Moving Our Store and Convention Season


Life on the Road

While Zach, and Twinfire have been hard at work in the office getting the art and stories assembled, Julie was on the road last month. After attending PAX East at the end of March, it started with PHD Trade show. Then after a trip back to HQ, she attended Geekway to the West, and KublaCon. She also demoed at Family Time games in Indianapolis, and stopped by TableTop Game in Columbus, OH. Along the way, she had the chance to meet many amazing gamers!




Retail Demos of Champions of Hara

This month the Heralds from Envoy will be out in full force demoing Champions of Hara at a FLGS, hopefully near you! Please check your local store’s events page to find out when the demos are scheduled!


Webstore Sale and News!

Hello Customers and fans

We wanted to let you know that we will be transitioning to a new shipping partner and web storefront in the coming weeks. What that means is that our current storefront will be temporarily shutting down. During that time you will still be able to see a catalog of the products we carry, but will not be able to purchase anything until the new store front takes over. There will be a period of a few weeks where the new store will not have that large of a product library, as the old store’s inventory is being freighted to our new shipping partner. Once transitioned, the new store front should have cleaner shipping rates, especially for international folks. We ask for your patience in this transition, as their are likely to be a few hiccups along the way.


Thank you for your continued support of our products. In these last few weeks we would like to have one final sale, so until June 19th use the code GOGAMES for 50% off everything in the store. After that, the store will be closed until we are ready with our new platform.


If you are interested in setting up a meeting, please send an email to






Kickstarter Updates

What’s been happening with Folklore?


Since the Kickstarter has ended, we have received been working diligently on creating the rest of the art and content. Here is a sample of more of the miniature designs, and a few more of the maps.


Many of you have asked if you can get an early look at the new game. Here is your chance to be on the inside track! We would love the community to playtest the first story and some additional content. If you are interested, first complete and return the downloadable NDA here.  Sign and send it to As soon as she gets it, she will send you a link to our dropbox for downloadable content of what we are playtesting and a link to a survey to give feedback on your game play. If this sounds like your jam, that is great and we look forward to sending you a sneak peek of Fall of the Spire content!



Pledge Manager

We have been working on getting our final information in for the pledge manager. As you know, we added a lot of miniatures in with the final estimates so we wanted to get information as close as possible for those Creature Crates before we started. In addition, there were so many requests for earlier miniatures and we were looking at ways to accommodate that. We are making each of the four crate drawers available as separate addon products we are calling Folklore Bestiary’s 1-4. Each Bestiary is a sleeved container for the vactray of minis within. The pledge manager cost will be $45 per Bestiary as an addon.

In addition, with the news about potential tariff increases, we have wanted to wait to see what the result will be rather than make a reactionary decision beforehand. If anyone is not sure about what this means, here are some resources that should get you up to speed. To that end, we should have the Pledge Manager up and running on July 1st, barring any unforeseen massive changes in anything.