Lost Ones Graphic Design

We started Lost Ones alpha playtesting at Essen, and were able to pass on notes before diving right back into Folklore: Fall of the Spire crunch over the holidays. So while team Writing polished up the final Folklore work, Graphic Design was working on organizing the documents for the game to get it ready for the development team. Designer Gordon Alford, along with artist Stephen Preisman had created an extremely polished looking first prototype using InDesign. However in creating it they had painstakingly manually copied the image data to each unique page.

Zach did a major overhaul to make the entire document more efficiently updatable. Some examples of his grind were linking images and text from a single location that allow edits and merging to be far more efficient, organizing decks alphabetically, adding an id number to each card for tracking and ensuring all images were vectored. The next step is to revise the rule book. Once that is complete we can do blind play testing.

The cool part about rulebook revisions is that I have an intern helping me with this project. She was my student in the 5th grade. Now in a liberal arts college, her school’s program has a six week winter session where students get credit for working with businesses that are aligned with their future field. Quinn wants to work in media, reviewing RPG video games. Lost Ones, and the Of Dreams and Shadows universe has the distinct feel of being in an MMO, which makes sense as Gordon has done plenty of work in that field. I was so pleased that my love of games further inspired one of my former students, and that I was still able to mentor her in this capacity. Of course, she may not be as excited as we start tearing apart this rule book!