September 2019 Newsletter

Vengeance is Back with the Director’s Cut

As you dodge, roll and reverse-blade your way into the room where the boss is hiding you lock eyes with Donna Immacolata, your life-long nemesis and…

-“CUTTTTTT!!! No, this won’t work. This scene needs to be more snappy. Swap that scrawny grunt for a tougher guy. The hero needs to earn his final show-down!”

The Director’s Cut Expansion adds another layer of direct player interaction as players alternate in taking the role of a vengeance movie director. Players can influence the action by playing director cards during another player’s fight phase activating minions, henchmen and bosses as well as changing aspects of the scene like the type of den and the minions that inhabit them.

The Director’s Cut Expansion also includes the brutal Immacolati gang and a new hero, Napoleone. Napoleone is hell-bent on taking down Donna Immacolata, the leader of the Immacolati gang who framed his family for a smuggling operation into a rival gang’s territory and had them murdered brutally in a swimming pool outside the city.



Life on the Road

Looking back at this month, GenCon was amazing! We had so many people swing by to the booth to say hello, and the free to play area in the event hall was busy all day, every day. Thank you to everyone who came out! The rest of the month was pretty quiet, as will this one as we are wrapping up several projects. Julie will be attending the Alliance Trade show, but otherwise it’s dev time full speed ahead. Next month look for us at Cuse Con for their inaugural convention, and Essen Spiel.


Our switch to the new game store is just about complete! We have added back a lot of our inventory and have a new shopify interface. To celebrate this auspicious occasion, all items in the store are 10% off. Please use the code word FALL to get your discount!

Go Here for Webstore Sale



Kickstarter Updates

What’s been happening with Folklore?

The Pledge Manager is open. By now you should have received your email invitation to add your address, confirm your pledge, and complete any additional add-ons. If not, then please let us know here Please note that most pledge levels will be sent pre boxed in the level you have ordered (except for Squire). You will receive more than one box with add ons.

Late Pledges

Now that we have our Kickstarter backers working through their pledges, the late pledge for Folklore: Fall of the Spire’s is open! If you missed it, join us now!…/gbg/folklore-the-fall-of-the-spire As a reminder- import laws and customs have made it impossible for us to ship to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan.

Shipping Tariffs

As you know, we (and other parts of the world) have been impacted as of late with some shipping woes. What does this mean for us? Well, with our games shipping next year, we aren’t 100% sure. We have estimated for yearly shipping increases, and we have also added 10% to US shipping based on the most updated shipping estimates. Of course that number still seems to be in fluctuation, but we cannot wait to see if that number shifts again and further delay the pledge manager. We do appreciate your patience in this matter. 


In case you haven’t heard, we have opened our pledge manager for Folklore: Fall of the Spire. However, for retailers we realized that the variables are too many to deal with via Crowd Ox. So, to give us a baseline for shipping charges, we are asking that you fill out our survey here Please add in other product that is not the main 4 (Core, Dark Tales, Fall of the Spire, and the Creature Crate in the final question (#16. Is there any other information you would like to add to help us finalize our retailer level?). If you had already filled out the survey, then that means your Kickstarter email is probably different than the one you gave us on the survey, so could you please let us know you are both individuals (digitally speaking).

We are looking at whether splitting shipping in part to your local distributor via PSI and QML for the Kickstarter exclusives saves costs or is more expensive. We will get an estimate based on your survey answers, and give you that estimate along with a sell sheet for the Folklore line available through this Kickstarter. As a baseline for you, we will have core and dark tales at 50% MSRP per case of 4 copies ($30 each). This should also be the case for all non KS content… which means the Creature Crate.  After that if you would like to make adjustments, please let us know, and then we will place your order.