May Newsletter

May 2018 Newsletter

Hey everyone, it’s another busy month, with game development, and conventions galore, plus a Kickstarter for our partner-in-games, Mighty Boards. Take a look!


Mother’s Day Sale

In celebration for the mothers in your life who love games (or love that YOU love games) go to our webstore the weekend of the 11th-13th, and use the code MOMSDAY for 20% everything in stock.



It’s a busy month for us, and we look forward to seeing all of you! Email or if you would like to set up times to meet!

  • Friday is May the 4th! While we’re not at a convention, Greenbrier is sponsoring the May the Fourth Celebration and Revenge of the Fifth Open Studio, hosted by Rockwell Arts Building in Chicago. Come see some fun art and play some games if you’re in town.
  • Walter will be a Protol ATL May 4-6 
  • Motor City ComiCon – We’re headed to Detroit May 18-20 to see Dirk Manning and playtest Mr. Rhee: Surviving the Nightmare World, Julie will be looking for playtesters! 
  • ACD Games Day – If you are a retailer, stop by the Greenbrier Games booth May 23 and 24 to say hi, and see what we’ve got going on for FLGS! 
  • BGGCon Spring- Julie will be there May 25-27 to run games for BarBEARians, Helios Expanse, and Folklore: the Affliction for anyone who wants to play! 

Speaking of conventions…GENCON is on its way! We are so excited getting ready for this year, with all the games we have ready to play. Here’s a list of what we’ve got going:


Thursday, Friday, Saturday Schedules:

  • 10:00 AM
  • Folklore: The Affliction, Champions of Hara, Helios Expanse, Mr. Rhee: Surviving the Nightmare World
  • 12:00 PM
  • Champions of Hara, Helios Expanse, Mr. Rhee: Surviving the Nightmare World
  • 1:00 PM
  • Folklore: The Affliction  
  • 2:00 PM
  • Of Dreams & Shadows: The Monster Within, BarBEARian Battlegrounds
  • 3:00 PM
  • BarBEARian Battlegrounds
  • 4:00 PM
  • Vengeance

Sunday Schedule:

  • 10:00 AM
  • Folklore: The Affliction, Vengeance, Helios Expanse, BarBEARian Battlegrounds

If you would like to be a volunteer to run an event for any of our games, we would love to have you! Email with the game(s) you are interested in running and what days and times you would be available.



Folklore: The Affliction

We’re getting to the final days of manufacturing, and our pledge manager is closing May 10th. If you have not completed your pledge by then, we won’t be able to send you your pledge, and that would be a tragedy. Please if you have not completed your pledge by now, go to to finalize your pledge before then!






Other updates on Folklore: Here are the proofs we received this week!

Click on the link above to see more!


Champions of Hara

Production is underway, and the first proofs are looking great! The box has been upgraded to fit a deluxe card organizer. It’s even sized to hold all the expansion cards! We couldn’t not be more excited without the quality of the components. Check out this photo album to take a peek at our first sample box!


Also as a reminder…it’s coming sooooon!

Live on Kickstarter May 15th!

Posthuman Saga is a tactical-survival adventure, rich in story, set in the mutant-infested post-apocalyptic world of Posthuman. You play as a rookie in the Fortress’ militia, sent out beyond the defensive perimeter to prove your worth on missions to the outposts in the muta

nt-infested Wilds. Posthuman Saga features streamlined mechanics that force tough choices on every level: from the puzzle of the modular terrain tiles at the map level to the attrition management involved in keeping characters alive and free from mutations, through tactical, card-based combat. Players can always take time to recuperate, but they risk losing their reputation if the other players get ahead – and the Fortress will only keep those indispensable few within the safety of its walls…



Featuring Art by Arjuna Susini and Miniatures by Greenbrier Games.



Follow the game design, art and the development process through the Posthuman Saga community. Join the conversation here.