On May 11th, Mighty Boards is launching the first real-time, roll-and-write game, where the frantic action around the table mimics the kick-arse fighting action in the game-world: Vengeance: Roll & Fight!  



Our friends at Mighty Boards are back with a Vengeance (yeah, we went there.) We love them and wanted to share their project with all of you.


Set in the world of Vengeance and designed by Dávid Turczi, Noralie Lubbers and Gordon Calleja, Vengeance: Roll & Fight is a stand-alone game that transforms the fast-paced dice puzzles of the original Vengeance into roll-and-write mechanics where you’re building combos, striking off enemies and scoring points for an action-packed, brain-teasing fighting game that’s easy to learn and hard to master.

The aim of Vengeance: Roll & Fight is to infiltrate a gang den, carve your way through it’s rooms and killing the Boss, while completing side objectives printed on the dens themselves.

The game is split into three parts: planning, fighting and montage. In the planning phase players roll and re-roll 4 dice in real time, aiming to roll a combination of dice that match an ability they wish to trigger in the upcoming fight phase. Assigning dice to an ability allows players to fill their hand back to 4 dice from a large, common pool and repeat the process as quickly as they can manage.

Once the dice pool is depleted, the fighting proper begins. Here players take a set of dice assigned to an ability and execute that ability, moving their piece through rooms full of enemies, and crossing them out when they are hit with the multitude of available abilities. Finally, players heal and upgrade their characters, bring new abilities and items into play to help them on their road to vengeance.

Vengeance: Roll and Fight comes in two boxes: Episode 1 and Episode 2. Both episodes are stand-alone games with the same rules, but with entirely different content: different heroes, dens, bosses, abilities and items. Each episode accommodates up to 4 players so combining the two increases the player count from 1-4 to 1-8! Content in both Episodes can be switched like-for-like as you choose.



What’s the advantage of backing Vengeance: Roll & Fight on Kickstarter?

Not only do you get a bunch of Kickstarter exclusives on top of your pledge, you can also enjoy bundled prices that you won’t get in your local store! And if you like (painting) mini’s, you can add a pack of 8 hero miniatures to your game. And that’s not all… It’s also your last chance to get a copy of the original Vengeance! Mighty Boards is not reprinting the original game, so make sure to get your copy before the game goes out of stock. Not only Mighty Boards has been enthusiastic about Vengeance: Roll & Fight…  

  • Not Bored Gaming “Vengeance: Roll & Fight is rewriting the roll and write genre… for the better!”
  • So Very Wrong About Games, recently awarded the BGG Award for Best Podcast2020, called it their favorite roll and write! 
  • Peat & Alex from Hunter & Friends “The game captures the spirit of its big brother very well and carries the theme even better. The time pressure of the dice roll really makes it feel like a hectic battle scene.”