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We hope you are enjoying the New Year and we wanted to let you know what’s happening with Greenbrier Games!
First off, Grimslingers is back in stock!

Saddle up and explore the Forgotten West! Check in with your distributor for more information on orders. Reviews and gameplay videos are listed on our press page.

Zpocalype 2:Defend the ‘Burbs is launching in stores in March!

Zpocalypse 2: Defend The ‘Burbs is a stand alone tower defense game, evolved from the original Zpocalypse, a survival board game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Zpocalypse 2 features:


From the creators…

“One of the biggest changes from the original Zpocalypse is the action board, used to allocated survivors to certain tasks. Provided players survive the undead onslaught at night, when the sun rises they’ll need to divide up the members of their squads for group objectives. Each survivor has a set of skills they’re proficient in, but the choices aren’t easy. Do you put your talented mechanic on the workbench to craft fortifications, or do you send her out on the scavenging team, in case something needs to be repaired while you’re searching for supplies? You’ll have to decide as a group, because every choice you make during the day is going to affect the number of zombies you attract for the following night.”

You won’t want to miss our articles about Zpocalypse 2 in Meeple Monthly’s February issue and GTM’s March issue! There is so much to say about how this game has evolved!
Pre-order copies of Zpocalypse 2 through your distributor!


We will be attending the GAMA trade show again this March. We would love to set up a time to meet with you and play our newest games. Please reach out and email marketing@greenbriergames.com to set up a time at GAMA to meet.
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