November Newsletter


This was our third trip to Essen. Each time is hectic, exciting, full of new experiences. It is always awe inspiring to take a nine hour flight, followed by another two hour flight, and a bus ride…and find friends in another place on the planet entirely. That first day we saw so many friends; we had announced what we would bring with us on BGG, so we had the hunters, wanting to get the latest and move on, but we also had dear friends who want to stay and chat, talk about their ideas on what we are doing with Folklore, Champions of Hara, and Of Dreams and Shadows. They were also excited to play Helios Expanse, which was out on the table for most of the show.

It was apparent we were very busy that first day, and that’s probably why we were targeted. In the final half hour of Thursday, we were robbed. We had two money bags that were intended to stay on our person for the show. While one person was ending their shift they had set theirs down behind the counter. In less than 5 minutes, while I was helping another customer, and before I could get to it, it was gone. Approximately $1,000 was taken. I count us as the lucky ones. I had the bag with the larger bills, which I had never taken off. Moreover, I have heard from several other companies, who were hit harder.




This is not to say that what happened wasn’t a hard thing for us. The expense of any convention is a lot, especially when it is arguably the biggest in the world, and on another continent entirely. That money would have been another member of our company flying to the convention, hotel, and food. Moreover, while we filed a police report and heard some people were caught, that money will never be returned to us. When I told people what happened, the most shocking of all was the response “Oh they got you too?” and “Oh not you this time?” This is an ongoing occurrence. For me that  was the most upsetting thing; theft is expected. I have heard several peopleand I do agree with themsay we should have kept a better eye on our money. I am angry with myself for that. But the instinct to NOT interrupt a customer is exactly what they were counting on, and it was in a matter of minutes. Moreover, if this is a pattern that happens this often, why haven’t these people been caught? How are they being let back into the convention every year? Sadly I only have questions and no answers.

All this being said, we had a wonderful time at the show, and do not want this one detriment to spoil the entire event, which was amazing. We mostly want to bring awareness to the situation so that there are ongoing measures to prevent it from happening in the future. In addition, we have talked to several of the companies that were hit the hardest. If you would like to help them out here is how they can be reached:



Holiday Sales


We have a lot of holiday bundle sales starting this month and going until mid December! Folklore: the Affliction, Grimslingers, Of Dreams and Shadows will all have bundles, while our other products will have holiday sale prices!

In addition, look for our bonus sale on Cyber Monday for another 10% off everything in the store. The sale code will be 2018GAMES. Also, we have on good authority that we may see a few new items show up on Monday.




Kickstarter Updates

Helios Expanse

The pledge manager ended on Wednesday October 17th. At this time we are 88% complete, which is great. There are still a few people who did not close out of their pledge, but that’s ok, we will be working on fulfillment shortly!

Champions of Hara

The response to Champions of Hara at Essen Spiel 2018 was phenomenal. We sold out of the stock we brought with us in the first few hours of the show opening! They even took the demo copy we had in the booth. All weekend long we had backers and fans coming to the booth to pronounce their love for Hara, and we are truly floored by the positive feedback the game has been getting.

For folks out exploring the world of Hara – keep your eyes on over the next few weeks for updated rules FAQ & errata, a quick-start setup checklist, turn order guides, and other content to help you on your adventure.

Looking to get your feet muddy in the world beneath the roots? Come find Champions of Hara at BGG Con & PAX Unplugged to learn the ropes.


Folklore: The Affliction

By now, if you had completed the pledge manager,  your game should be in your hands. Canadian backers were delayed, but now should be receiving their pledges as we speak! We are now starting the process of  going through those folks who missed the window to confirm their pledges. However, we learned after the fact, that once the campaign was closed in Pledge Manager, we needed to track this information ourselves. This has taken some time to work out on our own site. So that we do not make any mistakes, this is all being done manually and not as an automated invite initially to ensure we are correct. So far, we have reached out to all of the missed Mystic pledge backers. We will then move on to the Soldier Pledge Level and so on. In this process, we will first send you an email to verify you are you. Please respond to that one first, and then you will get a follow up email that allows you into the pledge manager. Again, we know this is time consuming, but we want to make sure we personally contact everyone on the list so we know for a fact no one was missed. Thanks!

In other news we will release the first of the four episodic chapters that we unlocked in the campaign. With the first release, you will have 2 weeks to vote on several of the outcomes before the next story happens. Here is an excerpt:

Yorotrusk—not long ago this place was a sleepy village on the way to greater things; a resting stop for tinkers and merchants to lay their heads before moving on. But the troubles of Kremel have caused more people to move to the town, and with the bustle of people comes growing pains. Mundane threats like petty theft mingle with the greater dangers of dark evil. You have seen the full range of malevolence this land has to offer, and know every day is the chance to turn the tide for good. There are many epic tales in Kremel, and these stories are not among them. But they are tales of redemption, and they are yours to tell.


Our next update will have the link to the first chapter PDF, and the BGG link for voting, stay tuned!