October Newsletter

Mr. Rhee on Kickstarter, Folklore in Stores, Essen Bound


Hey everyone, another month, another busy time, we have tons going on, so let’s get started!


Mr. Rhee Surviving the Nightmare World




We’re excited that our Kickstarter starts Thursday October 4th! Click here to see the Kickstarter which will go live Thursday October 4th at 12:00 EST

Straight from the Nightmare World and Tales of Mr. Rhee comics by Dirk Manning and Friends, a new game by Joshua Sprung is coming to Kickstarter October 2nd!

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Learn more about this great game & back on Day 1:


Think back to your childhood. Do you remember a time feeling safe and cared for? When you believed that goodness stood out like a shining beacon and evil needed to be vanquished? Do you weep at such memories?

Mr. Rhee: Surviving Nightmare World is a non-collectible card game in which players take on the antagonistic roles of Heroes and Villains. Up to 5 players will choose a Villain, each with their own diabolical scheme. One player will take on the role of the Heroes, whose goal is to keep the Villains from achieving their nefarious plan within the 3 days and nights! Beware; some Heroes have vices of their own that can be exploited by Villains!



Mr. Rhee: Surviving the Nightmare World is a 3-6 player self-contained card game, where the one plays the hero and the many are the villains. As a Villain, spend Greed to recruit and send your evil minions to take control of locations throughout Nightmare World from the innocents — or use your character specific win conditions to seize the day. As the Hero, use Hope to gather Fight, Charisma, and Magic to hold out for six rounds — the day and night of the Three days of Darkness that are consuming Nightmare World — using your team and abilities to mitigate damage… and set the Villains at each other’s’ throats. Fast-paced and wickedly fun, this game plays in about 30 minutes. Will you take over the Nightmare World, or just survive it?

30 min / 3-6 Players / 14 years
Thematically immersive mechanics and story
Asymmetrical play for hero vs. villains
Greed/Hope cards
Competitive goal with unique win conditions






Folklore in Retail

October 3rd, Folklore the Affliction Core Game launches in retail! Remember to get your copy at your FLGS if you haven’t yet. Or, if you backed the Kickstarter, head on over to play with new players! They will need a guide in the dark and treacherous land of Kremel. To learn more about the game, or have questions answered, the Folklore Community Page on Facebook is an amazing place to meet other players.













This month we will be at

Next Month:

  • BGG November 14 – 18   Julie will be at the game tables to play Champions of Hara and Helios Expanse!
  • PAX Unplugged November 30 – December 3 We will be at the GPI booth! Walter will be showing off Fire for Light, we will have Folklore Bears and all the cool games with us!


Kickstarter Updates

Helios Expanse

Games are being shipped to local distribution hubs as we speak! That means we need everyone to finish their Pledge Manager. Or, if you are interested in getting the game, completing your late backer pledge. Currently we are at 79% complete, which is great! We will be closing the pledge manager on Wednesday October 17th. You have two weeks to finish your pledge before that. If you have not gotten your email invite, please go here  to complete your pledge. This is also a good time to verify your address if you need to. Once we close the Pledge Manager we will let you know when your games will be sent to you!


Folklore: The Affliction

As discussed in recent Kickstarter updates and on the Folklore: The Affliction Facebook Community Page , we are aware that a subset of cards are missing from among certain Kickstarter items.  This holiday season all Kickstarter backers (and late-pledges) will receive these missing cards in the mail free of charge. As we get closer to the delivery window, we will notify you with an expected date, and how you can confirm your address with us. In the meantime, for those of you amidst your campaign now, you can find PDFs of the missing cards on our website, in the downloads section of the Folklore page. We’ve also added some other fun stuff to the download section, including a campaign ambient mixer/soundtrack for Folklore for those looking to add a little ambience to their adventure.


Champions of Hara

The feedback from backers who have started playing has been astounding. We’re blown away by the immense enthusiasm and excitement we’ve seen posted around the internet. If you’ve been able to sit down for a game, please share your experience with us. Questions, pictures, tales from the fray, strategy tips – whatever you’ve got, we’d love for you to participate with us on the Champions of Hara Board Game Geek page.

The more engagement on BoardGameGeek.com, the easier it will be for new players to find and get to know the world of Hara, so please drop in and chat with the creators. And don’t forget to rate your experience and leave a comment while you’re there 🙂


Kickstarter Shipping – Folklore: The Affliction & Champions of Hara

Shipping news

Kickstarter shipping is almost completed. At this point, all backers who successfully completed the pledge manager should have received either their package, or a shipping notification that their package is on its way. The exception to this is our Canadian backers.

Canadian friends – there has been yet another delay with the fulfillment center, but we are being promised that tracking notifications will start going out at the end of this week. We should see all packages shipped by the end of next. Thank you all for your patience!


“I haven’t gotten anything yet…”

Backers who have not completed the pledge manager to pay for shipping or confirm your addresses – DON’T WORRY. Next week you will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem your pledge. This message will go to the inbox of the email address you use for Kickstarter. Keep an eye on your spam and promotions folders as well, as these messages often get slurped up by filters.