Greenbrier Games is open to game submissions. To submit, first make sure you have read through our publishing criteria. Games that do not fit our criteria will not be considered.


Publishing Criteria

Greenbrier Games publishes tabletop games. We carry two lines. Please look at both, and when submitting, please be clear about which one you consider your game to be eligible for.

Our Product Line

1. Fantasy Horror

This line of game have a fantasy horror theme, are narrative driven (commonly called Ameritrash), and are mid to heavy in weight. Examples of this line are Zpocalypse,  Grimslingers, and Folklore: The Affliction. They are co-operative to semi co-op first, but may also have a versus mode.

We are looking for games that have a strong story line.

The themes of these games are heavy on a unique storyline that leads to world building. That means these games should have:

  • Unique characters
  • Story driven objectives
  • Mechanisms that reflect the theme

We are looking for games that have a low entry point to starting gameplay.

  • While most games of this genre have a sandbox feel to them, so that the game itself can take the overall rules and augment them for specific moments, there should be a clear frame of reference of what the base rules are with a consistent use of terminology and a glossary. 
  • As sandbox games are more complex, we know there can be a daunting entry point. Therefore it is imperative to have a quick play set up that gets players started and learning as they play the game

We are looking for games which will retail between $60 and 100.

We are aware that this type of game will have lots and lots of shiny bits to it. Make sure each one is used or able to be used for a variety of game plays, and would carry over into expansions.

2. Cute but Stabby

This line of game is light to mid weight. Games in this line are more often versus and quick to play. Thematically they are “cute, but stabby”. Examples of this line are Ninja Dice, and BarBEARian Battlegrounds.

We are looking for games that are quick to play.

  • Games should take a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 30 in this genre.

We are looking for games which will retail between $20 and $40.

  • There’s no one simple way to estimate the MSRP of your game, but if it’s only the size of a deck of cards, it’s too small, and if it includes miniatures or 15 unique dice, please look at our other line of games.

For both of our lines:

We are looking for games that have been playtested.

  • Narrative games take a lot of time for development, and while we will also have our own playtesting once receiving the game, we do not want any games of this type that have not already gone through a rigorous playtesting process.

Because our games have a strong narrative theme, they will also have unique art. 

  • If you have created a game with a specific art style. Our games, from Champions of Hara, to Grimslingers, are stunning, and this means we want your game to be beautiful as well. 
  • We want the rights to all of the art in the game for gaming and marketing purposes if already created.
  • If not, we reserve the right to choose the artist and style for the game.
  • NOTE: Your prototype does not require original art. Pictures pulled from Google Image Search to give an idea of what you think it should look like are fine. We are almost certainly going to redo the art, so don’t put too much time/money into this aspect of the game.

We are looking for games with broad player-counts.

  • At a minimum, your player range needs to be:
    • 1-4 players
    • 2-5 players
    • 3-6 player
  • Broader than the above is better, as long as your game is interesting and fun at all counts. An interesting solo mode is weighed strongly in our decision making process for the first line of games. This is a mandatory item. Games with a smaller player range will not be considered.

We are looking for games which we can turn into a series or line of games.

  • All of our games have the potential to be expanded out into a line. Please have that as part of your consideration when submitting.
  • NOTE: sometimes we are able to see ways in which your game could be further developed to have sequels/expansions. If you don’t see how this is possible, it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker. Please note your design time when we are looking into this, and whether or not you are willing to allow us to hire/create in house additional content if our timeline is too rigorous.

We are looking for games which are fun after dozens – or even hundreds – of plays.

  • Our games are as much fun in the hundredth play as they were in the fifth. We’re not looking to pick up games which can be solved, or which have a predictable, static setup.
  • Your game – before expansions, before sequels – needs to have enough variance and content that we’re still discovering new tactics or combinations the fiftieth time we play it.
  • (This is not only because we want to sell the best games we can, but also because we will be playing your game throughout the development, publication, and sales process. Every game that we publish, we will end up playing hundreds and hundreds of times.)

Submitting your Design

If your game meets all (or almost all) of the above criteria, you feel your design is pretty well playtested, has a gimmick that has not yet been exploited in the marketplace, and has a theme that fits it, then try to copy the format to make it into a board game resume sheet for us to review.  It should have:

  1. name/title
  2. brief description (1 paragraph that is your 1 minute elevator pitch)
  3. list of features that make your game unique
  4. prototype logo/box cover
  5. images/examples of game in play, more than 2, but not more than say 12?  NOTE: we are fine with seeing prototype graphics of components, people playing the game, or images that highlight the assets of the game, in whatever format they currently exist in.
  6. credits (designer, artists, playtesters etc..)
  7. Link to state of current ruleset. Ideally this should be a single PDF or word document that is emailable (keep it under 25mb). Compilation of said document, even if we pass on your design, should be helpful in pitching to other publishers as well. 
  8. Link to gameplay video, if available.

Thank you so much for taking the time and consideration to submit your game to us. We do appreciate it!

The Team at Greenbrier Games

Submit Your Design Here


How do I know if my game is ready to submit?

When people are asking you for the chance to playtest it. If you’re finding it an uphill battle to get people to play your game, it’s probably not what we’re looking for it. Once people are consistently excited to play your game, write out the rules and get some new players to learn it from the rules, without you there to answer questions. This is called blind playtesting, and we consider it a vital part of the game design process. Remember, we will likely be learning your game from the rules. If you want us to be able to evaluate your game accurately, make sure we can actually play it (correctly).

How do I send you a prototype?

If we want to check out your game, we’ll let you know!

What is your process?

We don’t publish anything that we don’t love ourselves; even if you think your game is the best it can possibly be, our development process always finds a way to improve it. We work hard, polishing your game and strengthening any part of it that could even remotely be considered a weak spot. Once we’ve finished developing it internally, we go through a blind playtesting process – this helps us clean up the rules (both the rulebook and the game’s mechanics in general) and make sure that there are no broken strategies.

Lastly, we make all of our games absolutely stunning. If you want your name on something beautiful, working with us is the best way to make that happen. We’ll check in with you to make sure that you’re proud of the final result. We’re interested in building positive relationships with designers.