Announcing a New Team Member: Dan Cotrupe!

It wasn’t a particularly dark and stormy night. There was some cloud cover, and an occasional light sprinkle, but that was how it worked sometimes. You wanted ambiance, and you got light sweater weather instead. In any case, she wore the trenchcoat and fedora anyway. In this setting it stuck out like a sore thumb, but what can you do? 

He came ambling over in a powder blue polo shirt, white meeple emblazoned on the side. “Whatcha wearin’ that for?” He asked with a friendly smile.

“I’m incognito.”


“For this meeting. Because it’s… I don’t know! Tradition, or something like that.” She snapped.

“OK,” he said with a shrug. “Wanna take a selfie?”

“NO! That’s not the point! This is… you know what? Fine.” She said and smiled on cue.

He put away his phone, and pulled out the dossier. “You know, we used to have more time to talk and play games. I miss those times. Remember when we were at that place, with those people, and we did the game that had the story about the thing? Good times. But I guess this is what you’re here for.” He handed over the briefing.

She opened the envelope to see the image of a man smiling. “Yep, this is the one. We need him for the job we’re working on. He has a unique skill set, and it’s a dangerous mission.”

“Playtesting? That must be one heck of a game,” he replied. “I mean, I get it. You all make those dark and spooky games over there at-” he stopped himself, noting her glare. “Uh, that place you work at, which I have no idea where it is because we’re doing this thing. Tradition?” 

“That’s right, we do. Dangerous things. Mwahahahahahaha. Ha. OK that’s too much. Dialing it back, and here you go,” she handed him back a small container.

He took the box, and opened it up. From inside a golden glow lit up his face, and he basked in its brilliant warmth for a moment. Then he shut the lid, nodded and walked off. “Good meeting. Let’s do it again sometime soon!” He waved and sauntered away.


Greenbrier Games is thrilled to announce we have a new team member working with us! Dan will be running up our playtesting team for our up-and-coming games! He is joining us in a part time capacity, but we are thrilled to have him working to facilitate the development process. We’ve known Dan since back in our Ninja Dice days when he created a dice tray accessory for the game. From now to then he’s always had a friendly smile, and a professional demeanor for his own company. Now that he’s branching out into new ventures, we’re happy to have him on board!

Dan has his degree in architecture and has been using it to create tabletop scenery and accessories with comprehensive design, precision craftsmanship, and pragmatic efficiency for over a decade. Dan is a lifelong creative and nerd who is beyond excited to join Greenbrier Games for playtesting and development work. Dan loves to build and explore the worlds of the many miniatures, roleplaying, and board games he plays, both on and off the clock.