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This is Folklore, an adventure board game like you’ve never seen before with over 5 years of development. Play one of 6 characters in a 1-5 player game that requires no game master. It is set in our own past, where characters acquire Lore as they face and defeat the malign and supernatural forces known as Afflictions. Explore the countryside amidst winding mountain passes and overgrown trails…down the halls of opulent manors and ancient castles and through dark and deep places, you are on a quest to uncover the Lore which binds the evils to our world and lets them pass unchallenged. You play one whose destiny is linked to hunting down those things which brought terror to our people, those things which led them to change their culture, spread salt on their doorsteps and hang garlic in their windowsills. Folklore: the Affliction is a highly immersive board game of epic scale and expandability. Multi-layer Character development and player interaction spearheads this collaborative ongoing adventure in a quest to drive the darkness back into the hell from which it came.


Travel the countryside of the old world. Move from towns and farms to objective locations in your hunt for Lore and your quest for liberation of the people from the plagues that haunt them. Gather up your Lore to acquire abilities and to power artifacts long forgotten. Travel to places in search of clues and combat your enemies in a struggle for the safety of man. Move into adventure locations and use your miniature to traverse the boards to explore, uncover mystery and stake a sleeping vampire in its coffin!


Intense story telling and combat action that pits you against your most frightening foes with strategy building both on and off the battlefield , resource management, power consumption and item creation that makes Folklore: the Affliction an experience you wont forget. You’ve never seen it like this…you’ve never played it like this—with top notch story design, attention to detail, art that brings you into the adventure and into your character. We haven’t spared any expense over the past 5 years on design and playtesting to bring you the game we always wanted to play. This is a game made by lifelong gamers who love the best of RPGs and adventure board games as well as strategy and player interaction. Continue to visit our website as the Kickstarter funds for source material and even more downloadable content as well as updates and a place to post your home-grown adventures, items and creatures for others to play with. We encourage fan creativity and would love to see your imaginations build the world of Folklore. Look for a contest to help us build our world with your ideas.

The Characters

Each character has their own skills and sets of unique abilities to acquire and master in their rise towards dominance in the war against evil. Each has a distinctive depth and feel with nearly 100 abilities and endless re-playability. Folklore is as much about character development, storyline and immersion as it is exploration and combat. Engage in making your character more alive than any other board game as your choices guide your destiny and the path of your companions.

The Afflictions

Each Affliction is known by name and is a paragon of power and a threat to the countryside. Every adventure focuses around the blight caused by types of Afflictions whether they be Mortal, Shapeshifter, Undead, Spirit, Occultist, Demonic or Nature foes. Many creatures plague the people and the land, those whose strengths are unique among them are called Afflictions.


One of things that makes Folklore:The Affliction unique is the storytelling element that weaves the game together. Decisions made by the players change the story and fork the destiny of the outcomes in each adventure. This Intense story telling and combat action pits you against your most frightening foes with strategy building both on and off the battlefield, resource management, power consumption and item creation. Will you accept this quest to purge evil from this land?

  • Cooperative play for 1-5 players: Adventure through a dark fantasy/horror role playing environment that will require working together to use the best group strategy for defeating the Afflictions and earning the best gear. The adventure intensity scales to match the number of players in your session. Protect yourself and your friends. Beware the powers of darkness which can make your friends become infected with lycanthropy or vampirism or become possessed.
  • Immersive RPG style feel without a GM: With all the great games that have come before, immersive play often requires a Game Master, but in Folklore the Affliction, all the players cooperate as characters in the story! Everyone gets to play. The Narrative and intuitive creature AI challenges the players to use their gear and ingenuity to succeed or fail and ultimately steer the path of the adventure.
  • Tactical miniature combat: During exploration, your characters will be challenged by their environment and engage in dangerous miniatures-based combat as well as non-miniatures based skirmishes. Characters battle in intuitive strategic combats and locales that require interaction even during combat. Who will hold off the Wraith in combat while another character races to the sarcophagus to close the lid? Will you choose to pull a lever while battling an undead horde in order to trap the rest of their forces behind a portcullis?
  • Character development: Choose your character’s focus and profession, gear them up for adventure and combat, and customize then the way you choose by assigning advancement points and purchasing abilities and items.
  • Immersive storylines: Each game session is like playing through a dark fantasy/horror novel or movie. The narrative immerses the players as they make game-changing choices and interactions that can alter the course of the storyline and determine the outcome and the path toward victory.
  • Campaign style play: Completing a story is not the end. Advance your characters, gain weapons, artifacts, companions, and abilities and bring them into the next story with all their gear. Customize each character your way as they advance by spending points in the skills and abilities you choose.
  • Death is only the beginning: If you have a fatality, you are not out of the game, you instead play on as your ghost with ethereal ghostly powers to rise up against evil from beyond the veil.
  • Find companions: Gain or hire the townsfolk and the animals in this hell-oppressed place and lead them into the darkness as you face the evils that threaten to devour you all.

Folklore the Affliction is a dark fantasy role playing board game for 1-5 players that does not require a game master. Adventure in a land steeped in fear, myth and superstition. Hunt or be hunted by creatures of antiquity and legend. Explore dangerous locales to find clues to the sources of evil sinking claws into the heart of the land, and decimating the populace. Defend the weak from the scourge of witchcraft and the demonic, the taint of lycanthropy and vampirism. Advance through highly immersive stories of epic scale with multi-layer character development in an on-going quest to drive the darkness back into the hell from which it came.

There are many people that have embarked together on this quest to aide in the development of Folklore:The Affliction. Here are a few:

  • Adam & Brady Sadler, designers of Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition and Warhammer Quest: the Adventure Card Game, have joined the team and are co-developing Folklore: The Affliction. Their experience and professionalism has taken the development of Folklore: The Affliction to new heights.
  • Jason Engle, is the artist behind Folklore: The Affliction and is responsible for bringing the depth and style that makes it such an artistically immersive game. No stranger to the fantasy realm, he has been creating and publishing his work for the past 16 years. He is easily recognizable by his art pieces for Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Legend of the Five Rings, Pathfinder, and is the artist guest of honor from PaizoCon 2015. His talents bring the Folklore characters and cartography to life. See more of his work at
  • Ed Greenwood. In between game sessions you can continue your adventures in Folklore: The Affliction by reading novels from Ed Greenwood and members of The Ed Greenwood Group’s Sessorium of Creatives. Greenwood is the creator of the Forgotten Realms® and a myriad of other worlds, universes, and shared settings and a New York Times best-selling author of literally thousands of works that have sold over a quarter billion units (250,000,000) in a dazzling array of formats in over 40 languages in more than 120 countries.
    Working with the creative leads at Twin Fire Productions, Ed Greenwood is overseeing a series of almost 40 novels that will begin with his own Folklore tale: The Whispering Skull (December, 2016). This creative partnership will also be working together to create Quickblade role playing game adventures based in the Folklore setting giving fans a whole new way to explore and enjoy Folklore: The Affliction!
Game Play
Players choose their story, which contain chapters that provide convenient stopping points for controlling session lengths. Stories escalate in difficulty as the characters unearth lore to defeat ancient evils known as Afflictions and drive them back into the hell from which they came. Your party of 1-5 characters travel together, explore the world map, and encounter some surprises along the way! Search corridors and catacombs, solve puzzles, earn gear, set traps, avoid snares, gain companions, learn abilities, and more!
Once the heroes reach a site of interest, the game shifts into a miniatures-based dungeon crawl with map boards revealing those dark places where only the brave or insane would venture. Each character is able to interact with the tactical adventure maps, use their equipment, skills and weaponry to do combat with beautifully sculpted creature and Affliction miniatures.
If your character dies in Folklore: The Affliction, it is not the end. You continue play as your character’s spirit! Ghost characters can fight with the strength of the spirit and duel otherworldly foes. The town physician can bring you back to life. That is, unless your spirit has gone to Limbo…only the gypsies can help you then, for a price! Characters who pass into Limbo, a place beyond the ghostly realms, return to life with a tarot card which dictates their destiny.

Meet the Characters

Each character has their own skills and sets of unique abilities to acquire and master in their rise towards dominance in the war against evil. Each character is distinct in role and depth with unique customization and endless re-playability. Folklore is as much about character development, as it is about dark and gritty exploration and combat.

  1. The Witch Hunter: A fanatical bounty hunter sworn to rid the land of evil magics. He is a tracker and a marksman with the crossbow.
  2. The Telepath: A talented mentalist who can access unique and powerful abilities. She can crush the brain matter of her foes and throw enemies with the power of her mind.
  3. The Avenging Madman: A revenge-driven farmer whose family was slaughtered by otherworldly forces. Vengeance is his only remaining purpose and rage is his weapon!
  4. The Arcanist: A seeker of lost knowledge. Her understanding of the occult is peerless and she is able to harness the power of rituals.
  5. The Archeologist: A world-traveler and scholar seeking knowledge of things ancient and mystical. He carries a whip that can hinder his foes.
  6. The Exorcist: A priest sent to rid the land of evil. Formidable and feared by the followers of darkness, he is armed with a connection to the divine and has access to prayers.

PDF's & Downloads

FL01 - Character Booklets (11x8.5in)(PnP)(core).pdf 943.06kB 2017-11-03
FL01 - Folklore Keywords (8.5x11in).pdf 2.01MB 2017-10-17
FL01 - Reference Sheet large(4x6in).pdf 3.77MB 2017-10-16
FL01 - Rulebook (8.5x11in) web-2017-04-11.pdf 95.24MB 2017-04-11
FL01 - Rulebook (8.5x11in) web-2017-06-19.pdf 119.66MB 2017-06-19
FL02 - Character Booklets (11x8.5in)(PnP)(dark-tales).pdf 1.25MB 2017-11-13
FL02 - Dungeon Crawl Rules (Print Friendly)(8.5x11in).pdf 1.19MB 2017-10-18
FL10 - Encounter-Session pad large(6x4in).pdf 172.33kB 2017-09-25
FL11 - Character Sheet Solo(11x8.5in).pdf 1.27MB 2017-11-20
FL11 - Character pad(Revised) large(6x4in).pdf 154.12kB 2018-08-07
FL11 - Character pad(Revised) oversized(11x8.5in).pdf 114.60kB 2019-04-18
FL11 - Character pad large(6x4in).pdf 104.48kB 2017-09-25
FL14 - Demons & Dark Artifacts PDF Story(5.5x8.5in - original)(Dropbox redirection).url 120.00B 1970-01-01
FL14 - Demons & Dark Artifacts PDF Story(8.5x11in)(Dropbox redirection).url 131.00B 1970-01-01
FL14 - Demons-n-dark-artifacts(8.5x11in) Revised-PnP.pdf 8.26MB 2019-02-06
FL23 - Adventure Creation Kit (Dropbox redirection zip archive).url 130.00B 2017-10-23
FL23 - Adventure Creation Kit+Community Content (Dropbox redirection).url 163.00B 2018-01-15
FL28 - Aftermath PDF Story (Dropbox redirection).url 130.00B 2017-10-23
FL31 - Rulebook (8.5x11in)(2nd Edition).pdf 131.69MB 2020-06-05
FL31 - Rulebook (8.5x11in)(2nd Edition) print-only.pdf 131.33MB 2020-06-05
FL32 - Additional-rules(8.5x11in).pdf 6.15MB 2018-09-20
FL35 - Story Journal-Stolen-Heart(8.5x11in) Revised.pdf 24.37MB 2018-09-14
FL38 - Updated Cards-n-booklets (8.5x11in) PnP.pdf 24.02MB 2020-01-27
FL39 - Equipment-pack Cards-mini all(8.5x11in) PnP.pdf 92.13MB 2020-06-15
FL40 - Ame-print-n-play(8.5x11in) PnP.pdf 4.99MB 2019-10-10
FL47 - Missing-cardsi(8.5x11in) PnP.pdf 7.38MB 2018-11-09
FLX1 - KS-Redemption-story(1of4)(8.5x11in).pdf 12.70MB 2018-12-18
FLXX - Community-Created-Tales - Story Journal(8.5x11in).pdf 11.63MB 2018-09-12
FLXX - Fix-Bent-Miniatures-Tutorial(8.5x11in).pdf 4.21MB 2018-08-31
FLXX - Folklore-the-affliction-ambient-mixer[link].url 155.00B 2018-08-23
FLXX - Painting Guide (8.5x11in).pdf 46.95MB 2018-01-10
FLXX - Tale of the Alchemist Part 1 (8.5x11in).pdf 2.13MB 2020-02-10
FLXX - status-token 5-players-worth(8.5x11in) PnP.pdf 5.31MB 2018-03-23
FLXX-Ability-tokens3.0.pdf 3.53MB 2018-09-21
FLXX-TaleoftheAlchemistPart1(8.5x11in).pdf 2.13MB 2020-02-10
FLXX Folklore 135.97MB 2017-03-01
Storybook-Preview (8.5x11in).pdf 2.36MB 2017-04-26

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Card Lists
Full Width Card List


Set IDSet Nameretail?UPC
FL01Folklore: The Affliction (Core Game) 1Eno#091037688378
FL02Folklore: Dark Tales (Expansion) 1Eno#091037688385
FL03*Folklore: World Events (Card pack)no#091037688392
FL04*Folklore: Recipes & Crafting (Card pack)no#091037688408
FL05*Folklore: Ghost (Miniature pack)no#091037688415
FL06Folklore: Grey (Miniatures pack)no#602573040102
FL07Folklore: Tan (Miniatures pack)no#602573040119
FL08*Folklore: Terrain (Miniatures pack)no#091037688422
FL09*Folklore: Colossal Dark Oakno#602573040126
FL10*Folklore: Encounter Record Padsno#091037688439
FL11*Folklore: Character Record Padsno#091037688446
FL12*Folklore: Player Matno#602573040065
FL13*Folklore: Oversized World Mapno#602573040072
FL14Folklore: Demons & Dark Artifactsno#091037688453
FL31Folklore: The Affliction (Core Game) 2Eyes#602573040331
FL32Folklore: Dark Tales Expansion 2Eyes#602573040355
FL33Folklore: Miniatures Box Setyes#602573040362
FL34Folklore Talisman of Kremel (Metal coin & Dice Bag)no#602573040379
FL35Folklore: Adventure Creation Kit, Story, & Bookmarkyes#602573040386
FL36Folklore: Plastic Stands(18)?#602573040393
FL37Folklore: Character & Creature Punchboard pack?#602573040409
FL38Folklore Update Pack (Rules, updated Cards, new events)yes#602573040416
FL39Folklore: Equipment Packyes#602573040423
FL40Folklore/Hara: Ame Crossover Afflictionno#602573040430
FL41Folklore: Tracker Card Pack (x5)yes#602573040447
FL42Folklore: Farmers Bundle (FL34,FL35,FL38,FL39,FL41)yes#602573040454
FL43Folklore: Mystic Bundle (FL03, FL04, FL05, FL08, FL09, FL10, FL11, FL12(x5), FL13, FL31, FL32, FL33, FL34, FL35, FL39, FL40, FL41)no#602573040461
FLXXPromotional - product name variesnon/a
*reprinted in 2E, no major changes to product, same sku/upc?varies


SetDeckcard#NamecharacterPP Costcombat_typeuseage_typeanytime_typePP_type
FL01|FL31AbilityFC01Runic DiceArcanist1Once Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC02Seek the ChakraArcanist1Once Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC03Crack the WhipArcheologist1Once Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC05Environmental SlaughterAvenging Madman1Once Per RoundAnytimeActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC06Keep it ComingAvenging Madman1Once Per RoundAnytimeActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC07Blessing of the CrossExorcist1RangedOnce Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC09Psychic ImplosionTelepath1RangedOnce Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31|FL38AbilityFC10|FC10*PsychokinesisTelepath2RangedOnce Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC11In the ScopeWitch Hunter1Passive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC12TrackerWitch Hunter1Once Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC13Adrenaline Rush2Once Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC14Alpha2MeleeOnce Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC15Ancient Lore1Once Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC16Angelic Fist3RangedOnce Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC17Anthropology3Once Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC18Astrologer2Once Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC20Boomstick5Once Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC21Ignite the Wicked3Once Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC22Call Upon Cthulhu3RangedOnce Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC23Charm2MeleeOnce Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC25Circle of Protection2Once Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC27Dispel Rite1Once Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC28Emotive Telepathy2RangedOnce Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC30Essence of Phi1RangedOnce Per RoundAnytimeActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC31Extended Mind2Once Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC32Foe's Bane2RangedOnce Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC33Frontal Lobotomy6RangedOnce Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC34Halo1Once Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC35In Command1RangedOnce Per CombatAnytimeActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC36Morphic Resonance2RangedOnce Per CombatAnytimeActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC37Nature's Call1Once Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC38Neural Oscillation4RangedOnce Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC39Newfound Strength2MeleeOnce Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC40Psychic Surgery3RangedInfiniteActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC41Punishment2MeleeOnce Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC42Quantum Telepathy3AnytimeActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC43Raging Throw2MeleeOnce Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC44Relic Finder2Passive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC45Restitution4RangedOnce Per RoundActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC46Righteous Smite1MeleeOnce Per RoundAnytimeActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC47Rosetta Stone2RangedOnce Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC48Runic Encasement1Once Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC50Savage4Once Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC51Scourge6RangedOnce Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC52Sensory Leakage4RangedOnce Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC53Shrug It Off2Passive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC54Sixth Sense2Once Per RoundAnytimeActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC55Snare Finder2Passive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC56Spirit of Vengeance4Passive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC57Strength of Ten3Once Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC58Thick Skin2Once Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC59Tiamat6RangedOnce Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC60Unshaken Resolve2RangedInfiniteAnytimeActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC61Precision Strike1Once Per CombatActive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC62When in Rome2Once Per CombatAnytimePassive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC63World Traveler2Passive
FL01|FL31AbilityFC64Zoroaster's Cry4RangedOnce Per CombatActive
FL02|FL32|FL38AbilityFE01|FE01*FilletButcher1Once Per CombatAnytimeActive
FL02|FL32AbilityFE03Skinned AliveButcher3MeleeOnce Per RoundActive
FL02|FL32AbilityFE06SubterfugeCourtesan2MeleeOnce Per RoundAnytimeActive
FL02|FL32AbilityFE07Disappearing ActIllusionist2Once Per RoundActive
FL02|FL32AbilityFE08Hat Trick1AnytimePassive
FL02|FL32AbilityFE09Valence JoltIllusionist1RangedOnce Per RoundActive
FL02|FL32AbilityFE10ArcanaScientist2Once Per RoundAnytimeActive
FL02|FL32AbilityFE11Tincture3MeleeOnce Per RoundActive
FL02|FL32AbilityFE13Fatal Strike2Passive
FL02|FL32AbilityFE14Into the HeartSlayer1RangedOnce Per CombatActive
FL02|FL32AbilityFE16Game HuntsmanWoodsman1RangedOnce Per RoundActive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO01Argent Lance2RangedOnce Per RoundActive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO02Astral Projection2Once Per CombatActive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO03Otherworldly Bane2Passive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO04Spreading Darkness3Passive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO05Ethereal Vigor2Passive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO06Exorcism4RangedOnce Per CombatActive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO07Insight From Beyond3Passive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO08Strength of Spirit1Passive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO10Naysayer's Boon3Passive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO11Nimbus of Light2Once Per CombatActive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO12Otherworldly Mettle2Passive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO13Pharaoh's Progeny4MeleeOnce Per CombatActive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO15Shot in the Dark3Passive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO16Signs and Portents2Passive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO17Skulk2Once Per RoundActive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO18Spirit Walk4Passive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO19Staff of Moses4Once Per CombatActive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO20Stratagem1Once Per CombatActive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO21Strength in Numbers3Passive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO22Surgeon's Apprentice1MeleeInfiniteActive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO23Swiftness of Spirit2Passive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO24Vocal Dampening2Once Per CombatActive
FL02|FL32AbilityPO25Writ of the Mystic3Passive


FL01|FL31FC01ArtifactAncient AgricolaRingEnhancementPriceless
FL01|FL31FC02ArtifactBracers of the KabbalistArmsEnhancementPriceless
FL01|FL31FC03ArtifactBurial CloakBackProtectivePriceless
FL01|FL31FC04ArtifactElixir of LifeConsumablePriceless
FL01|FL31FC05ArtifactGreenlight amuletNeckEnhancementPriceless
FL01|FL31FC06ArtifactHeart of ThornsEnhancementPriceless
FL01|FL31FC08ArtifactMagnum OpusEnhancementPriceless
FL01|FL31FC09ArtifactRing of MoonlightRingEnhancementPriceless
FL01|FL31FC01ItemAnkh of LifeConsumable10
FL01|FL31FC04ItemCat's EyeConsumable?
FL01|FL31FC06ItemDolomite EggConsumable15
FL01|FL31FC07ItemLeather BootsFeetProtective30
FL01|FL31FC08ItemExpired TonicConsumable10
FL01|FL31FC09ItemEye of HorusConsumable10
FL01|FL31FC12ItemGold CupConsumable?
FL01|FL31FC13ItemGreek FireConsumableRanged20
FL01|FL31FC14ItemHealth TonicConsumable15
FL01|FL31FC15ItemHealth TonicConsumable15
FL01|FL31FC16ItemHeavy Coin PouchConsumable?
FL01|FL31FC17ItemHoly WaterConsumableD4Ranged10
FL01|FL31FC18ItemHoly WaterConsumableD4Ranged10
FL01|FL31FC20ItemJade IdolConsumable?
FL01|FL31FC21ItemLeather StripsConsumable10
FL01|FL31FC22ItemLeather StripsConsumable10
FL01|FL31FC23ItemLiquid FrankincenseConsumableD6Ranged15
FL01|FL31FC24ItemLiquor FortisConsumable10
FL01|FL31FC25ItemLiquor FortisConsumable10
FL01|FL31FC26ItemNaming PapyrusConsumable15
FL01|FL31FC27ItemMetal GreavesFeetProtective30
FL01|FL31FC28ItemOil of ExorcismConsumable2D4Ranged30
FL01|FL31FC29ItemPure SaltConsumable15
FL01|FL31FC30ItemPure SaltConsumable15
FL01|FL31FC34ItemSharpening StoneConsumable15
FL01|FL31FC35ItemSharpening StoneConsumable15
FL01|FL31FC36ItemSpirit of WineConsumable15
FL01|FL31FC37ItemSpirit of WineConsumable15
FL01|FL31FC38ItemSymbol of ThutmoseConsumable5
FL01|FL31FC39ItemTorch1 HandConsumableD4Ranged5
FL01|FL31FC41ItemWard StoneConsumable20
FL01|FL31FC44ItemWooden Shield1 HandProtective20
FL01|FL31FC45ItemWooden StakeConsumable10
FL01|FL31FC46ItemAmber SignetRingEnhancement20
FL01|FL31FC47ItemAmulet of the SpiritNeckEnhancement25
FL01|FL31FC48ItemBelt of IntensityWaistEnhancement15
FL01|FL31FC51ItemEagle Totem HeadgearHeadEnhancement30
FL01|FL31FC52ItemFitted GlovesArmsEnhancement15
FL01|FL31FC54ItemInertial AcceleratorEnhancement30
FL01|FL31FC55ItemMedallion of PowerNeckEnhancement20
FL01|FL31FC56ItemMissiles of the MarksmanEnhancement25
FL01|FL31FC57ItemRing of RusesRingEnhancement25
FL01|FL31FC58ItemTalisman Against EvilNeckEnhancement15
FL01|FL31FC59ItemTalisman of VimNeckEnhancement20
FL01|FL31FC60ItemZigura's Crystal1 HandEnhancement30
FL01|FL31FC61ItemBelt of CelerityWaistEnhancement25
FL01|FL31FC62ItemAegean Round1 HandProtective25
FL01|FL31FC63ItemAmulet of AlacrityNeckProtective25
FL01|FL31FC64ItemChain VestChestProtective40
FL01|FL31FC65ItemKnight's Shield1 HandProtective35
FL01|FL31FC66ItemLeather ArmguardsArmsProtective20
FL01|FL31FC67ItemLeather HeadgearHeadProtective20
FL01|FL31FC68ItemMedal of the LionNeckProtective20
FL01|FL31FC69ItemRitual ScarabProtective20
FL01|FL31FC70ItemSpartan HelmetHeadProtective45
FL01|FL31FC71ItemSteel BreastplateChestProtective40
FL01|FL31FC72ItemStudded BreastplateChestProtective25
FL01|FL31FC73ItemWeathered CloakBackProtective40
FL01|FL31FC74ItemAdze1 HandWeaponD4Melee20
FL01|FL31FC75ItemAspergillum1 HandWeaponD4Melee10
FL01|FL31FC76ItemBale Hook1 HandWeaponD4+1Melee10
FL01|FL31FC77ItemChair Leg1 HandWeaponD4Melee30
FL01|FL31FC78ItemCrossbow2 HandsWeaponD4+1Ranged10
FL01|FL31FC79ItemDigger2 HandsWeaponD4+1Melee40
FL01|FL31FC80ItemFemur1 HandWeaponD4Melee35
FL01|FL31FC81ItemGlaive2 HandsWeaponD6Melee40
FL01|FL31FC82ItemHacker1 HandWeaponD6Melee35
FL01|FL31FC83ItemHammer1 HandWeaponD6Melee35
FL01|FL31FC84ItemHand Cannon1 HandWeaponD4+1Ranged40
FL01|FL31FC85ItemMachete1 HandWeaponD6Melee40
FL01|FL31FC86ItemNet1 HandWeaponRanged30
FL01|FL31FC87ItemPick2 HandsWeaponD4+1Melee40
FL01|FL31FC88ItemPike2 HandsWeaponD6Melee45
FL01|FL31FC89ItemPitchfork2 HandsWeaponD6Melee35
FL01|FL31FC90ItemQuartz Lantern1 HandWeaponD4+1Ranged10
FL01|FL31FC91ItemRajput Flying Disc1 HandWeaponD4+1Ranged25
FL01|FL31FC92ItemSledge2 HandsWeaponD6+2Melee50
FL01|FL31FC93ItemSoaring Halberd2 HandsWeaponD6Melee50
FL01|FL31FC94ItemStiletto1 HandWeaponD4Melee10
FL01|FL31FC95ItemStraight Razor1 HandWeaponD4+1Melee30
FL01|FL31FC96ItemWhip1 HandWeaponD4Melee10
FL02|FL32PO01ArtifactAmulet of IdNeckEnhancementPriceless
FL02|FL32PO02ArtifactHeadband of ForesightHeadEnhancementPriceless
FL02|FL32PO03ArtifactIcon of SalvationProtectivePriceless
FL02|FL32PO04ArtifactKorvak's Blade2 HandsWeaponryD6+1MeleePriceless
FL02|FL32PO05ArtifactLens of CouplingEnhancementPriceless
FL02|FL32PO06ArtifactLife BeaconProtectivePriceless
FL02|FL32PO08ArtifactRing of EtherRingProtectivePriceless
FL02|FL32PO09ArtifactOtherworld OreConsumablePriceless
FL02|FL32PO10ArtifactSpirit Blade1 HandWeaponry2D4+1MeleePriceless
FL02|FL32PO11ArtifactSpirit Dagger1 HandWeaponryD4+1MeleePriceless
FL02|FL32PO12ArtifactThe Eye1 HandEnhancementPriceless
FL02|FL32FE01ItemLarge Cleaver1 HandWeaponD4+1Melee10
FL02|FL32FE02ItemLong Knives2 HandsWeaponD4Melee10
FL02|FL32FE03ItemCane Sword1 HandWeaponD4Melee10
FL02|FL32FE04ItemAcid Vials1 HandWeaponD4Ranged10
FL02|FL32FE05ItemCutlass1 HandWeaponD4Melee10
FL02|FL32FE06ItemWoodsman's Axe2 HandsWeaponD4+1Melee10
FL04FR04ItemFur PeltConsumable15
FL04FR05ItemFur PeltConsumable15
FL04FR06ItemFur PeltConsumable15
FL04FR07ItemIron OreConsumable10
FL04FR08ItemIron OreConsumable10
FL04FR09ItemIron OreConsumable10
FL04FR10ItemIron OreConsumable10
FL04FR11ItemLead BarConsumable10
FL04FR12ItemLead BarConsumable10
FL04FR13ItemLead BarConsumable10
FL04FR14ItemMandrake RootConsumable10
FL04FR15ItemMandrake RootConsumable10
FL04FR16ItemMandrake RootConsumable10
FL04FR20ItemPrized ElixirConsumable30
FL04FR24ItemSilver IngotConsumable30
FL04FR25ItemSilver IngotConsumable30
FL04FR32ItemCraft: Aromatic OilRecipe30
FL04FR33ItemCraft: Arquebus2 HandsRecipeD10+2Ranged40
FL04FR34ItemCraft: Burda2 HandRecipe2D4Melee30
FL04|FL38FR35|FR35*ItemCraft: Diamond Studded Club2 HandsRecipeD4+1Melee45
FL04FR36ItemCraft: Emerald Kopesh1 HandRecipeD6+2Melee45
FL04FR37ItemCraft: Flintlock Pistol1 HandRecipeD4+1Ranged50
FL04FR38ItemCraft: Jade Khanda1 HandRecipe2D4Melee45
FL04FR39ItemCraft: Leather SuitChestRecipe30
FL04FR40ItemCraft: Obsidian Dolabra2 HandsRecipe2D4Melee45
FL04FR41ItemCraft: Prized ElixirRecipe30
FL04FR42ItemCraft: Silver BreastplateChestRecipe40
FL04FR43ItemCraft: Silverlace ProjectilesRecipe30
FL04FR44ItemAttack AugmentAugment0
FL04FR45ItemEthereal AugmentAugment0
FL04FR46ItemHealing ElixirRecipe20
FL04FR47ItemHoly AugmentAugment0
FL04FR48ItemMight AugmentAugment0
FL04FR49ItemPoison AugmentAugment0
FL04FR50ItemPower AugmentAugment0
FL04FR51ItemProtective AugmentAugment0
FL04FR52ItemShapshifter AugmentAugment0
FL14|FL32DA01ArtifactEldritch CloakNeckProtectivePriceless
FL14|FL32DA02ArtifactHomunculus JarEnhancementPriceless
FL14|FL32DA03ArtifactArcane LorebookEnhancementPriceless
FL14|FL32DA04ArtifactTyrfing1 HandWeaponry2D4MeleePriceless
FL14|FL32DA05ArtifactEdogan’s RingRingEnhancementPriceless
FL14|FL32DA06ArtifactAsh WandEnhancementPriceless
FL14|FL32DA07ArtifactSorcerer's BroochNeckProtectivePriceless
FL14|FL32DA08ArtifactUndertaker's ToolkitEnhancementPriceless
FL14|FL32DA09ArtifactWrappings of IntermentBackConsumablePriceless
FL14|FL32DA10ArtifactDeck of Death Cards1 HandEnhancementPriceless
FL14|FL32DA11ArtifactDoctor's MaskHeadEnhancementPriceless
FL14|FL32DA12ArtifactShawl of the CreeperBackEnhancementPriceless
FL14|FL32DA01HeirloomRabbit's Footstartern/a
FL14|FL32DA02HeirloomPearl Trinketstartern/a
FL14|FL32DA03HeirloomFossilized Knucklebonestartern/a
FL14|FL32DA04HeirloomSilver Pendantstartern/a
FL14|FL32DA05HeirloomOnyx Braceletstartern/a
FL14|FL32DA06HeirloomCrystal Decanterstartern/a
FL14|FL32DA07HeirloomSmelling Saltsstartern/a
FL14|FL32DA08HeirloomTincture of Etherstartern/a
FL14|FL32DA09HeirloomBook of Prayersstartern/a
FL14|FL32DA10HeirloomPocket Clock Watchstartern/a
FL14|FL32DA11HeirloomFavorable Pedigreestartern/a
FL14|FL32DA12HeirloomLore Bookstartern/a
FL14|FL32DA13HeirloomLucky Coinstartern/a
FL39EQ01EquipmentHeirophant AmuletChest or NeckEnhancement35
FL39EQ02EquipmentRobes of the EnchanterChest or NeckEnhancement45
FL39EQ03EquipmentHarpy FeatherEnhancement50
FL39EQ04EquipmentBone DiceEnhancement50
FL39EQ05EquipmentRabbit’s FootEnhancement50
FL39EQ06EquipmentReinforced BodiceChestEnhancement60
FL39EQ07EquipmentScarlet CloakChest or NeckEnhancement50
FL39EQ08EquipmentDowsing RodEnhancement50
FL39EQ09EquipmentThrowing Knives1 HandWeaponD4+1Ranged50
FL39EQ10EquipmentBook of Lost SymbolsEnhancement60
FL39EQ11EquipmentHyperion SalveConsumable40
FL39EQ12EquipmentAnkh KeyEnhancement75
FL39EQ13EquipmentExplorer’s MapEnhancement70
FL39EQ14EquipmentHardened Leather CoatChestProtective60
FL39EQ15EquipmentWide Leather BeltWaistEnhancement40
FL39EQ16EquipmentArmguard BracersArmsProtective50
FL39EQ17EquipmentBarbed Whip1 HandWeaponD6Melee65
FL39EQ18EquipmentSteel Chain Whip2 HandsWeaponD6+1Melee100
FL39EQ19EquipmentSteel Toed BootsFeetEnhancement50
FL39EQ20EquipmentBrass Knuckles1 HandEnhancement50
FL39EQ22EquipmentWeightlifting BeltWaistEnhancement30
FL39EQ23EquipmentArmguard BracersArmsProtective50
FL39EQ24EquipmentHigh BootsFeetEnhancement50
FL39EQ25EquipmentKukri Knife1 HandWeaponD6+1Melee100
FL39EQ26EquipmentCartilage BalmConsumable30
FL39EQ27EquipmentGold RingsRingWeaponD4Melee60
FL39EQ29EquipmentHeavy Leather TrenchcoatBack or NeckProtective65
FL39EQ30EquipmentHigh-Laced Leather SandalsFeetEnhancement30
FL39EQ31EquipmentLeather and Steel ArmguardsArmsProtective80
FL39EQ32EquipmentSteel Meat Tenderizer1 HandWeaponD4+2Melee120
FL39EQ33EquipmentWicked Cleaver2 HandsWeaponD6+1Melee120
FL39EQ34EquipmentInfused MakeupConsumable30
FL39EQ35EquipmentMasquerade MaskHeadEnhancement40
FL39EQ36EquipmentGarter BeltWaistEnhancement100
FL39EQ37EquipmentLace GlovesArmsProtective50
FL39EQ38EquipmentLavish Knee-High BootsFeetEnhancement65
FL39EQ39EquipmentStitching KitChestProtective90
FL39EQ40EquipmentBladed Fan1 HandWeaponD4+1Melee75
FL39EQ41EquipmentTriple Dagger1 HandWeaponD6+1Melee100
FL39EQ42EquipmentOil of ExorcismConsumable20
FL39EQ43EquipmentPrayer BeadsEnhancement50
FL39EQ45EquipmentCenser1 HandEnhancement50
FL39EQ46EquipmentFenestrated Morningstar1 HandWeaponD6+1Melee100
FL39EQ48EquipmentRope BeltWaistEnhancement45
FL39EQ50EquipmentWoolen RobesChest or NeckProtective25
FL39EQ52EquipmentSilver Dagger1 HandWeaponD4+2Melee65
FL39EQ53EquipmentSkull CapHeadProtective25
FL39EQ54EquipmentMercury InfusionConsumable75
FL39EQ55EquipmentSmoke BombsConsumable30
FL39EQ56EquipmentMagic Wand1 HandEnhancement100
FL39EQ58EquipmentTop HatHeadEnhancement100
FL39EQ59EquipmentBlack Performers CapeBack or NeckProtective40
FL39EQ60EquipmentMagician’s SkullcapProtective80
FL39EQ61EquipmentOrnate Cane Sword1 HandWeaponD6+1Melee100
FL39EQ62EquipmentThrowing Knives1 HandWeaponD4Ranged75
FL39EQ64EquipmentExplosive PowderWeaponD4+180
FL39EQ65EquipmentVitriolic PaintConsumable50
FL39EQ67EquipmentRope BeltEnhancement45
FL39EQ68EquipmentDoctor’s Plague MaskHeadProtective125
FL39EQ69EquipmentSteel BracingProtective80
FL39EQ70EquipmentGarlic NecklaceEnhancement45
FL39EQ71EquipmentVibrant CloakProtective60
FL39EQ72EquipmentSilver Knuckled GlovesEnhancement65
FL39EQ73EquipmentDamascus Steel Cutlass1 HandWeaponD6+1Melee100
FL39EQ74EquipmentHollow Tip Silver Stake1 HandWeaponD4+1Melee65
FL39EQ75EquipmentSteel Girdle1 HandProtective75
FL39EQ76EquipmentCrystalline LensEnhancement80
FL39EQ77EquipmentQuartz GeodesEnhancement50
FL39EQ78EquipmentPendulum1 HandEnhancement50
FL39EQ79EquipmentSapphire AmuletNeckEnhancement50
FL39EQ80EquipmentJeweled TiaraHeadEnhancement50
FL39EQ81EquipmentKnitted ShawlBack or NeckProtective40
FL39EQ82EquipmentVelvet BodiceChestProtective30
FL39EQ83EquipmentBook of HealingEnhancement35
FL39EQ84EquipmentBola1 HandWeaponD6+1Melee65
FL39EQ85EquipmentBlessed BoltsConsumable20
FL39EQ87EquipmentWrit of CaptureEnhancement45
FL39EQ88EquipmentWeathered CloakBack or NeckProtective50
FL39EQ89EquipmentChain Link HelmHeadProtective60
FL39EQ90EquipmentChain VestChestProtective70
FL39EQ91EquipmentGreat Sword2 HandWeaponD6+1Melee120
FL39EQ92EquipmentHigh BootsFeetEnhancement45
FL39EQ93EquipmentSilver Crossbow2 HandWeaponD6+1Melee120
FL39EQ94EquipmentCat FamiliarAnimalMelee35
FL39EQ96EquipmentScalpel1 HandWeaponD4+1Melee80


Setcard#NameVitaMightDefenseStridePowerDamage BonusStarting EquipmentRitualsOrPrayersKeywords
FL01|FL31FC01Arcanist21+33745+2Stiletto, Bandage, RitualRitualsForbidden * Learned * Mythos
FL01|FL31FC02Archeologist23+33645+1Whip, BandageRitualsExplore * Learned * Mythos
FL01|FL31FC03Avenging Madman23+53945+2Bale Hook, BandageNoneFierce * Revenge
FL01|FL31FC04Exorcist22+43645+1Aspergillum, BandageHoly Water, PrayerPrayersHoly * Learned
FL01|FL31FC05Telepath22+33846+1Quartz Lantern, BandagePrayers and RitualsLearned * Psychic
FL01|FL31FC06Witch Hunter21+43845+2Crossbow, BandagePrayersHunt * Martial * Military
FL02|FL32FE01Butcher23+53645+2Large Cleaver, BandageNoneCook * Fierce * Martial
FL02|FL32FE02Courtesan22+43744+1Long Knives, BandageRituals and PrayersFierce * Gambler * Martial
FL02|FL32FE03Illusionist21+23845+1Cane Sword, BandageRituals and PrayersMagik * Mythos
FL02|FL32FE04Scientist21+33744+1Acid Vials, BandageNoneExplore * Learned * Science
FL02|FL32|FL38FE05|FE05*Slayer23+53945+2Cutlass, Wooden StakeBandageRituals and PrayersLethal * Martial * Mythos
FL02|FL32FE06Woodsman23+43655+2Woodsman's Axe, BandagePrayersHunt * Survival

Creatures & Afflictions

Setcard#DeckNameStrideCoinsLoreDefenseVita (2/3/4/5)Might (Dk/Tw/Mid/Nt)
FL01|FL31FC01AfflictionBook of Dark Dimensions00505745/49/53/57+10/+15/+20/+25
FL01|FL31FC02AfflictionColossal Dark Oak08355540/44/48/52+8/+13/+18/+23
FL01|FL31FC03AfflictionFar East Alchemist420356345/49/53/57+6/+11/+16/+21
FL01|FL31FC07AfflictionThe Abomination412305342/46/50/54+10/+15/+20/+25
FL01|FL31FC01CreatureBat Swarm53153812/16/20/24+0/+5/+10/+15
FL01|FL31FC02CreatureDark Oak25204818/22/26/30+4/+9/+14/+19
FL01|FL31FC03CreatureDecaying Dead32103812/16/20/24-5/+0/+5/+10
FL01|FL31FC04CreatureFlesh Eating Ghoul55204517/21/25/29+3/+8/+13/+18
FL01|FL31FC07CreatureAngry Mob47204415/20/25/30+3/+8/+13/+18
FL01|FL31FC08CreatureMad Druid48305322/26/30/34+4/+9/+14/+19
FL01|FL31FC09CreatureMoon Priest44154014/18/22/26+0/+5/+10/+15
FL01|FL31FC10CreatureNight Stalker46254818/22/26/30+2/+7/+12/+17
FL01|FL31FC11CreatureRabid Wolf52104113/17/21/25-5/+0/+5/+10
FL01|FL31FC12CreatureRestless Spirit55204316/20/24/28+3/+8/+13/+18
FL01|FL31FC16CreatureVicious Hound55154317/21/25/29+8/+13/+18/+23
FL01|FL31TC01CreatureBlood Priest48105020/24/28/32+4/+9/+14/+19
FL01|FL31TC09CreatureTainted Sapling29305824/28/32/36+8/+13/+18/+23
FL01|FL31TC10CreatureWhite Wolf56205119/23/27/31+2/+7/+12/+17
FL02|FL32FE03AfflictionEmpusae Coven320505744/48/52/56+10/+15/+20/+25
FL02|FL32FP11AfflictionThe Lich420606355/59/63/67+12/+17/+23/+28
FL02|FL32FE02CreatureDark Dryad45204316/20/24/28+4/+9/+14/+19
FL02|FL32FE03CreatureHand of Death32104111/15/19/23+0/+5/+10/+15
FL02|FL32FE04CreatureDemonic Flame45305018/22/26/30+5/+10/+15/+20
FL02|FL32FE07CreatureWretched Hag57254716/20/24/28+2/+7/+12/+17

Road/Off-Road/World Events

FL01|FL31|FL38FC01|FC01*Off-RoadHowls in the Night
FL01|FL31|FL38FC02|FC02*Off-RoadResting Place
FL01|FL31FC03Off-RoadThe Coven
FL01|FL31FC04Off-RoadDark Rite
FL01|FL31FC06Off-RoadPan Pipes
FL01|FL31FC08Off-RoadThe Master
FL01|FL31FC11Off-RoadThose In Need
FL01|FL31FC13Off-RoadFortune Tellers
FL01|FL31FC15Off-RoadCalm the Savage Beast
FL01|FL31FC16Off-RoadDisturbed Earth
FL01|FL31FC17Off-RoadThe Cairns
FL01|FL31FC18Off-RoadCry for Help
FL01|FL31FC19Off-RoadBlack Hole
FL01|FL31FC20Off-RoadAbandoned Camp
FL01|FL31FC21Off-RoadPurge All Evil
FL01|FL31FC22Off-RoadThe Mirrored Pool
FL01|FL31FC23Off-RoadInnocence Lost
FL01|FL31FC24Off-RoadNight Lights
FL01|FL31FC01RoadDay: Ancient Device | Night: Predators
FL01|FL31FC02RoadDay: Banshee | Night: Full Moon
FL01|FL31FC03RoadDay: Bhagavad Gita | Night: Bumps in the Road
FL01|FL31FC04RoadDay: Black Cat | Night: Night Spirit
FL01|FL31FC05RoadDay: Burned to Cinders | Night: Dark Night
FL01|FL31FC06RoadDay: Snake Whisperer | Night: Campsite
FL01|FL31FC07RoadDay: Captives | Night: Fledglings
FL01|FL31FC08RoadDay: Chapel | Night: Hunger
FL01|FL31FC09RoadDay: Cut Off! | Night: Death Above
FL01|FL31FC10RoadDay: Death Himself | Night: Hail to the Moon
FL01|FL31FC11RoadDay: Eye of the Storm | Night: Man's Best Friend
FL01|FL31FC12RoadDay: Fauna | Night: Swarm
FL01|FL31FC13RoadDay: Fighting Back | Night: Possession
FL01|FL31FC14RoadDay: Physician | Night: Freshly Bitten
FL01|FL31FC15RoadDay: Glitter | Night: Brigands
FL01|FL31FC16RoadDay: Gypsy Caravan | Night: Moonlight
FL01|FL31FC17RoadDay: Vigilantes | Night: Heavenly Eclipse
FL01|FL31FC18RoadDay: Horses | Night: Incantation
FL01|FL31FC19RoadDay: Man of the Cloth | Night: Goodnight
FL01|FL31FC20RoadDay: Manor | Night: Death Himself
FL01|FL31FC21RoadDay: Menagerie | Night: Afraid of the Dark
FL01|FL31FC22RoadDay: Militia | Night: Vampire Bounty
FL01|FL31FC23RoadDay: Misfortune | Night: Fearful Flight
FL01|FL31FC24RoadDay: Panic! | Night: Looting
FL01|FL31FC25RoadDay: Road Warden | Night: Snake Charmer
FL01|FL31FC26RoadDay: Samaritan? | Night: Lynch Mob
FL01|FL31FC27RoadDay: Sick and the Dead | Night: Inquisitors
FL01|FL31FC28RoadDay: Swift Passage | Night: Spirits of the Dead
FL01|FL31FC29RoadDay: Tendrils of Smoke | Night: Animal Peddler
FL01|FL31FC30RoadDay: The Forest Lives | Night: Heirophant
FL01|FL31FC31RoadDay: The Hunt | Night: Thieves
FL01|FL31|FL38FC32|FC32*RoadDay: Oppression | Night: Possessed
FL01|FL31FC33RoadDay: Tinker | Night: Inmate
FL01|FL31FC34RoadDay: Wanderers | Night: Weapons Dealer
FL01|FL31FC35RoadDay: When Birds Attack | Night: Mind Reader
FL01|FL31FC36RoadDay: Wise One | Night: Fortune Teller
FL01|FL31FC37RoadDay: Unnatural Drought | Night: The Change
FL01|FL31FC38RoadDay: Assault | Night: Angelic Visitation
FL01|FL31FC39RoadDay: The Hound | Night: Hunters
FL01|FL31FC40RoadDay: Wanted | Night: Bounty Hunters
FL01|FL31FC41RoadDay: Ghoul Bounty | Night: Zombie Companion
FL01|FL31FC42RoadDay: Help the Poor | Night: Gravesite
FL01|FL31FC43RoadDay: Sunny Day | Night: Superstitions
FL01|FL31FC44RoadDay: Traveler | Night: Felusha Stone
FL01|FL31FC45RoadDay: Hard Travel | Night: Hag in the Wood
FL01|FL31FC46RoadDay: Calamity | Night: Vampiric Mist
FL01|FL31FC47RoadDay: Undertaker | Night: Ooze
FL01|FL31FC48RoadDay: Shortcut | Night: Doppelganger
FL02|FL32FE01RumorsRumor Instructions
FL02|FL32FE01RumorsFree Play Instructions
FL02|FL32FE02RumorsThe Escape
FL02|FL32FE04RumorsDungeon Crawl
FL02|FL32FE05RumorsCounting the Dead
FL02|FL32FE06RumorsReality Rift
FL02|FL32FE07RumorsEscort Mission
FL02|FL32FE08RumorsThe Exorcism
FL02|FL32FE09RumorsThe Pack
FL02|FL32FE10RumorsThe Sisterhood
FL02|FL32FE11RumorsPurify the Peaks
FL02|FL32FE12RumorsDemonic Overlord
FL02|FL32FE13RumorsHunting and Gathering
FL02|FL32FE14RumorsDigging for Gems
FL02|FL32|FL38FE15|FE15*RumorsA Family Heirloom
FL02|FL32FE16RumorsUnder Attack
FL02|FL32FE19RumorsCarnage in the Sewers
FL03FW01World EventsRule Card: How To Use This Deck
FL03FW02World EventsEnvironment: Aurora
FL03FW03World EventsEnvironment: Blizzard
FL03FW04World EventsEnvironment: Charged Ley Lines
FL03FW05World EventsEnvironment: Clear Skies
FL03FW06World EventsEnvironment: Conjunction
FL03FW07World EventsEnvironment: Deepening Shadows
FL03FW08World EventsEnvironment: Eclipse
FL03FW09World EventsEnvironment: Famine
FL03FW10World EventsEnvironment: Full Moon
FL03FW11World EventsEnvironment: Gaea's Rebirth
FL03FW12World EventsEnvironment: Heaven's Retribution
FL03FW13World EventsEnvironment: Hunger
FL03FW14World EventsEnvironment: Lightning and Thunder
FL03FW15World EventsEnvironment: Loose Soil
FL03FW16World EventsEnvironment: Nature's Shield
FL03FW17World EventsEnvironment: Reality Flux
FL03FW18World EventsEnvironment: Downpour
FL03FW19World EventsFestival: Cindra’s Weirding
FL03FW20World EventsFestival: Festival of Aleliche
FL03FW21World EventsFestival: Festival of Coins
FL03FW22World EventsFestival: Festival of Gish
FL03FW23World EventsFestival: Festival of Salt
FL03FW24World EventsFestival: Festival of
the Hallows
FL03FW25World EventsFestival: Festival of
the Wanderer
FL03FW26World EventsFestival: Luckaraunt
FL03FW27World EventsFestival: Ode of the Stars
FL03FW28World EventsFestival: Silverfest
FL03FW29World EventsFestival: The Dark Shroud
FL03FW30World EventsFestival: Ulbinrea’s Decree
FL03FW31World EventsSeason: Equinox
FL03FW32World EventsSeason: Hunters Jubilee
FL03FW33World EventsSeason: Season of Bloodtongue
FL03FW34World EventsSeason: Season of Changes
FL03FW35World EventsSeason: Season of Flamelight
FL03FW36World EventsSeason: Season of Shadows
FL03FW37World EventsSeason: Season of the Bard
FL03FW38World EventsSeason: Season of the
FL03FW39World EventsSeason: Season of the Stickman
FL03FW40World EventsSeason: Season of the Wyrm
FL03FW41World EventsSeason: Solstice
FL03FW42World EventsSeason: Winterspurn
FL03FW43World EventsTown: Blaze
FL03FW44World EventsTown: Doomcaller
FL03FW45World EventsTown: Holy Man
FL03FW46World EventsTown: Killer On The Loose
FL03FW47World EventsTown: Market Panic
FL03FW48World EventsTown: Mysterious Illness
FL03FW49World EventsTown: Sink-Hole
FL03FW50World EventsTown: Thieves on the Prowl
FL03FW51World EventsTown: Visiting Charlatan
FL03FW52World EventsTown: Witch Hunt
FL32|FL38FE02Off-RoadThe Glade
FL32|FL38FE04Off-RoadThe Cottage
FL32|FL38FE01RoadDay(Peddler) | Night(Crossroads)
FL32|FL38FE02RoadDay(The Crone) | Night(The Fool)
FL32|FL38FE03RoadDay(Escort) | Night(The Drunkard)
FL32|FL38FE04RoadDay(Here Kitty Kitty) | Night(Howls)
FL32|FL38FE05RoadDay(Funeral) | Night(Love Letter)

Map Tiles

FL01FC02aaLarge Cavern10x10Dungeon
FL01FC02bbForest Path10x10Wilderness
FL01FC03aaForest Clearing10x10Wilderness
FL01FC03bbEarthen Passage10x10Dungeon
FL01FC04aaGreat Hall10x10Dwelling
FL01FC05aaOpen Road10x10Rural
FL01FC05bbAlchemist's Laboratory10x10Dwelling
FL01FC06aaRoad to Building10x10Rural
FL01FC07aaStanding Stones10x10Special
FL01FC08aaCircular Tomb10x10Dungeon
FL01FC09aaSpirit World10x10Wasteland
FL01FC09bbTower Top10x10Dwelling
FL01FC10aaCastle Grounds10x10Dwelling
FL01FC10bbCave Tunnels10x10Dungeon
FL02FE01bbBone Isle - Graveyard10x10Wasteland
FL02FE02aaGreat Foyer stair Case10x10Town
FL02FE02bbMainland - Dock10x10Water
FL02FE03aaGeneral Store10x10Town
FL02FE03bbBone Isle - Graveyard Showdown10x10Wasteland
FL02FE04bbBone Isle - Dock10x10Water
FL02FE05bbForested Woodlands10x10Wilderness
FL02FE06aaGreat Ball room10x10Town
FL02FE06bbForest Cottage10x10Wilderness
FL02FE07aaTown Square10x10Town
FL02FE07bbSewer Tunnels10x10Town
FL02FE08aaTown Street10x10Town
FL02FE08bbSewer Dead End10x10Town
FL02FE09aaWoodmother's Entrance10x10Wilderness
FL02FE09bbFlaming Crevasse #110x10Wilderness
FL02FE10aaWoodmother's Palace10x10Wilderness
FL02FE10bbFlaming Crevasse #210x10Wilderness
FL02FE11aaEntrance to Underworld10x10Dungeon
FL02FE11bbEqyptian Crumbling Room10x10Dungeon
FL02FE12aaLava Bridge10x10Dungeon
FL02FE12bbEqyptian Great Hall#110x10Dungeon
FL02FE13aaUnderworld cavern10x10Dungeon
FL02FE13bbEqyptian Great Hall#210x10Dungeon
FL02FE14aaLava Throne10x10Dungeon
FL02FE14bbEgyptian Burial Room10x10Dungeon
FL02TT01aaMaster Bedroom6x10Dwelling
FL02TT03aaHallway (Statues)3x10Dwelling
FL02TT03bbChasm Bridge3x10Dungeon
FL02TT04aaHallway (Books)3x10Dwelling
FL02TT04bbMysterious Hallway3x10Dungeon
FL02TT05aaDining Room6x6Dwelling
FL02TT05bbGuard Post6x6Dungeon
FL02TT07bbSecret Passage3x6Dungeon
FL02TT08aaSitting Room3x6Dwelling
FL02TT08bbTrapped Hallway3x6Dungeon
FL02TT10aaStorage Room3x6Dwelling


FL01|FL31FC01PrayersBanishmentFaith 9
FL01|FL31FC02PrayersExorcise EvilFaith 9
FL01|FL31FC03PrayersBoundless FaithFaith 7
FL01|FL31FC04PrayersFrom the BrinkFaith 8/10
FL01|FL31FC05PrayersHealing SurgeFaith 8
FL01|FL31FC06PrayersHeaven's LightFaith 9
FL01|FL31FC07PrayersHoly CrusadeFaith 7
FL01|FL31FC08PrayersOut of BodyFaith 9
FL01|FL31FC09PrayersPurify BodyFaith 7
FL01|FL31|FL38FC10|FC10*PrayersSoul CleanseFaith 8
FL01|FL31FC01RitualsArcane WardOccult 7
FL01|FL31FC02RitualsCloak of the WindOccult 7
FL01|FL31FC03RitualsDisorientationOccult 8
FL01|FL31FC04RitualsEnergy FluxOccult 9
FL01|FL31FC05RitualsEnthrallOccult 9
FL01|FL31FC06RitualsFrom BeyondOccult 8
FL01|FL31FC07RitualsOblivionOccult 10
FL01|FL31FC08RitualsTame the WildOccult 9
FL01|FL31FC09RitualsTime StopOccult 9
FL01|FL31FC10RitualsWeaknessOccult 8
FL01|FL31FC01TarotThe HermitIX
FL01|FL31FC02TarotThe ChariotVII
FL01|FL31FC04TarotThe Hanged ManXII
FL01|FL31FC06TarotThe EmpressIII
FL01|FL31FC07TarotWheel of FortuneX
FL01|FL31FC08TarotThe FoolO
Folklore 2E F.A.Q. and Errata
FL39EQ97-EQ104Woodsman cards, steel shielf of witch hunternever printed, missing from deck. (see future ks update for how we are handling this).
FL39EQ85blessed bolts, wrong price: 20 coins25 coins
FL39EQ87write of capture, wrong price: 45 coins100 coins
FL39EQ04bone dice, wrong price: 50 coin60 coins
FL39EQ24high boots, wrong price: 50 coins45 coins
FL02|FL32FE01Abyssinian CatCat does not abandon the character when in ghost form.
FL04FL04clarification: Recipes do not take up one of the eight available inventory slots
FL35story IMissing Map Setup graphic for final fight. See:revised pdf
FL32pg 18spear of lu missing default dmg, should say1d6+2, +5 Might, RANGE 2, Light Source. EXHAUST:
Lightning Bolt - BURST d6 Damage, RANGE 3. [2 HAND/
FL01|FL31OR$FC03Choice One Failure: skirmish with a wretched hag. should be Strega.