckHearts, Jack
GS0638FT38Fate DeckHearts, Queen
GS0639FT39Fate DeckHearts, King
GS0640FT40Fate DeckSpades, Ace
GS0641FT41Fate DeckSpades, Two
GS0642FT42Fate DeckSpades, Three
GS0643FT43Fate DeckSpades, Four
GS0644FT44Fate DeckSpades, Five
GS0645FT45Fate DeckSpades, Six
GS0646FT46Fate DeckSpades, Seven
GS0647FT47Fate DeckSpades, Eight
GS0648FT48Fate DeckSpades, Nine
GS0649FT49Fate DeckSpades, Ten
GS0650FT50Fate DeckSpades, Jack
GS0651FT51Fate DeckSpades, Queen
GS0652FT52Fate DeckSpades, King
GS0653FT53Fate DeckWild, Black Portal
GS0654FT54Fate DeckWild, Blue Portal
GS0655FT55Fate DeckWild, White Portal
GS0656FT56Fate DeckWild, Red Portal
GS061IR01Item Cards\Ritual ItemsBeebop Crystal
GS062IR02Item Cards\Ritual ItemsDaemon Ash
GS063IR03Item Cards\Ritual ItemsGobo Boog
GS064IR04Item Cards\Ritual ItemsMushroom BrainMush Dust
GS065IR05Item Cards\Ritual ItemsTaur HideTroll Hide
GS066IR06Item Cards\Ritual ItemsWisp Heart
GS061IL01Item Cards\Legendary ItemsDampening Ring
GS062IL02Item Cards\Legendary ItemsHellsmouth PauldronEnchanted Frog Mouth
GS063IL03Item Cards\Legendary ItemsHelm of the UndyingHelm of the Reaper
GS064IL04Item Cards\Legendary ItemsLlama Head Hat
GS065IL05Item Cards\Legendary ItemsBlue AngelNanny Sprite
GS066IL06Item Cards\Legendary ItemsPotis Stone
GS067IL07Item Cards\Legendary ItemsEnchanted Skull CageRuned Skull Cage
GS068IL08Item Cards\Legendary ItemsWarlight Gauntlets
GS061MI01MiscDaemon Scourge
GS062MI02MiscReference Card 01
GS063MI03MiscReference Card 02 (duplicate of 01)
GS064MI04MiscStory Marker Heart Path
GS065MI05MiscStory Marker Llama Path
GS066MI06MiscStory Marker Skull Path
GS071AN01Advanced DuelsAnima D20
GS072AN02Advanced DuelsAnima Square
GS071CT01Advanced DuelsCreature Energy Tracker (Blue)
GS072CT02Advanced DuelsCreature Health Tracker (Red)
GS071ET01Advanced DuelsEnergy Tracker Helpful
GS072ET02Advanced DuelsEnergy Tracker Rude
GS071GS01Grimslinger PortraitsBarceline
GS072GS02Grimslinger PortraitsLarry The Llama
GS071HT01Advanced DuelsHealth Tracker Cool
GS072HT02Advanced DuelsHealth Tracker Obnoxious
GS071RC01MiscCreature Referene Card
GS072RC02MiscDuel Referene Card
GS073RC03MiscDuel Referene Card
GS071WK01Creature PortraitsCreature Witchking Simulation
GS072WK02Creature SkillsSkill Devils Breath
GS073WK03Creature SkillsSkill Dimensional Phase
GS074WK04Creature SkillsSkill Don't Move
GS075WK05Creature SkillsSkill Elemental Catalyst
GS076WK06Creature SkillsSkill Elemental CocktailSkill Elemental Onslaught
GS077WK07Creature SkillsSkill Etherbind
GS078WK08Creature SkillsSkill Fire And Brimstone
GS079WK09Creature SkillsSkill MirrorerSkill Invert
GS0710WK10Creature SkillsSkill Jaws Of Death
GS0711WK11Creature SkillsSkill Mounted Assault
GS0712WK12Creature SkillsSkill Rampage
GS0713WK13Creature SkillsSkill The Chase
GS077SS07Spells\DuelsMana Burn
GS081GS01Collectors Pack\GrimslingerIcarus
GS082GS02Collectors Pack\GrimslingerLoard-Briar
GS081RC01Collectors Pack\RetroBarceline
GS082RC02Collectors Pack\RetroGilgamesh
GS083RC03Collectors Pack\RetroLarry
GS084RC04Collectors Pack\RetroMojitoMohito
GS085RC05Collectors Pack\RetroMoondanceNephilius
GS086RC06Collectors Pack\RetroWestwood
GS081PS01Collectors Pack\SpellsDark
GS082PS02Collectors Pack\SpellsDark
GS083PS03Collectors Pack\SpellsDark
GS084PS04Collectors Pack\SpellsDark
GS085PS05Collectors Pack\SpellsDark
GS086PS06Collectors Pack\SpellsLight
GS087PS07Collectors Pack\SpellsLight
GS088PS08Collectors Pack\SpellsLight
GS089PS09Collectors Pack\SpellsLight
GS0810PS10Collectors Pack\SpellsLight
GS081DM01Collectors Pack\Duel ModifiersBadlands
GS082DM02Collectors Pack\Duel ModifiersCreepy Hollow
GS083DM03Collectors Pack\Duel ModifiersCursed Cemetary
GS084DM04Collectors Pack\Duel ModifiersGhost Town
GS085DM05Collectors Pack\Duel ModifiersPillars of The West
GS086DM06Collectors Pack\Duel ModifiersSpeeding Locomotive
GS091HE01Character Card Pack\HenriettaHenrietta
GS092HE02Character Card Pack\HenriettaArcana/Ether Draw
GS093HE03Character Card Pack\HenriettaArcana Tracker
GS094HE04Character Card Pack\HenriettaCrowmage
GS095HE05Character Card Pack\HenriettaSkill Elemental Ward
GS096HE06Character Card Pack\HenriettaSkill Premonition
GS097HE07Character Card Pack\HenriettaSkill SpellarangSkill Recall
GS098HE08Character Card Pack\HenriettaSkill Speedcantation
GS099HE09Character Card Pack\HenriettaSkill Spellpuku
GS0910HE10Character Card Pack\HenriettaSkill Super Mega Ultra Magic Missiles
GS0911HE11Character Card Pack\HenriettaSkill Twincantation
GS091RE01Character Card Pack\RedRed
GS092RE02Character Card Pack\RedConspire (Current Prowess)
GS093RE03Character Card Pack\RedProwess Tracker
GS094RE04Character Card Pack\RedSkill Crackerjack
GS095RE05Character Card Pack\RedSkill Forage Fiend
GS096RE06Character Card Pack\RedSkill Junk Trap
GS097RE07Character Card Pack\RedSkill Salty
GS098RE08Character Card Pack\RedSkill Spell Trap
GS099RE09Character Card Pack\RedSkill SleuthSkill The Sleuth Swipe
GS0910RE10Character Card Pack\RedSkill Trash Panda
GS0911RE11Character Card Pack\RedSkill Uber-Dextrous
GS101LI01Item Cards\Legendary ItemsKing Frumlummin
GS102LI02Item Cards\Legendary ItemsMageek Sheyeld
GS103LI03Item Cards\Legendary ItemsNecromantic Claymore
GS104LI04Item Cards\Legendary ItemsRing of Gonzales
GS105LI05Item Cards\Legendary ItemsIdol of the Old God
GS121SC01AnimasSorting Card Animas
GS122SC02CreatureSorting Card Angsty Goblins
GS123SC03CreatureSorting Card Bandits
GS124SC04CreatureSorting Card Beebopnid
GS125SC05CreatureSorting Card Chupacabra
GS126SC06CreatureSorting Card Dune Wurm
GS127SC07CreatureSorting Card General Creature
GS128SC08CreatureSorting Card Jackalope
GS129SC09CreatureSorting Card Magic Mushroom
GS1210SC10CreatureSorting Card Nude Taur
GS1211SC11CreatureSorting Card Peyote Scorpion
GS1212SC12CreatureSorting Card Soul Hunter
GS1213SC13CreatureSorting Card Specter
GS1214SC14CreatureSorting Card Wisp
GS1215SC15EventsSorting Card Events
GS1216SC16Fate CardsSorting Card Fate
GS1217SC17GrimslingersSorting Card Kipper
GS1218SC18GrimslingersSorting Card Grimslingers
GS1219SC19GrimslingersSorting Card Lafleur
GS1220SC20GrimslingersSorting Card Luella
GS1221SC21GrimslingersSorting Card Nyunyo
GS1222SC22Hp and EP TRACKERSSorting Card Health Energy Trackers
GS1223SC23ItemsSorting Card Items
GS1224SC24MiscellaneousSorting Card Misc
GS1225SC25Modifiers/DispositionsSorting Card Creature Modifiers Dispositions
GS1226SC26Number CardsSorting Card Numbers
GS1227SC27SpellsSorting Card Elements
GS1228SC28SpellsSorting Card Signatures
GS1229SC29Target CardsSorting Card Targets
GS1230SC30Witch King / AlthaiaSorting Card Witch King

Grimslingers The Northern Territory Errata

typeFile/deckpg/cardold text or questionupdated text or answerBGG thread
clarificationGS06_RuleBook(5.5x8.5in)v1.533in pargraph, moved to it's own bullet for clarificationIf told to draw a specific item that is already in the item discard pile (such as a ritual item), players will still get to take the item by drawing it from the discard pile. However, if told to gain a specific item that is already owned by another player, nothing will be drawn, and ownership of that item will not change.BGG thread
clarificationGS06_RuleBook(5.5x8.5in)v1.536Bounties: Side objectives that are tangential to the main objective of the campaign. Bounties are found in the Area booklet, and can be completed in either campaign or free roam mode.Bounties: Side objectives that are tangential to the main objective of the campaign. Bounties are found in the Area booklet, and can be completed in either campaign or free roam mode. You may start bounties during the narrative phase of the adventure turn, before or after you resolve a story part (if you have one to resolve).BGG thread
clarificationGS09_Character Packn/aWhere do we find that information fot the kickstarter exclusive characters?Arcana starts at 0, Prowess starts at 3. Henrietta's witchcraft skills can be used with any character that doesn't have their own set of skills yet.BGG thread
typoGS06_AreaBook(5.5x8.5in)v1.14Special Note: Typically, a Jack represents a special event; however, in this area the Jack of Hearts, Spades and Clubs represent landmarks.Special Note: Typically, a Jack represents a special event; however, in this area the Jack of Diamonds, Hearts, and Clubs represent landmarks.BGG thread
typoGS06_AreaBook(5.5x8.5in)v1.15Gain 2 HP and 2 EP. Players must then choose one option as a group.Gain 2 HP and 2 EP. Players may then choose one option as a group.BGG thread
typoGS06_AreaBook(5.5x8.5in)v1.17To Red River - White PortalTo Red River - Red PortalBGG thread
typoGS06_AreaBook(5.5x8.5in)v1.112To The Valley of Death - White PortalTo The Valley of Death - Red PortalBGG thread
typoGS06_RuleBook(5.5x8.5in)v1.530Example 2: When a creature runs out of active cards, a player must reload and reactivate that creature’s skill cards on their behalf. The duel with Becca has progressed and it is now the Standoff phase. The Bandits only have 8 EP left, and all 9 of their skill cards are in their discard pile - meaning they must attempt to reload them this phase. To do this, Becca lowers the Bandits EP by 4leaving them with 1 EP (because a creature will never lower their own EP to 0 to reload cards). Becca then shuffles the creature’s discard pile, takes four random cards and places them face down in the creature’s active card pile.Example 2: When a creature runs out of active cards, a player must reload and reactivate that creature’s skill cards on their behalf. The duel with Becca has progressed and it is now the Standoff phase. The Bandits only have 6 EP left, and all six of their skill cards are in their discard pile - meaning they must attempt to reload them this phase. To do this, Becca lowers the Bandits EP by 5 leaving them with 1 EP (because a creature will never lower their own EP to 0 in order to reload cards). Becca then shuffles the creature’s discard pile, takes five random cards and places them face down in the creature’s active card pile.BGG thread
typoGS06_Sheet_Progress-Tracker(5.5x8.5in)v1.13Preparing to play as Barceline with the Witchcraft skills I went to purchase Elemental Ward with my initial PP only to see that it costs 88PP. Every other skill costs 8PP so just wanting to confirm that this is meant to be a cost of 8 as well.Hm, if it says 88pp, that is definitely a typo. It should cost 8.BGG thread
Q/APlayer Questionsn/aIn the rulebook it says after the creature is defeated, if you are on a landmark tile or the duel was part of the story, proceed to the REST PHASE. My question is: Do bounties count as part of the story? I was going to do the bounty in the upper left corner of the valley. The tile was an attack tile. Bounties take place before or after the narrative phase. If i would complete this bounty, do I then need to resolve the attack node? Which would basically be back to back duels. Hope this makes sense.During the tile resolution phase, you may choose to resolve a bounty (if you meet the prerequisites) instead of resolving the area tile you are on. If you choose to resolve a bounty while on a legendary chest or key area tile, those may be resolved before, and in addition to, a bounty.BGG thread
Grimslingers The Northern Territory & core 3rd printing Errata/clarifications.

Grimslingers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Grimslingers.
Q: Where do we find that information for the kickstarter exclusive characters?A: Henrietta's Arcana starts at 0, and Red's Prowess starts at 3. When playing the co-op campaign, both Arcana and Prowess persist between duels, and only reset when starting a new game session. Henrietta's witchcraft skills can be used with any character that doesn't have their own set of skills yet. You can learn more about Red and Henrietta on this page under their rules tab.
Q: Where do all cards go when they are over your hand/stash/passive space limit?A: This depends on the type of card. Anytime you draw items over your limits, you can organize your hand/stash and figure out what items to keep and which to get rid. of If you acquire new items and you are out of space, you can get rid of an item you already own by discarding it and acquiring the new item (Which can be done from either your hand or stash, since you are free to reorganize both at this time). When acquiring spells and skills (which only happens while you're on a landmark node), if you don't have room in your stash/passive space/hand, the new card will go directly to your deactivate pile.
Q: Am I required to increase my hand/stash/passive before I buy new spells with my progress points? Or can I just buy and choose what to keep in my hand and stash from all my available cards at the beginning of a session?A: At the start of a session, you will choose where the cards you own go (stash, passive space, hand, or deactivate pile). If you acquire new spells/skills during a session and you're over your hand/stash limits, you can put the new card directly into your deactivate pile. Since you typically get new spells/skills while on a landmark node (where you are able to spend you progress points), you also have a rest phase and can freely organize your hand/stash as you see fit.
Q: When playing the core game's Valley of Death campaign, do I use both the new Area Booklet and the old Valley of Death Story Booklet? And then follow the new rules, so PP instead of levels, etc.? And do I start on the Valley Haven tile?A: Yes, yes and yes. Just don't pay attention to the individual landmark stuff in the core game's Valley of Death storybooklet. That's all been updated in the expansion's Area booklet. Essentially you are following the core game's story using the expansion's mechanics.
Q: If you start the campaign and buy 4 new spells, you will exceed the total allowable cards in your hand/stash. Do you remove from the game the spells you don't want to stay under the hand/stash cap limit at start of game?A: No! New spells go to your deactivate pile if your stash/passive space/hand limit is maxed. Since you are on a landmark node when you acquire these new cards, you have a rest phase where you are freely able to reorganize your hand and stash.
Q: Movement on first turn of adventure? Is this phase skipped on the first turn at the beginning of the campaign?A: For the Valley of Death campaign, yes. For the child of light campaign, the adventure turn technically doesn't start until after the Preface.
Q: If I am playing the campaign(s) solo, is there anything I don't need?A; If you are playing solo, you need only worry about one character's skill cards and element cards.
Q: If I only want to experience the updated content, what components don't I need from the 3rd edition core gameA: Things you don't need (for either of the campaigns) when using 4th edition rulebook: 1. Target Cards | 2. Archetype Cards | 3. Level Trackers | 4. You DO need at least 1 set of dark and light, but do not need all sets (if you got the collector's card pack that came with several sets. | 5. 3rd Edition Rulebook]
Q: The Northern Territories booklet mentions only four characters, and each comes with their own special skills and trackers. But what if I wanted to play one of the other characters who do not have such sets, say, like Barceline? Do I just play without special skills or am I required to choose between the four characters who do have those cards?A: Technically, you can play a character who doesn't have skills in the 4th edition, but you'll be seriously underpowered. You can make up for this by loading up on signature spells. Most importantly, you can use Henrietta's "witchcraft" skills for any Grimslinger who doesn't have their own set.
Q: Where do I put the character piece when starting the campaign?A: Each campaign booklet (The Valley of Death and The Child of Light) tell you where to place your character piece at the start of the story. The Northern Territory's Area Booklet does not tell you where to place your character piece, but does tell you how to setup the board prior to placing your piece for the story.
Q: Do bounties count as part of the story? In the rulebook it says after the creature is defeated, if you are on a landmark tile or the duel was part of the story, proceed to the REST PHASE. If I'm on an attack node when I complete the bounty, do I then need to resolve the attack node (for back to back duels)?A: During the tile resolution phase, you may choose to resolve a bounty (if you meet the prerequisites) instead of resolving the area tile you are on. If you choose to resolve a bounty while on a legendary chest or key area tile, those may be resolved before, and in addition to, a bounty. So no - if you are on an attack node when you complete a bounty you do not need to fight back to back duels.
Q: If I get to zero EP do I die? An enemy can be defeated by either reducing its HP or EP to zero. Is this the same with my character?You are not defeated if your EP reaches 0. There are multiple ways to defeat creatures, but only one way to take down a Grimsligner - Health
Q: At the end of the campaign booklet it says go to Greenbrier's website to obtain next part of campaign, where? I couldn't find it.The second part will be added to this site as a PDF when Stephen Gibson has completed it. He is waiting to hear lots of feedback on the Child of Light campaign so he can give people more of what they liked about the campaign and less (or none) or what they didn't like.
Q: What happens when you are forced to discard and item that says "deactivate on use?"A: Typically, if you are forced to discard an item as a result of an event or story moment that item goes into the common item discard pile, regardless what it says on the card. Thematically, those items are being stolen, traded, or otherwise destroyed as part of the story. If you are using or activating an item to respond to a story moment or event, then you follow the instructions on the card (i.e. deactivate that item instead of discarding it).
Q: When should I use Disposition cards?A: Use dispositions for all monster duels triggered by Attack tiles, event cards, Landmarks, or bounties. Do not use disposition cards for monster duels initiated by the story booklet unless otherwise instructed to do so.
Q: Can La Fleur's Vampyrism be used during the adventure turn rest phase?A: No. Vampyrism requires a target. It can only be used during the Standoff phase of a duel.
Q: How do Bounties work?A: Bounties are one of the main focuses of Free Roam mode, but can be completed during any Tall Tale game mode. To complete a bounty, turn to the bounty section of the specific area you are currently exploring in the Area booklet. If the prerequisites are met, you may begin the bounty during the Rest phase of an adventure turn, before or after you have taken your Standoff actions for that rest phase.

Note: Once a bounty has been successfully resolved, it cannot be initiated again unless at least one player in the group has not completed it.

The activities required to complete a bounty vary. Once a bounty has begun, players cannot complete any more story parts until either completing or abandoning that bounty. If players abandon a bounty, they may choose to begin again if prerequisites are met. If you are defeated during a bounty, refer to the defeat section that most closely resembles the activity you were doing. In most cases, this will either be defeat during a creature duel or an Event area tile.

Note: Any duels entered into when resolving a bounty will use Creature Dispositions for that encounter, unless stated otherwise in the listed bounty.

Bounties offer a variety of rewards. In addition to any loot described in the bounty itself, be sure to check the bounty off on your character’s achievement tracker.
Q: Do cards that say "the amount of EP/HP the target is missing" refer to the max value possible on the tracker, or the targets current max stat?A: The cards refer to the target's current maximum EP/HP value. If the target's max EP is 7, and they are currently at 2 EP, they are missing 5 EP.
Q: Does +NV apply to another "+X NV" listed on a card?A: Yes! For example: An action in the Standoff phases gives you +1 NV to all other cards you play this turn. You then play the spell Magnify, which allows you to play a new card with +1 NV. That third spell you play recieves a total of +3 NV (+1 NV from your Standoff action, and then +2 from Magnify, because Magnify is also affected by the Standoff action).
Q: What is the definiton of "steal?"A: The target of the steal effect loses the designated card, and the user of the steal effect gains the designated card. During the Tall Tale, items stolen by cratures or event cards are placed in the common discard pile.
Q: What's the purpose of Flee standoff action?A: The duel immediately ends, and you lose 1 defeat. However, you dont spend your resources (like HP, EP, or cards) trying to defeat a creature you don't think you can beat. It also saves you the time and embarrassment of being defeated by a Nude Tauren.
Q: Does the item deck ever run out? And if so, what happens?A: Its very unlikely at lower player counts, but in a 4 player game it is technically possible to run out of items. If it happens, you shuffle the item discard and flip it face down into a new item deck. In an earlier addition of the 1st campaign, players were awarded way too many items as currency, more than you'd know what to do with. In the new 4th edition area booklet, the game is much more stingy with items.
Q: When paying 8PP for buying signature spells, are you actually buying the two listed - or just one and it means that you cannot buy the other?A: You're buying both. They are paired together to help promote variety.
Q: Bloodlust and Siphon both seem like potential instakillers of creatures in some cases. Is that ok?A: Yeah! Definitely ok if you can pull it off.
Q: Do Portals go into Fate deck (after you build the area)?A: No. Keep portals out of the fate deck unless instructed to use them to construct an area.
Q: Should the Hexillion Blade be part of the Item deck in Tell Tale?A: Nope. The Hexillion blade is kept in with the miscellaneous cards, off to the side. The three fragments of the sword are, however, kept in the item deck.
Q: If a creature's HP reaches 0 before their card activates, does that card still resolve?A: No. Like dueling players, if a target's HP reaches 0 before their card resolves, that card does not resolve.
Q: Can you clarify what I keep and what I don't when cleaning up a session?A: When ending a game session, follow these steps:

Review the Achievement tracker and mark off any achievements you may have missed.

Double check that all progress points are accounted for on your Progress Tracker, and that any unspent progress points have been noted. Players may also choose to reset and re-allocate progress points before their next session.

Make a note of what area you were defeated in. If you were playing campaign mode, also note what chapter and story part you last completed, and if any story markers that have been acquired. If you are immediately starting a new session, scroll down for start locations.

If starting a new game session, return all cards in your discard and deactivate piles to your hand or stash. Reset your HP / EP to your max, and your special resource tracker to its regular starting point. If ending a game session, keep all of the cards required for your character, and purchased via the progress tracker, together and return them to the game box. This will make it easier to start a new game session in the future.

Return all other cards to the game box(es) or, if starting a new game session, their respective decks and locations within the Tall Tale game space (items to the item deck, etc) and reshuffle them.

Note: Item cards are not kept between game sessions, and should be returned to the box or their respective decks if you are going to start a new session (including legendary items).

Note: If players acquired the Daemon Scourge card, they may discard it when ending or starting a new session. Area Start Locations: You may only start in these locations if you ended a game session in these areas or were defeated there.

Valley of Death = The Valley Haven (King of Hearts)
Red River = The Point of No Return (King of Spades)
The Gates of Hell = Black or Red Portal
The Northern Outskirts = Jane’s Outpost (King of Hearts)
The Down Under = Red Portal
The Great Deep = Start at the Down Under Red Portal.
Q: when begining a player vs player duel, during setup it says that players should pick 4 out of 8 skill cards and then leave the rest to the side. What does "off to the side mean?"A: It means out of the game. You will not be able to use those cards for this duel.
Q: When instructed to discard cards, can you do so from your deactivate pile or stash?A: You may never discard from your deactivate pile. If an event, story moment, or landmark tells you to discard, you may do so from either your hand or stash. During a duel, if a creature or player effect instructs you to discard, you may only do so from your hand.