We are now live!

This announcement is a declaration that this site is now live and handling orders from the old website.

The old site is still their and can be visited here:

Returning Customers from our old site:

We had to start with a fresh store installation and thus could not port over your previous order history(Due to duplication errors).

We still have those records, and can look them up if necessary, but all new orders will be from a fresh slate.

Most existing users account did migrate over form the old site. However, only the most basic login information was carried over.

If you are  looking for a particular article that is no longer available, please use our contact form to reach out to us and we can see about either pointing you to the original source, and or migrating that content over to this website.

Newsletter Signups

Due to shady inter-web bots, our newsletter signup will now require users to double-opt in. What that means, is, when you signup for our news letter, you will be sent an email confirmation. If you don’t click the button in the email sent by the signup, you will not be added to our newsletters list. This is to prevent our lists from getting poisoned by fake accounts and bots, so we can reach those who actually want to know about our products and updates.

Project Sections

The new project sections will be attempting to be a one stop shop for everything related to said project. Giving a brief description of the project, links to purchasable items(if available), links to third party reviews, tutorials, card lists, downloads etc. Some of these are just bare bones at the moment, but we will be working to flesh them out more in the coming weeks.