Announcing a New Team Member: Will Sobel!

New Team Member Joins the Horde

We’ve known Will since he showed up at the GAMA booth for our meeting with Southern Hobby in 2014? 2015? It’s been a while. His direct approach and willingness to answer any question made him a colleague we were excited to work with in distribution. From then to now he’s been a peer, a friend, a road trip to conventions partner, and all around excellent human. When Julie moved to Indianapolis, Will was there with the welcome wagon. However, it was when he helped complete the Tales of BarBEARia Candy Horde expansion that we saw his incredible skills at developing a game. Will has been busy with other projects, and they are better for his work on them, but now we are beyond thrilled that he is taking on the role of Creative Director here at Greenbrier Games. 



Will Sobel is a worldbuilder. He wants to read the stories that his teenage-self needed to read and play the games he’s always wanted to play. He’s a writer, designer, parent, Pokémon Master, reader, binger, gamer, and wizard. He’s contributed to a number of amazing projects in different realms such as Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition, Aeon’s End: Legacy of Gravehold, The Expanse RPG: Abzu’s Bounty, For Hart and Queen, and many more which range from boardgame to short stories. His best craft, though, is in bad jokes. A good pun will make him either laugh or cry – with no room in the middle. His goal in creativity is to make designs and worlds that are accessible. Representation and inclusion are incredibly important to him in both tabletop games and fiction.