October 2019 Newsletter

October 2019 Newsletter


KICKSTARTER October 31st
Vengeance: Director’s Cut

A few years back we met up with this amazing team out of Malta, Mighty Boards. They have been non stop ever since, and they’re back with their new Expansion for Vengeance, the Director’s Cut. We are thrilled to be working with them to create the miniatures and see the next sequel to this revenge filled game!

Vengeance is what happens when you take a revenge movies like Kill Bill, John Wick or Old Boy and turn them into a competitive 1 to 4 player board game. You take on the role of a wronged hero seeking revenge from the bosses and gangs that wronged you.  The game takes place over 3 acts alternating between tactical Montage scenes and the fast-paced dice-based puzzles that make up the Fight scenes.

This new Kickstarter, the “Director’s Cut”, adds direct player interaction into the mix by having your opponents take on the role of the movie director, editing Fight scenes on the fly to mess with your carefully planned acrobatic strikes. Backers will also have a chance to grab a limited amount of the Kickstarter versions of the base game and expansions from the first campaign.

Launch date: October 31.




Life on the Road



Cuse Con, in Syracuse, N.Y. had its inaugural show. We signed up at Michael Guigliano’s invitation because of the amazing opportunity to meet new gamers. Students from the local school attended to ask questions of the different publishers like Greenbrier Games and Floodgate Games, and designers like Jonathan Gilmour and Daryl Andrews. Next, they will work on a project for the rest of the year to create their own designs with potential input from the industry people here this weekend. It was an amazing way to get a whole new audience excited about games, and we were thrilled to be there!   







Remember, If you are interested in setting up a meeting, please send an email to julie@greenbriergames.com


Essen – October 24-27 https://www.spiel-messe.com/en/– Next up you will find us in Germany! Hall 2, Booth A130, (the same area as last year) Where we will be demoing the not-yet-released Folklore Fall of the Spire and BarBEARian Battlegrounds Expansion, along with having all our games to sell! 


Metatopia – November 7-10 https://www.dexposure.com/m2019.html Speaking of play testing and games yet released… the wonderful Convention of Metatopia is for Designers to come together and look at designs for feedback, and for publishers to see what games they should be publishing! Julie will be on several panels, playtesting two upcoming games, and seeing what other games are being created!





October Sale

There’s no mistaking that we love the season of spooky. Many of our games hearken to the spine chilling tales that had you keep a flashlight under the pillow at night. Of course our biggest Trick or Treat was our first game, Zpocalypse.

It was the trick that kept on treating for us. We are so proud to have created this game and continued it’s line. So with that in mind, for the month of October (OK we’ll give you November 1st too) all Zpocalypse games in our store are half off.


You read correctly, use the code BRAINS and get 50% all Zpocalypse items in our store. https://greenbrier-games-inc.myshopify.com/collections/zpocalypse 





But that’s not the end of our Zpoc love. Meeting new designers has made us think back to the time when we were new at this biz. Back when sleep was still a thing we did occasionally and all our prototypes were made by hand…

We will always have a place in our hearts for this game of ours. With that in mind, we’re going to run a contest this month. List your favorite nostalgia game-

Heck, feel free to do all three! We will draw one winner from each platform on Monday the 14th, and three people will get a copy of Zpocalypse: Defend the Burbs AND Wastelands!



Folklore Update

As we continue to finalize the story content for Fall of the Spire, the longest process, the minis had a huge step forward. All of the STL files were sent to the manufacturer, and we were sent back the models which we looked at to approve in order for them to make the molds. This means they are not in the final color, and material-wise, it is more like a resin print than the final PVC which will match our previous printings. We found several fixes, which we will discuss below, but please let us know if you see anything we missed. Many eyes make light work!





Bonus Afflictions


  1. As you can see, some of the miniatures came with holes in them, and some are more–ahem–prominent than others. We believe these are the printer hold points, but we have noted all of them so that we can see them fixed before they are used.
  2. Our Huntress’ spear is crooked. Now while this happens sometimes with PVC, we certainly don’t want it that way from the start.
  3. The Sea Prince lost his fins. This appears to be a packaging problem, paired with the more brittle nature of the material, but we certainly made note of it. 
  4. Like the Huntress, the Viper maiden’s arrows were sagging. Both of them will need to be reprinted before they can be used for molding.

That’s all for now!