Folklore Final Editing

Hello everyone, how are you? Today is the first real “work” week after the holidays. We’re sitting here in the office, at our desks, and no plans but to do it again tomorrow and the day after that for the rest of the week. It sounds redundant, and many of you are familiar with the work routine, but sometimes it’s a relief to know there isn’t one more thing you have to fit in to your time. As much as we love our family and friends, it gets a little overwhelming this time of year to balance festivities with your chosen profession. Even in the business of making games, it’s tricky. So in the past month, what were we doing? Development work!

Folklore: Fall of the Spire has taken the lion’s share (and the emu’s the pygmy marmoset’s, and the llama’s shares as well) of our time this year. It is a massive undertaking every time we work on one of the story arc collections and this one was no exception. This past month was final eyes on for editing. A note that we have seen going around is to differentiate the types of editing that exist. The four basic types of editors are developmental, substantive, copy, and proofreaders. You can get into far more than that, but suffice to say it’s beneficial to have different people editing with different lenses.

With Folklore: The Affliction, the additional challenge is having several writers working on stories, sometimes simultaneously, or having a developmental editor/writer revising when a designer suddenly has inspiration and makes changes to a story that has already been playtested.It’s a lot of moving parts and we have come to the end of it. At this point we’ve had eyes on for grammar, consistency, checking for rule sets, and style consistency. And along with the story book and rule book are the many decks of cards that have also been scrutinized.

With any luck we are at the finish line with creation, which means it’s all manufacturing from here on out!